Does the Obama-Hillary Clinton Team Have a Clue?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Does The Obama-Clinton State Department Know What It's Doing?

The United States is blessed with geographic isolation.  It can play its international manipulations, make all sorts of mistakes without affecting the day-to-day security of its citizens.
If its military aid to Lebanon becomes the tools of death and destruction, residents of Omaha, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York etc aren't touched.  If its Afghan policy becomes a boomerang disaster, the residents of Maine, Miami, Cleveland, Hollywood etc won't feel it. Israel, even at its maximum size, is minute.
We don't have the luxury of space and isolation to make mistakes.  If you have trouble reading the distance scales, this will give you a better idea of what Obama, Clinton, Europe, the United Nations,  Appease Peace sic Now, etc are planning for us.
The above map isn't even up to date.  The weapons available to the Arabs today are more powerful.

Israel is about the size of New Jersey.  How could anyone in their right mind promote an Arab terror state, larger/wider, in many places than Israel?  The 1949 ceasefire lines is an irregular indefensible "border."  There is no natural geographical or military logic to it.  There's no long history to justify it.  These borders only lasted about eighteen years until the neighboring Arab states, Jordan, Egypt and Syria, attacked Israel in 1967 with the aim of destroying the only Jewish country in the world.

Miraculously, yes, totally unexpectedly and beyond any military plans, Israel not only survived but liberated the necessary territory to create defensive borders.  And even more unexpectedly, instead of fully annexing the land, which houses our long ancient history, successive Israeli Governments have been scheming to give it to Arab terrorists. Neither United States President Obama, nor his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are experts in history, defense etc.  They also have a stated agenda to promote a Pseudistinian "Palestinian" sic state.  We in Israel have neither a legal nor moral obligation to obey their dictates.