What the Goyim Think About The Jews

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Now, before anyone gets their feathers ruffled, the term 'Goyim' just means 'Nations'.  It is not meant as a derogatory term here.  Saying this, below is an email I received from a good and righteous non-Jew named Dean.  His little experience he has had with Ameican Jews has given him an impression, that he wants to check out to see if it is true.   

My friends, here is what the 'righteous' of the Nations, the 'righteous Goyim', are saying about the Jews....  

Dear Tamar:

I am a christian who lives in the United States. I write to you quite often. I am not what you call Roman. I am a Christian Zionist with great love for Israel and all that it represents. I recently attended a Gert Wilders speech in Massachussetts. It was held in a Jewish synagogue. I rarely rub shoulders with U.S. Jews, but I enjoy it when I do.

I got there early and began chatting with as many as I could. I told them how I spend an hour or so each day on the internet surfing in the Jerusalem Post. I was trying to compare spiritual notes with them. Many of them said they did not own a computer, but all those who did asked me what the Jerusalem Post was. I thought they were trying to be sarcastic to me because I was not wearing a Yarmulkah (is that how you spell it?) But, the more I tried to be spiritually friendly the more I found they were not interested in Israel or what was going on there. I left the meeting hall, which was quite large (400 people.) in a well to do area of Massachussetts, three miles from Boston.

Feeling quite overwhelemed with perplexity, my inner feelings were thus. How in the world, with all the things that are going on, could religious synagogue goers, be ignorant of their own little besieged home? I dwelt on this all night, very disturbed. I believe God told me why the next day.
Oh, do you see that couple over there, that is so and so and man are they loaded.

Much of the time in their synagogue, I heard them make references to each other, when someone entered the building, "Oh, do you see that couple over there, that is so and so and man are they loaded." Oh, "See those people over there, that is such and such." These people were very pleasant to me and knew that I was not part of their group. I asked them if they ever heard of Geert Wilders and to my astonishment none of them had. I probably asked five or six people. I thought I was at a dog and pony show. I was quite taken aback. I thought that most of Jewry in the U.S. were up to speed on spriritual matters like you people at Arutz Sheva. Tovia and Yishai and Tamar etc. Well, I was set back aways on my spiritual haunches. I thought about this the next day and I believe God revealed to me the matter.

This is what I feel the sum of the matter is. Many U.S. Jews hate Israel. That may be too strong. U.S. Jews ignore Israel and this is why. Israel is an extreme threat to them. If they thought about Israel too long, they might feel they have to help Israel. Sure, they send them a few bucks now and then, but that is to relieve their conscienceses. That way when they stand before God, they will be able to say they supported Israel. Also, I am now going to reveal why, they mostly all voted for OBAMA. This will blow you away. This makes tears run down my cheeks. I may be wrong about all of this, please tell me if I am. I live in Maine. Not many Jewish people up here. I know of none personally. All I know is what I hear on Jerusalem Post and read in the Bible. But, I am connected to Israel and the future. I am connected to the God of Israel. Okay, these are the ten reasons why U.S. Jews voted for OBAMA and why they do not like the word Israel.

Many, many U.S. Jews are well off with big bucks and big estates and big connections and extremly little persecution here in the U.S. For them to admit Israel exists, would cause them to feel they have to help Israel. This might mean possibly having to take a stand in their daily speech, with others over here, thereby labeling them as ONE OF THOSE and causing persecution to come down on their heads. Most Jews are tucked away in little enclaves or FORTS they have created for safety over here and to leave the safety of the fort would again open them up for what maybe their forfathers went through. (OH MY G-D NOT THAT) You know, I almost really can't blame them. America is like a little Israel to them, when they get tucked away in their little communities over here. Okay, here comes the punch line. They feel if they spend ten minutes thinking about Israel, they may feel attracted to go on Aliya over there. Wow, the thought of all those gun battles they hear every night on the news, reminds them of the Nazis so much, what they do is place Israel so far out of their minds, the very thought of it causes them great pain.

Am I anywhere near the mark??? They almost hate Israel. They almost despise Israel. The very thought of Israel causes them discomfort. Why do 35,000 Jews in Iran refuse to go to Israel? They live right next door. They know they would be too easy a target in Israel. How am I doing? This is why they voted for OBAMA. They feel he will stop helping Israel and maybe just maybe Israel will disappear and leave their thoughts.


So...  please answer Dean.  He wants to understand, is he right, or is he wrong?