Arabs: Too Bad Hitler Didn't Finish the Job

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Walid Shoebat is an former Muslim Arab terrorist & whistleblower.  He joins me on my show once a week to tell us what they are saying in the Arab media, that they don't say to Western audiences.  Below, with his permission, I am posting his latest piece on my blog.  It is only wise, to know what 'the other side' is saying.  In Arabic.

The Shocking  Arab Love For Hitler

by Walid Shoebat

The extent of love or hate of public or historic figures can perhaps be determined by typing the name of that someone on Google search engine. Plugging most Arab dictators name these days in Arabic yields mass dissatisfaction equating them to tyrants like Hitler. But what if perhaps you typed the name “Hitler” by itself in Arabic on Google search engine, what will you find? “Hitler” in Arabic has as many hits as the number of Jews he liquidated—over 6 million hits. While its impossible to read 6 million blogs and websites to determine what the Arab world thinks of him, perhaps perusing hundreds of websites in Arabic might shock westerners to find that most of the comments in some way or another either compliment or glorify Hitler. The first Arabic website was a blog that introduces him: "Hitler was not an ordinary individual to be spun by the wheel of history to sprinkle him behind as dust to be forgotten across this vast globe. He was neither the king of the German people alone. He is one of the greatest few. Here is the king of history". Westerners might think that the first comment on such an article would be in disgust. Hardly, Muhammad Jasem posted the first comment: "if the greatest leaders gather together, they would not equal the magnificence of Hitler". The rest of the comments were not far off. The second hit was a Youtube click titled "the cowardly Jews" showing a Hitler lookalike walking the streets with Jews passerby supposedly terrified as they moved out of his way. This “proves that Jews are cowards” the commentators interpreted.

(Tamar adds: Over 688,000 views on this video below.  Mostly male viewers of 'fighting' age, from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other Islamic states.)

