Jerusalem versus Arizona

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Re: Jerusalem

Rush, Re: Jerusalem "Obama says anybody whose great-grandparents were in Arizona before it was a state has a right to walk on in there, and yet the Jews were in Israel thousands of years before any other religion, and Obama wants to deny them the right to build in Jerusalem ." Rush Limbaugh

I must confess that I haven't been following all the hullabaloo about Arizona, aliens etc. We have enough going on with Israel, Jerusalem, Obama, building etc to keep me busy blogging. Then I saw that quotation from Rush in his daily mailing.

Here's the complete quotation from his site:

RUSH: Right. Well, you know, I have friends who have great-great-grandparents who were in England before England had any laws about immigration. My friends, can I live in England and enjoy their services 'cause my great-great-grandparents were there before there were any immigration laws?

Get this. Try this. So we have illegal aliens here who we can't ask them for their papers like every other citizen has to provide ID. We can't ask them. The Jews, however, have to stop building in Jerusalem when they were there thousands of years before there was a Muslim religion or a Christian religion. So by Obama's own logic, he trips himself up. Anybody whose great-grandparents were in Arizona before it was a state has a right to walk on in there, and yet the Jews were there before any other religion thousands of years ago in Jerusalem, and Obama wants to deny them the right to do...? It's dangerous what's happening here, ladies and gentlemen. This use of this word "papers" is not by accident. 

He said some more in answer to this student. Rush is right and Right. There's no logic in the Left. They discriminate against Jews, against Israel. They deny history, distort it.

No, please get don't distort what I'm saying. I'm not recommending that American Jews vote straight Republican, but they should definitely be aware that the policies of the Democrats endanger Israel. Check things out carefully, very carefully. It's not enough to hear that a politician "loves" Israel. Nobody admits that they don't give a hoot about Israel's security, but a careful reading and listening will make that very clear. Look at the map, too.

Any politician who states that establishing a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic state is a priority should not be supported, because such a state would seriously endanger the continued existence of the State of Israel. You have to choose; you can't have both. Yes, I know that most Israeli politicians and the vast majority of the Israeli media have joined the "two state" band wagon, but that doesn't make them correct.

As my parents said to me many times as I was growing up:

"If everyone is jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump, too?"

Here we have the classic and fatal danger of democracy. Most people are idiots and would jump!