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Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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I am an obstacle to peace. At least that is what Barack Obama thinks. I am what he calls, a 'settler'. It is because of me and my family and neighbors that there is no peace in the world. After all, we are sending our kids to school to get educations to better themselves and the world. We are living our daily lives, farming the land and turning the desert to green. What a crime! At the same time, look what the Arabs are doing today. The Arabs who came in as occupiers of our land, hate Jews, lose wars they waged against us, and then blame us for all their ills. They support terrorism, harbor terrorists and run a totally corrupt government both in Gaza and the Samarian region. They burn American flags in the streets and hand out candy to strangers when Americans are killed in terror attacks. And Obama comes to this region and says that the Arabs have suffered under us and that it is intolerable?

Aren't there more appropriate issues for this U.S. president to focus on? Hmmm, North Korea has the bomb, Iran wants to get it to use against Israel and the West, and Obama, oops, I mean Osama, is threatening another terror attack on America, bigger than the 9-11 attack ...but I, a Jewish re-settler in my own homeland am the obstacle to peace?

President Obama stated in his 'A New Beginning' speech in Cairo: "The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements." He also stated his desire to see a carved up Israel in order to make way for a Palestinian Arab Moslem state.

There are many reactions one can make to this type of anti-Semitic, apartheid agenda of his, but here's one creative way of responding to this evil decree from the Obama administration, and I thought that I would report on it for you...

Young Jewish 'settlers' are answering Obama's call for the dismantling of Jewish outposts and settlements, by naming new ones after him. So now in what Obama deems a horrible illegal outpost, he has a new building that has popped up like a mushroom named especially after him.

The logic of this, according to the YESHA youth is that with Obama's efforts to prevent building in our national and Biblical homeland, it gives our people even more motiviation to double their efforts to build. And since this new surge of motivation was due to Obama's evil decree, they want to acknowledge him with naming an outpost after him. By the way, can you imagine the headlines if Israeli security forces came and bulldozed down 'Obama's outpost'.

And so, I thought, why not help our youth with re-naming other out posts in acknowledgment of the other key players wanting to oust Jews from their land. How about Hillarly Hill? Or Mount Mitchell for George Mitchell? Or maybe even an Oslo Outpost or a 'Road map ranch'?

Seeing bulldozers sent by the Israeli government by order of the U.S. president to destroy and flatten these places would be a riot to watch on CNN, BBC and other International News channels.

"And now for the CNN news headlines: Israeli forces have bulldozed down and destroyed Obama's Outpost and Hillarly Hill today. Tomorrow they are set to destroy the Roadmap Ranch and Oslo Outpost. It is reported that hundreds of Israeli youth are gathering to defend the area, and there could be violence from security forces on these settler protestors if they don't abandon the outpost. More details to follow as they come in. And now to sports..."

Maybe some of you more creative readers can come up with some good ideas for the re-settler youth?