Uri Avnery - Accomplice of Holocaust Deniers

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Uri Avnery is quite literally the godfather of Israeli anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Long before "Post-Zionism" became the pagan theology of Israel's radical Left, Avnery was calling for an end to Zionism and to Israel in his book "Israel without Zionists," crayoned and published by him in the late 1960s. At the time, Avnery was the publisher of the semi-pornographic scandal sheet "Haolam Hazeh," Israel's answer to National Enquirer in the US. Avnery ran for Knesset and got voted in briefly on a protest vote by the same sorts of people who might vote for Alfred E. Neuman or for Homer Simpson in other places. He was dishonorably involved in the complex matters surrounding the Kastner court case and controversy in Israel.

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And since the early 1970s he has been working full time for Israel's annihilation. He is a frequent writer for numerous anti-Semitic and pro-jihad pro-terror web sites, most frequently for "Counterpunch," the neo-Stalinist web site run by arch anti-Semite Alexander Cockburn, the guy who claims the Jews were behind the 911 attacks on the US and also behind the anthrax attacks in the US.

Avnery is the poster boy for the Israeli far Left. He epitomizes everything that is pathological about it. He is incredibly self-hating.  Unlike the other lefties, he admits he seeks for Israel to end all connections with Judaism and for Israelis to stop being Jews. He serves as Israel's Lord Haw-Haw (Haw-Haw was the British propagandist who spent World War II broadcasting pro-Nazi propaganda over the radio in English from Berlin).  Naturally he is beloved by anti-Semites all over the globe and frequently honored.

Avnery runs a splinter extremist anti-Israel "protest group" called Gush Shalom, funded by the usual haters of Israel from Europe and elsewhere.  He often tours outside Israel as the speaker sponsored by Islamofascist organizations.

Uri Avnery was disowned by his own mother, who regarded him as a traitor.  He repeatedly served as human shield for Yassir Arafat and other terrorists. At least one Israeli senior military officer called for Avnery to be shot as a traitor, as have some rightist hotheads like Baruch Marzel. He was beaten up and had both arms broken due to his treasonous writings as early as 1953. He claims that in 1975 someone tried to assassinate him, but I suspect this is nothing more than grandstanding and posturing to get himself publicity.

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We earlier had occasion to comment on Avnery's Nazi ties and affections from when he was a youth in Germany. What we now know is that his ties with Nazis and even with Holocaust Deniers are not forgotten indiscretions of youth but are evident for us all now, even this week!

The Rense.com web site is a Holocaust Denial and Neo-Nazi web site run by a radio shlock broadcaster named Jeff Rense. Unlike Michael Savage, he is not banned from Britain for being a racist. Rense's web site is overflowing with articles about how the Holocaust is a hoax invented by the Zionists, and that no Jews were murdered at Auschwitz. If you think I am exaggerating, go into Rense.com and do a search on their search engine for the words "Holocaust" or "Auschwitz."

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Rense is so openly Nazi and so whacky (it also promotes "theories" about UFOs) that even the most openly anti-Semitic Jews usually stand clear of it. Even people like Neve Gordon, whose articles appear on other Holocaust Denial and Neo-Nazi web sites, has never gone near Rense. The only exception to this is Barry Chamish, who is a regular columnist for Rense.com, but he is so utterly deranged that his appearance on the site probably just helps to discredit it.

There are some anti-Semites and Holocaust Deniers who DO write for Rense and who also appear on leftist anti-Semitic web sites like Counterpunch. Alexander Cockburn does not seem to mind sharing some of his stable of writers with Rense (including Holocaust deniers like John Chuckman, Henry Makow, and Paul Craig Roberts, and leftist Neo-Nazis like Stephen Lendman).

Well, to get to the point, this week Uri Avnery is publishing one of his countless bash-Israel screeds on Rense.com. It can be read here. You better open it, or else I fear you will think I am spoofing you again.

Moreover, this is not Avnery's first appearance there. If you go to Rense.com and write Avnery's name in the search engine, you will see dozens of other pieces by Avnery published on this Holocaust Denial web site. Obviously Avnery is not bothered by this. If the publications were without his approval he could sue Rense and its sponsors to force them to be removed, or just publicly repudiate Rense. While you are in the search engine, look up Holocaust or Auschwitz. My favorite Rense item on the Holocaust is this. You will find Chamish listed among the official site columnists on the front page of Rense.com .

To remind you of Avnery's personal history and connections with German Nazism:

The leading survivor of the early "Canaanite" (Israeli anti-Jewish) movement today is Uri Avnery, a fanatic anti-Zionist and anti-Semite, whose Bash-Israel pro-Hamas articles appear everywhere one can find anti-Semitism, on the Right and the Left. What is not well known is that Uri Avnery's original name was Helmut Osterman, born in Germany, and among the two leading figures in the "Canaanites"; and Avnery/Osterman was an admirer of Nazism.

In 1941, Avnery wrote a pro-Nazi article in the Paris journal "Shem", whose contents were later revealed by the Hebrew University Orientalist Prof. Yehoshua Porat in his book "Shelach V'At B'yado", page 182. Herr Avnery was also fond of using the concept of "Hebrew Blood" in a racial sense, in the same way as Hitler spoke of German Aryan Blood. In those days he was anti-Marxist, although today has no problem with associating himself with Stalinists. Back then he repeatedly expressed admiration for the great job Hitler was doing in remolding and renewing the German nation. Avnery was an open admirer of Nazi propagandist Alfred Rosenberg, adopted the latter's rhetoric, and repeatedly declared that he saw himself as the Hebrew Alfred Rosenberg (which, in a sense, he is). Avnery ran a tiny "journal" called The Struggle, an obvious imitation of the name "Mein Kampf". He ran his own one-man party, whose official salute was a Nazi raised hand.

Avnery in those days advocated creation of a Semitic "race" that would lead the Middle East to greatness when combined with a new Hebraic non-Jewish culture. As such, he advocated the end of the Jewish people as a national entity and expansion of the new race into its "Semitic Lebensraum" (yes, he used that Nazi concept!). He later wrote of his dream for a new and better Hitler emerging, an anti-Nazi Hitler who will lead the struggle for peace and will promote the Palestinian cause (well, at least he got THAT part right!).

Avnery then left for Israel/Palestine. In the 60s he ran a semi-pornographic magazine called "Haolam Hazeh," as the Israeli Larry Flynt. The magazine also did some scandal mongering. Avnery later ran for parliament and got elected by a sort of protest vote. [In the 1960s Avnery wrote "Israel without Zionists", the Bible of Israeli self-hating
leftism. Ever since, he has been the Reverend Moon of Israel's far-leftist "Post-Zionists" and he runs the small and violently anti-Israel "Gush Shalom" organization. He is friends with Mikey Lerner and often appears in Tikkun.