The Murder Weapon

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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A young Jewish teen was murdered today, axed to death.  An Arab, planning to do an act of terror, infiltrated into the community of Bat Ayin and the 'brave' man picked and preyed on KIDS to kill. Sick.  And sick, sick, sick, again.  The boy who fell victim to the axe murderer was named Shlomo Nativ.

(To the left, Shlomo Nativ, z"l )

Where was Shlomo's mother when this vicious attack took place?  Maybe cleaning her house for Pesach (Passover).  She might have been scrubbing her stove like I was today, her son was being murdered.  I couldn't help thinking after I read about the terror attack in between cleaning jobs, that from now on, every year, instead of looking forward to a happy Pesach holiday, Shlomo's parents will be observing the anniversary of their son's too-soon death. 

Another young boy, 7 year old Yair Gamliel was also attacked by the same Arab terrorist who the army has not yet found, but believe they will, and have already brought in 2 Arab men in for questioning.  Little Yair had the terrorist's axe slammed into his head,,,,
One Bat Ayin man saw what was happening and wrestled with the terrorist using his hands, trying to overpower him to get the axe away from him.  The terrorist tried to hack at him as well, but was unable to and instead broke free and ran away. Reports also say that Bat Ayin's security team managed to shoot at the terrorist as he fled, and they believe he was wounded. The Army is making sweeping operations in two Arab villages near by.  

Bat Ayin (the blue point above on the map) is a community located southwest of Jerusalem, with wide spaces and open land.  The Arab who came on a mission to murder, had to purposely head for the community to seek out his victims.  Looking at photos and news clips of the surrounding areas, one sees valleys and hills making Bat Ayin a target only if it was specifically planned.

Who raises children to grow up into men who then choose to take an axe and go on a murder spree, and target children?  What kind of monsters are these Arab women raising?  

I have an acquaintance who takes a lot of taxis.  He is friendly with a lot of drivers, Jewish and Arab.  One of his drivers who is an Arab, was telling him how upset he was because the Hamas and other Moslem leaders are constantly telling Arab parents to give up one of their children for 'The Jihad'. He said that all the time, they are pressured into sending a child to 'jihad'.  He said that kids are told this at school, and the parents are constantly bombarded by it if they haven't already made 'the sacrifice'.  The cab driver continued and said that he didn't want to give up one of his kids, but felt really guilty about not doing it with so much pressure placed on him. 

Hmmm, and how would THAT scenario go?

Husain gets home from a  long day's work driving his Jerusalem cab.  He walks in the door, sits down on his chair in the living room and thinks, "Hmmm, should I send Ahmed, Rashid or Ibrahim to die?  Eeny, meenie, meeny miney mo..."

What kind of culture is this?  How sick can this world be?  How do these Arab women live in a society that lives for glory through blood and death, treats women like second class citizens (I know, worse) and pressures parents to choose a kid and sacrifice him for the Jihad?  I wonder if the other surviving brothers fight over 'Jihad Kid's' room after his mother straps a bomb on him and sends him to blow himself and other innocent people up on busses, in cafes, or just raises her child to think it's glorious to hike up a mountain with an axe and look for the nearest kids to prey on and sink that axe into their skulls.  So then who's the murderer? The parents, or the kids they raise or send out, to murder?

I took a picture of the murder weapon on my computer while watching Israel's channel 10 news there, as I couldn't find a photo of the murder weapon online yet, so you are some of the first to see it.  Imagine THAT in your head.  ...Or your child's, G-d forbid!   

The murder weapon