Gilad Shalit's Family, Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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As this year winds up, there 's still a lot of unfinished business, like freeing Gilad Shalit from his Arab terrorist captors.  I've written about it a number of times.  It seems to me that there's something very wrong in how it has been handled.


Gilad Shalit's Family, Barking Up The Wrong Tree

This morning the radio was on at the Shiloh Swimming Pool.  Every little while I could hear the announcement by Aviva Shalit, Gilad's mother, reminding us that tomorrow will be Gilad's fifth birthday in captivity.  She then invites us all to protest after Shabbat.  So far, so good, but then she announces that the protest's slogan is that Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu must free Gilad.

Duh!?!  Did I miss something here?  Is Bibi Netanyahu holding Gilad prisoner?  No, well, if that's the case how does she expect the Prime Minister to free her son?

Bibi wasn't even Prime Minister when Gilad Shalit was captured.  There's something very fokokt in the Shalit family's tactics and logic.

Didn't Hamas kidnap Gilad Shalit?  Yes, it did.  So the focus of the demonstrations must be on the agencies, organizations, countries etc that represent Hamas.  There should be a constant vigil against the International Red Cross, European Union and the United Nations for their laxity and hypocrisy in not demanding to visit and assist Gilad Shalit in returning home.

It's obvious that the Shalit family is mixing their own anti-Likud politics in with their personal pain.  They are wasting precious time by fudging the issues here.  They should be working with the government to pressure those who support Hamas to return Gilad home.