Israel's Right, Great Electoral Potential?

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I'm not all that excited about the results of that poll
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Will Israel's Nationalist, Patriotic Right Capitalize on Its Great Electoral Potential?

Hat tip:IMRA

Not for the first time, Israeli political polls are showing that the people, ordinary citizens who are willing to participate in political polls, show a strong nationalist, patriotic Right ideology and voting potential.  Also, many of the election results in recent decades have shown the same.  But has Israel gotten governments that rule according to citizens' wishes?  NO!

Time after time, from 1977 when the legendary Menachem Begin's Likud was victorious, to (the now comatose) Ariel Sharon and more recently Binyamin Netanyahu became Prime Minister the voters have been sorely disappointed.  I can no longer say "shocked," because I'm not surprised.  It's as if after being elected our top politicians undergo some sort of "brain transplant" or hypnotic process reversing their ideologies, making their policies unrecognizable to their voters.  It was horrifying to many Likud voters who had voted Likud in 2001 and 2003 to discover that Arik Sharon was going against his promises in the announcement of his Disengagement Plan, which unilaterally handed Jewish Land-destroyed Jewish communities, businesses etc.- to the Arab terrorists of Gaza.  Remember that "unilaterally" means that we got absolutely nothing in return.

A careful reading/listening to Binyamin Netanyahu shows that he never promised Israel a Right government.  Even though his vast knowledge of history so easily supports the Right, he has made a conscious (illogical) decision that to be Prime Minister, he must be in the "Center." 

So when many of my friends were overjoyed at the most recent election results, I knew that we wouldn't get the government we had voted for.  Bibi would fashion some sort of Center-Left government and continue courting the Kadima MK's promising them almost anything to join him.  That's a reason why Leftist Labor Ehud Barak rules as Minister of Defense.

So, that's why I'm not all that excited about the results of that poll.  I just don't trust the politicians to give us the government we've voted for.  And even worse, I don't know if the one truly reliable pro-Jews in Land of Israel pary, the Ichud Leumi (National Union) knows how to campaign competently, but that's for another post.

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