Gilad Shalit Still Imprisoned, Good Intentions Gone Bad

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Gilad Shalit Still In Arab Prison, Good Intentions and The Road to Hell

No doubt that the various organizations and demonstrators demanding to bring Gilad Shalit home to Israel have all the best intentions, but good intentions, as the saying goes, frequently lead to Hell.  They've made a hell of a mess, and the leaders and family refuse to admit that their tactics are totally wrong.

They should not be protesting at the Israel Prime Minister's Residence, nor any Israeli official or office. The Bring Gilad Shalit Home protest movement as it now exists is as mistaken, misguided and dangerous as its cousin Appease sic Peace Now, (an organization which only encourages our enemies causing terrorism and war.)

The protests, demonstrations, demands and petitions should be focused on those holding him, those cooperating with them and those ignoring the injustice.  Demonstrate at:

  • The International Red Cross
  • The United Nations
  • The United States Embassy, Consulate etc
  • European Embassy, Consulate etc
  • All human rights offices here in Israel
  • and all "PA" offices
  • If you can think of other places, add them in the comments, thanks.
Gilad Shalit is not in an Israeli prison, so Israel is neither able to nor responsible for freeing him.  Yes, of course, he should be freed and sent home.  The only way would be to totally change the campaign's focus.