A Crisis of Faith

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Guest post by Jean Krainik

There may be a crisis of faith pertaining to the role of Torah in the government of the State of Israel, but I will leave that topic for those who are more far more knowledgable than I.

I want to talk about the crisis of faith in one’s family.

My father did not often communicate with his children on a one-to-one basis. His approach was to leave that task to our mother, and only get involved when punishment was called for. Regardless of current liberal views on parenting, I can only say that, thanks to our upbringing, I don’t have to worry about seeing my relatives on the latest episode of America’s Most Wanted tv show.

I recall, on one rare occasion, my father was in a slightly talkative mood, he told us something I’ve never forgotten. He said, “Always remember, in the end, all you have is family.” 

What I see in the news from Israel is extremely sad and discouraging. The seculars ridicule the religious, the ultra-religious have no patience for the secular, the beach crowd marginalizes the ‘settlers’, the army is used as a political tool against their brothers, and the liberal press works to sensationalize and widen the division.

Recently I had the opportunity to view Tel Aviv from an unexpected vantage point. The picture posted with this article shows loops of razor wire, and through one of the loops one can just make out the skyline of Tel Aviv resting serenely on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

I ask the residents of Tel Aviv to wonder who it is that is looking down on their beautiful city. It is your family, your brothers and sisters. This last line of defense is where your brothers choose to live with their families in the most austere and difficult circumstances.

They are raising up a new generation of children that understands what it really takes to protect family, home, and land. They are found in disproportionately high rates in the IDF, especially in the combat units.

Have you been to Samaria, visited the lovely cities on the hills, and the ‘settlements’ just birthing, talked with the other half of your family? I hope some will take a few days off from the beauty of the beach, and go see the beauty of the sun setting on the Mediterranean from the hilltop homes of your brothers. Bring along some tools, a few boards, and help your brother build his house, or plant his garden.

Love of family, land, extends to the entire Jewish family, regardless of where they live.

“Always remember, in the end, all you have is family.”