Quotes and Notes Corner: Kaddafi's Arabs

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לבן ריק
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In the wake of the start of the Chanukah War this Saturday, Libyan ruler Moammar Kaddafi recommended that the Arab League withdraw what the world press is calling its "peace initiative" with Israel. According to Kaddafi, there is no reason for an initiative when "Arabs are the only ones striving for peace."

Allow me to reply to the Supreme Leader, Col. Kaddafi:

"The Arabs are completely useless. We must not waste time. The Arabs are through. Tomorrow, Asia will establish great unions and Africa is already united - and where are you, Arab?"

Now, before B'tzelem or Meretz reports me for racism or incitement, let me make a preemptive strike (do we do that anymore?) by noting that the above statement is not my own creation. Col. Kaddafi said that in October of 2003. Here's a bit more:

"There are nations to which I did an injustice and I apologize for this. I brought Mauritania, Djibouti, Somalia and the Comoro Islands into the Arab League, and I tried to bring in Eritrea. But now I cannot speak with Eritrea. Look what an injustice I did them. I brought them into a failed nation, a failed regime, and failed people...."

Another interesting factoid is that the Arab "peace initiative" that Kaddafi wants to withdraw was first proposed in 2002. Then came Kaddafi's anti-Arab diatribe. Now he wants the Jews to give in to those self-same "useless" and "failed people". What am I missing?

Researched, compiled and presented by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz