For Hebrew readers:Volume 2-Rav Lior's Q&A:Orech Chayim

David Wilder ,

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לבן ריק
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David Wilder
David Wilder was born in New Jersey in 1954, and graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1976. He has been in Israel for over forty years. For over twenty years David Wilder worked with the Jewish Community of Hebron as English spokesman for the community, granting newspaper, television and radio interviews internationally. He has written hundreds of articles, appearing on Arutz Sheva, the Jerusalem Post and other publications. David is presently the Exec. Director of Eretz.Org. He conducts tours of Hebron's Jewish Community and meets with diverse groups, lecturing and answering questions. He occasionally travels abroad, speaking at various functions. He published, in English and Hebrew, Breaking the Lies, a booklet dealing with numerous issues concerning Hebron and Judea and Samaria. Additionally, David has published a number of ebooks of photographs and articles, available on Amazon or via David Wilder is married to Ora, a 'Sabra,' for 38...

Rav Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of Hebron-Kiryat Arba, has published the 2nd volume of his 'Responsa' "Dvar Hevron," Questions and Answers dealing with Halachic issues. The first volume was dedicated to Hoshen Mishpat and Even HaEzer. This volume, with over 500 responses, deals with Orech Chayim, including subjects such as prayer, blessings, Shabbat, Eruvin, Festivals and more.



The volume was published by the Institute for Settlement Rabbis and is available via: or by phone - 972-2-9964722. It is highly recommended.