It's Time To Do Some Introspective Work

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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I have been thinking deeply about the Gazan war and all the pain that comes from war -on both sides. 

We are always being told that 'There is no military solution."  At first, I scoffed.  But trying to be a better person, I have to be open.

Here are some new photos that I have not seen, that have come out of the hell-hole of war from various sources. I really realize the pain these Arabs have had to suffer, all because of their -and our -leaders.  I do not wish to see people suffer.  It is time to do some serious introspection.  We need to look within ourselves and see where we have been fooling ourselves, where we have just 'bought' the stories we are fed from the press.  These photographs can really make us do introspective work when we see just in fact what the army has done. Hopefully, it will make us better and more honest people. Look what the army did in the war.

Photo 1:  It is so heart wrenching to see children suffer. This is a photo of an Arab man with his dead baby after the army bombed.

  Photo 2: This is after a bombing on an Arab village.  Try to imagine being there and seeing your home destroyed by the army.  War really is hell.

  Photo 3:  Add to this, 'the occupation'. Let's be fair, it must not be easy on the Arabs to have to live with the army in their faces, constantly under watch.

 Photo 4:  Imagine having the army stalking your streets, it must be very hard for the Arabs.  This check point can humiliate people.

Photo 5:  An unprofessional camera shot, but it has caught for us the total despair brought amidst innocent people who are not terrorists.

 Photo 6:  This picture has caught the  utter devastation of war.  These are civilians, and really, shouldn't only military targets be legitimate?

Ok, enough time for introspection.  I have a confession to make. These photos are NOT what Israel did to anyone.  Actually, these photos are what the Allied Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have done to Arabs there. 

Photo 1: The correct caption is:  Afghan man cries over the body of his child killed by U.S. bombs in Kabul.
Photo 2: The correct caption is:  Red Cross Building Destroyed by American Bombs, Kabul, 26 October 2001
Photo 3: The correct caption is:  One of the local Baghdad police stations, heavily protected by U.S. troops-2
Photo 4: The correct caption is:  U.S. military at a checkpoint in Baghdad.  (How humiliating!  What apartheid!)
Photo 5:  The correct caption is:  Scud missiles slammed into Israel's central population areas, courtesy of the Iraqi Arabs.
Photo 6:  The correct caption is:  More scud missiles sent by the Arabs of Iraq on Israeli civilians.  Notice the Israeli flag flying in the center of the photo.

When we are bombarded by the International Community with slogans like, "There is no military solution", remember, all countries throughout history who found themselves in war, only won those wars by military victories which crushed the enemy so completely, that they would not have enough nerve, strength, or ability to attack again.  All through the centuries, the Jewish People were under the mercy of hostile Governments and Peoples.  We were not allowed to own a gun, and we were unable to defend ourselves.  Throughout the centuries, there has ALWAYS been a military solution.  It is only NOW, when the Jews have guns and can defend themselves, when we have our OWN army and can defend ourselves,  -that all of a sudden, we are being told there is no military solution. 

Yes, it IS time to do some introspection, but not for Israel.   The U.S. State Department needs to do some introspection.  The Allied troops who bomb the heck out of countries thousands of miles away of which they have no connection to that land - they have to do some introspection when they justify their acts, yet condemn and admonish Israel for defending our own land and our own people. It is the media that has to do some introspection and ask themselves why they are so hard and judgmental on Israel, yet ignore the crimes and criminals of the Moslem/Arab world as well as their own armies and what they are sent to do.  And all of us should do some introspection and ask ourselves why we keep hoping for peace using a formula that rewards criminals and terrorists, and goes against our holy Torah.  Instead, we should listen to our prophets who tried to teach us:

Isaiah 32:17: "The product of righteousness shall bring peace; and the effect of righteousness, quiet and security forever."

Don't reward these terrorists.  Mete out justice to them.  Make THEM do some introspective work.  By punishing those who choose to murder and terrorize, it will send a message to the rest of their ilk that we, the world, will NOT suffer their evil acts.  That to live in a safe and peaceful world, those who do evil must suffer the consequences, and this too will be a deterent to others thinking about joining their blood thirsty terror groups.  Once again, we must listen to our Prophets:  "The product of righteousness shall bring peace; and the effect of righteousness, quiet and security forever."  Let's do some introspective thought on THAT.