Your Grandkids May Be Moslem

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Did you hear this joke?  "A recent study of assimilation among secular Jews in America shows that from 100 secular Jews in the first generation, only five are left in the fourth generation. In the Reform and the Conservative Jewish communities, the statistics are not much better.
From 100 'Reform' Jews in the first generation you have only 13 Reform left in the fourth generation!"
From 100 'Conservative' Jews in the first generation you have only 24 left in the fourth generation!"
From 100 'Orthodox' Jews in the first generation you have 2,587 in the fourth generation!"

You might think this is a joke, but it is actually TRUE.  See this diagram.  These stats were talked about by former Israeli Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau when he attended a 3 day Rabbinical conference held in Europe which proclaimed that the biggest problem facing Judaism today is assimilation in the Diaspora.  This is a concern for Jews, but to my Christian readers, the future 'looks' even bleaker for you.

Christians in the United States and Europe are witnessing real threats to their way of life and their belief system. Ditto that for almost all Westerners in the USA and Europe who were born from Christian families but are either secular or just believe, but are not church-goers.  Soon your culture and religion will not reign in the places where you call home.  Your grandchildren will be living in a much different world than you are living in and enjoying today.

This video below states that your grandchildren will not be living in 'western societies' anymore, and that Islam will be the dominant religion of not only Europe, but the world.  The presentation starts a little slow, but stick with it, the information it is showing you will make you either finally take some action, or make you want to buy a ticket to the moon (no pun intended).  Please see this video before continuing reading below.

For the Jews however, there is good news…  Israel is daily becoming more and more religious.  One may not see it in the media and the leadership sitting in their ivory towers, but facts on the ground cannot be denied. There have never been more yeshivot and yeshiva learning in the country, and there has never been a stronger baal tshuva (returning to religious observance) movement in Israel. Observant G-d fearing Jews are gradually taking over the army, with HALF of the new combat officers in the IDF being religious.  The education branch in Israel is filling up with more religiously identifying Jews, at the same time that those, still secular, are leaving teaching positions in the quest of finding higher paying jobs.  And to top it all off, Haredi women are having 3 times as many children as secular women have. Many other religious women all over Israel are also having large families.  My sister-in-law living in another re-settlement has 12 children, my neighbor behind me has 13 children and other families in YESHA  easily have 8-12 children.  In another phenomena, our kids are getting married earlier, they are not like their westernized parents looking to first get a 'career'. Half my daughter's classmates who graduated with her 2 years ago, already opted to get married and not wait.  Many want to go to new hill tops and raise lots of children!  It's a different head-set that we from the West are used to.  Think how these facts on the ground and our next generation are changing the country, and what it will look like in the near future.  So, regarding the die-hard Seculars, the Post Zionists, and the self-hating Jews, they are actually on the decline. The future is almost here, and it looks like it's going to be a Jewish one! 

To my Jewish bretheren in the EXILE, come home now.  There is no future for the Jewish People in the Exile. Your grandchildren may be living under 'Islamic rule'. Don't think that you have a lot of time.  Very soon, it may be impossible to take your savings and money that you have worked for, out of the country.  Just yesterday I heard a news report that they are starting to go after Americans who are keeping their money in overseas accounts like the Cayman Islands, etc…  In a Bloomberg report, they stated that, "Obama’s plan also would make it riskier for Americans to stash money in tax-havens."  This may just be the begining.

My brothers and sisters, if they are starting to go after businesses who want to keep their money in a bank or country of their choosing, then what's to stop them from going after the individual soon after?  We may be seeing a situation, as the financial crisis worsens, where the government, or even it's citizens may get angry and state, "If you made your money here in America, it stays in America.  If you want to leave, leave, but you're not taking 'OUR' money with you."  This has happened before when people could not take their possesions with them and had to leave with nothing but their lives - if they were lucky.  We don't need to stretch the imagination.  Get out now while you still can with the fruits of your hard earned labor.  If you are blessed with having a fully paid-for home, sell it now and come.  If you are only blessed with a car and a few belongings, sell what you can't take with you and come home now, before it may be too late.  You obviously won't be boarding a plane tomorrow, as these things usually take time and planning, so start that planning now.  Once a FIRM plan has been put in place, you can decide when to implement it.  Without a plan, you are left to the wolves.  Come home -where the future is  --otherwise your grandkids may be Moslem.