They come w/Chariots, But We Come With the name of G-d!

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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They come with Chariots and Horses, But We Come With the Name of the Lord!

The State of Israel, with all its present faults, is still a miracle and a blessing for the Jewish people and the world.

As I say goodbye to my son when he goes off to the army (he is a paratrooper in the IDF) I think of my father who fought in Israel's war of independence, and then think of the similarities and differences of the generations.  

My father is a holocaust survivor.  When the Nazis marched out to war and went to commit the genocidal 'Final Solution' of the Jewish People, the Jews of Europe didn't have guns to protect themselves. The Jews of pre-WWII didn't have an army.  We didn't have a Jewish State.

After surviving the war, my father came (illegally) to the Land of Israel, then called the British Mandate of Palestine.  Again, it was forbidden for Jews to have a gun, and we were left defenseless from the soon to be Arab onslaught of the Jews.  

But It was time.  

It was time in history for the Jews to have a state.  And even though 5 Arab armies ( Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq - backed by Saudi Arabian and Yemenite contingents) attacked Israel in order to drive the Jews into the sea and annihilate the Jewish people, we won.  How could a country that barely had arms, training, and even uniforms for all its fighters, possibly defeat 5 Arab armies, including a fifth column of Arabs already living inside Israel?  It was a miracle.  And I will never forget my father's story, as he was cleaning WWII rifles, packed in crates filled with grease, which came from Czechoslovakia.  While sitting on the ground with his fellow fighters and wiping the grease off the rifles, they found the rifles had swastikas engraved on the butt of the guns.  They realized that these rifles were used rifles from the Nazi German army, used against them!

Everyone at that time had lost family from the genocidal Nazi regime, and possibly from guns like these.  When asking my father about it, I was very cautious, and I wanted to be sensitive to how he must have felt holding guns that may have been used to kill Jews.  I leaned in and very hesitantly asked him, "How did you feel holding guns in your hands that were used by the Nazis?"

His answer surprised me.  He looked at me, lifted his eyebrows and said incredulously, "We didn't care about the swastikas or who used the weapons, WE WERE JUST GLAD TO HAVE GUNS!!!!"  

Yes, who could believe.... a Jew with a gun?  A Jew who could fight?  

It was a miracle.  1948 brought the war of independence. And G-d delivered our enemies into our hands.  And since then, Israel has become strong, a world power, a world leader in technology and agriculture. Israel is the light in this dark middle east.  

We have been blessed, as G-d has made miracles for this tiny land and His people.  So though we have leaders today who act weak, and though we have post-Zionists and others here who seem to work against the redemption and our raison d'etre, let's remember that there is a G-d in this world, and He has a plan.  He guards us and never sleeps.  

Read the Psalms, specifically Psalm 20:7  "They come with Chariots and Horses, But We Come With the Name of the Lord!" 

Psalm 121 From whence shall my help come? My help cometh from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.  He will not suffer thy foot to be moved; He that keepeth thee will not slumber.  Behold, He that keepeth Israel doth neither slumber nor sleep.  

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