The New Middle East & The NWO? Heaven Help Us.

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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I did a radio program this morning on the false prophets of today, mainly the ones many think of as the 'enlightened'.  These 'Enlightened Ones, the ones who hob nob with the 'Beautiful People' of today, are propelling mankind to live under a globalized and central 'one world government', or a 'New World Order'.  One of the people who I believe is pushing Israel towards a NWO is Shimon  Peres.  If you missed the program, listen to it here below.  This 'new middle east' that he talks about goes against Torah, in that the 'enlightened ones' want the Jewish people to rely on other nations for their sustenance, and not G-d.  Here are my thoughts on the issue.

After hearing the audio above, watch the speech yourself, hearing how Peres says that our youth should "watch out for your parents, your teachers and your friends".   Meaning, do not let them influence you, as technology and science are the new gods, and the future is yours to actualize this, so don't let history, parents or teachers sway you from your dreams of a new reality in the world, a reality where the age of borders and land are old fashioned.  isn't this what the NWO pushes, no more borders????  He also basically states that history is  irrelevant, so if you want to remember history, just buy a computer to store it, but then go on and forge a new future.  He also states that G-d is not 'reliable' ( 8:50 into the speech) and that "He drives us crazy".  This is what he wants to impart to our youth.

Speaking about youth and the NWO agenda of throwing out G-d's word and re-writing what is moral (like in the story of the Tower of Babel),  the EU attacked Poland for being homophobic.  They were referring to a move by Poland, a more traditional catholic country, for putting a stop to homosexuals coming into Polish schools and pushing the homosexual agenda on their youth.  The European Union vilified Poland as "hateful" and "repulsive"  for refusing and forbidding homosexual propaganda in their schools.  Poland's minister of education responded that "One must limit homosexual propaganda so that children won't have an improper view of family".  But this is not acceptable to the EU and ITS values.  Hindering homosexuality goes against their commandment of, "Thou shalt not be politically incorrect"  and "Thou shalt not stop homosexual propaganda".
But this is what you get, when nations who clearly have different values, especially religious ones, cannot remain sovereign and free to practice them, under a NWO which redefines what is right and wrong.  Today's enlightened want us to think;

sexual promiscuity =  'sexual experimentation'
homosexuality 'an abomination'  = 'alternative lifestyle'
 stripper  = an 'exotic' dancer.  So much nicer to say to one's neighbor when asked what their daughter is doing now-a-days that "Our daughter is an exotic dancer", than saying, "Our daughter is a stripper."
Pornography = ' art '
Pornography also = 'adult entertainment' - It's so much of a nicer and innocent term.

Our prophet Isaiah states in chapter 5 verse 20,  "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"