Communist In The White House?

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Now, Yvonne may not be able to bear to read this blog or watch this video that someone sent me in an email, so my sympathies to her in advance.  However, the good news is that the American People have woken up (those that choose to not hide their heads in the sand), to realize that the America they once knew, is almost gone.  The question is though, "Is it too late?".  

Some of you may be wondering, "Why is Tamar writing about the White House?".  The reason is, is because if there IS a communist on the White House, then this will have an adverse effect on Israel as well.  Communism is an enemy of  religious freedom, of Zionism, and of course, of G-d.  And the reason for this is, that communism calls for complete obedience.  The 'collective' or the 'state' is of all importance, and the people, the private person, is just a brick in the wall. 

One must give complete obedience to' the state' and not have any other 'law' or 'belief' which threatens one's submission to the all powerful government.  This is why religious people, people who believe in G-d and the Bible, are automatic 'enemies of the state'.  Because if they believe in a Higher Power, if they believe in G-d, then G-d's law will surpass the State's law, and this is unacceptable in communism.  This is why the U.S.S.R. had to kill G-d.  There was no room for G-d in a communist state.  And this is why the Jews who lived in Soviet Russia were not allowed to be 'Jewish', to study Torah or learn Hebrew, or attend synagogue, or perform a circumcision, or celebrate any Jewish holidays.  The U.S.S.R. stripped religion away from their population, turning them in to atheists with no higher or 'divine' law to adhere to.

If communists in the White House (?)  have their way, Bible believing Jews and Gentiles in the U.S.A. will also find themselves as 'enemies of the state' -without their wanting to.  Right now, being a 'religious' person in 'Amerika' could conceivably be a crime.  A G-d fearing person could be accused of 'hate speech' because he would counsel against sodomy - as G-d says it is an 'abominable' act.  And recently, a new bill is being pushed in  Massachusetts against circumcision on anyone without their consent.  This would quite possibly mean that if this bill is passed, no Jew in  Massachusetts  would be able to circumcise their son until they were 18 years old, instead of 8 days old. 


As an aside, it amazes me that these liberals are so worried about any trauma a circumcision might cause a baby, but are pro-actively adamant when it comes to abortion.  Seems to me that being murdered inside your mother's womb is pretty traumatic...


People who grew up loving America, its constitution, and their personal freedoms, will all of a sudden find themselves as targets of that same government they once loved.  But I shall say again what Shifra Hoffman once said on my show, something akin to:  "If Americans think that their constitution will save them, they better think again.  The constitution is only as strong as the people willing to roll up their sleeves and defend it."  And with up to 30 million illegals, as well as a plethora of un-educated drop-outs and dumbed-down kids, and a lot of leftist liberals, democrats and progressives who make up a great deal of the population that would like to see 'change',  then conservative patriotic Americans are  going to have a hard time keeping their country from turning into a commie-zombie horror film.  Let's face it, as it is now, Americans can't even get their president to produce his birth certificate to put to rest their legitimate concerns that he may not be eligible to hold the office of the presidency.  Why don't the courts enforce the law? 


Many Americans today believe that there has been a communist infiltration into the White House, and if they are correct, it is certainly a huge 'change' one can believe in.

I once heard a conservative American radio talk show host recite a poem about Obama.  It went something like this... 


"Roses are red,

...and so is the White House!"