The most common and popular quote from Hitler on Arabic websites was him supposedly saying "I could have destroyed all the Jews but I kept some so the world will know someday why I destroyed them". The next hit after these on the web is a youtube titled “Hitler’s declaration on Jewish Annihilation” which the first comment was how Hitler “respected Islam” and how he even enlisted a Muslim S.S. unit and even gave them prayer breaks.
Perusing hundreds of websites in the Arabic yielded similar comments; when it comes to Hitler, one would rarely find comments that are ‘western-typical’. I was elated to find what I thought to be the first positive western-typical comment out of thousands that said: "Hitler was a psychopath. He would also have killed all the Muslims" to soon be disappointed "but to be frank I love Hitler for his ability to lead". Of course, this was quickly met with rebuke by others "indeed if Hitler hated the Arabs why would he enlist Muslim soldiers in his ranks, this must be Jewish propaganda".
Accusations of “Jewish Propaganda” and conspiracy theories plagues the Internet in Arabic were factual history is dismissed as a ‘Zionist conspiracy’. I concluded from my own anti-Semitic experiences growing up that a culture plagued with conspiracy theories is the one usually producing them.
One very typical comment stated: "Hitler left the other half alive in order for Muhammad's prophecy to be fulfilled and open the pathway for Islam to destroy the rest". On, which is a main news source in the Arab Gulf, a report on a newly released film in France depicts for the first time how the Paris Mosque saved Jews and Muslim resistance fighters during World War II. The common comments stem from Holocaust deniers and long posts on how the Muslim Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini was a hero and how Hitler supposedly quoted the Quran “the Hour is near, and the moon was rent asunder”. So common was this Quranic quote supposedly quoted by Hitler that Ayed Al-Qarni, one of the most respected Saudi Muslim theologian remarked that Hitler had this Quranic quote engraved on the canons and tanks of the S.S. army. This is a reminder that the end of days has come and the hour is near when the Jews will be totally annihilated in accordance to Muslim Prophecy. From Muslim scholars to historic references, Hitler is a hero. Objections on the love of Hitler do exist but they are rarely void of contradictions within the same lines. One comment criticizes such love “Hitler was a Nazi who believed in the Arian Race… it was obvious that Hitler complimented Islam because he was allied to the Ottoman Muslims. But why we Arabs have to insist on our love of Hitler? Just because he scrubbed away the Jews? Muhammad, then Omar after him scrubbed them away in Jerusalem, way before Hitler”. If one imagines westerners in English equating Muhammad the prophet of Islam with Hitler, the reaction would be immense. But it is not unusual to find Arabic websites that compliment Hitler of being a model who emulated Muhammad. “The only one in history who was able to win the Jews in order to cripple them was Muhammad” Hitler was quoted saying. It was considered a compliment.
Even comments on the current news, two days ago Al-Riyadh news in Saudi Arabia publishes an article on Hitler’s Conference Center, which was brought down by a controlled explosion. No comments supported it. They were upset that a historic landmark was destroyed blaming it on Israel.
Psychopathic comments that normally would find much rebuke in a western setting rarely exist on the Arabic websites. One typical rebuke stated: "I am amazed at all the comments that consider Hitler an icon. The only good thing he did was to kill the Jews."
Arab commentators are not void of using Hitler as an example to compare with Arab tyrants and to combat extremism., a Middle Eastern news, in an article by Al-Baqer Ali Al-Shamasi titled "Zionist's drum beats for war" writes about extremists "Hitler, this extremist nationalist and his friend Mussolini came and sparked a world war which victimized 60 million". So far so good, until a few lines later "when Hitler did what he did with them [the Jews], the Zionist used their tactics to concoct the Holocaust”. Accepting the Holocaust, as ‘reality’ and ‘denying’ it in the same line are not unusual on Arabic websites. But this is a sign of a pathological liar in which the liar while he knows it’s a lie, but he then believes it anyway and even promotes it.
So many were the articles remembering Mein Kampf on how Hitler described the Jews as “stench” and “dirty rats”. The first one I encountered had the firstcomment “with all honesty, I admire Hitler, but his killings of Jewish women and children was abhorring to say the least”. Western readers might ask as to how could a normal human being admire what he abhors? The answer is simple, the comment continued giving the reason: “our religion Islam forbade the killing of the elderly, women and children. But I thank you for the wonderful insightful memoire about Hitler’s struggle with the Jews”. Only men that reach puberty are to be killed according to Islamist scholars.
So many of Hitler’s Mein Kampf was advertised with complimentary reviews. If one plugs “I love Hitler” in English, the first things that come up are articles exposing fashion guru John Galliano who was filmed having a vile racist rant during which he declared: “I love Hitler.” Then you have to go through a ton of articles exposing this embarrassment until he was found guilty for his anti-Semitic rants. Not so if one plugs “I love Hitler” in Arabic. In the Arabic, the first websites when typing “I love Hitler” that come up are a mixture between theromantic messages of “I love you as much as Hitler loved Berlin” to instructionsto Muslims on why “loving Hitler is a duty” and why you “must not believe what you watch on T.V, Hitler loved Islam and welcomed Muslims”. The problem in the Arab world is not a case of lack of proper secular education as westerners think, but a religious conditioning of the Muslim masses. The photos of Haj Amin Al-Husseini that news and websites in the West use to expose Islamist-Nazi connections are simply used to argue for supporting Nazism in the Arab-Muslim world. Even typing: “I hate Hitler” in Arabic yielded the first website on a debate between a hater and a lover of Hitler and how the debate concluded that loving him was an honor. The second website rebuked all Arabs that love Hitler. Why? “The Muslims should have been the priority choice to destroy the Jews, not Hitler”, said one comment. Perusing through the thirty websites on “I hate Hitler” yielded hatred on every website. Answers varied from “I hate Hitler because his Holocaust hardened the hearts of Jews which made them take over Palestine” to “Hitler was judged because he never got the job done”.
Searching “Hitler” in Arabic was a journey of entering a tunnel of depressing darkness. “Hitler the artist” says one article. Hitler was the one who even “discovered the Walt Disney cartoons” stated one comment. It was “Hitler who first drew Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. From the first comment to the last, the article was a delight.
The final comment was that “Hitler hated Jews because his mother’s doctor who was Jewish failed and caused her to die. It was a Jew that purchased Hitler’s first pieces of art and paid Hitler very little to only sell them for major sums. Hitler later discovered the theft by the Jews of his art. It is this story that woke Hitler finally to see how Jews are cheaters”.
It all reminds me of the early days being schooled in Bethlehem when we studied the life and writings of the most notable and respected prominent Egyptian writer Anis Mansour who once wrote: "People all over the world come to realize that Hitler was right, since Jews are bloodsuckers...interested in destroying the whole world which has expelled them and despised them for centuries ... and burnt them in Hitler's crematoria ... one million ... six millions. Would that he had finished it!" (Anis Mansour 1973).
Anis Mansour was nothing more then a sleaze bucket. I know saying this might anger the hundreds of millions in the Arab world who respect him. Perhaps they might say that I was infected by an American conspiracy? Indeed I was, I call it “critical thinking”.
Walid Shoebat