Has Condi Rice Gone "Terrorist"?

Yisrael Medad,

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Yisrael Medad
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Has Condi flubbed it, joining the side of the terrorists?

Condoleeza Rice has turned out to be either insolent, cruel or plain not quite that smart regarding the conflict between Arabs and Jews in the area the League of Nations set aside for the reconstitution of the historic Jewish national home, an area illegally removed by the British Mandatory power and which they Arabs in several wars and riots tried to take away totally.

Yesterday, she met the press with Tzipi Livni in Herzlia

and, among other things, had this to say:-

"Let me just close by saying that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one that should be resolved and should be ended because it will be so important to Palestinians to live in their own state and for Israel to live alongside a democratic neighbor who can help to secure the peace.

The United States is fully committed to that goal, and I remain committed to that goal until the day that we leave office. But I want to say that I am very grateful that in the last almost eight years now we have been able to move a situation which, at the time when President Bush came to office, was the second intifada, with hundreds of Israelis under siege, with Palestinians dying in large numbers, a situation in which the thought of peace between Israelis and Palestinians was one that was quite distant with the undeniably important, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to reach peace at Camp David."

Oh, only Pals. were dying? No Jews?

And weren't a good few of those Pals. dying by their own hand in suicide bombing attacks?

And aren't Jews still dying, stabbed by Pals., shot at by Pals., being run over and crushed by Pals. and being rocketed by Pals.? Here, yesterday, before you spoke:

Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza fired a Kassam rocket at the western Negev city of Sderot Thursday morning in a continuation of a spate of attacks on southern Israel.

and this morning:

Southerners woke up to another day of rocket attacks Friday, as Palestinian terrorists fired five Kassams at western Negev neighborhoods. The rockets landed in the Sderot, Eshkol and Sha'ar Hanegev regions. No one was wounded and no damage was reported. One of the Kassams landed near a kibbutz reservoir, while a second hit the fence surrounding another western Negev kibbutz. The other rockets hit open areas.

And she continued to "explain" that flub:

I do want to emphasize again that in 2001, when President Bush came into office, we had a raging intifada, we had Israel under siege.

Siege? Just a siege? Just a raging intifada.  A bit euphemistic, no? The background to this ignoring of dead, wounded, maimed Israelis is gone, missing from her remarks? No, it isn't. Not at all.

Here's her world-view, in plain sight:

There were still people who talked about, well, there are freedom fighters and then there are terrorists. The President laid that aside for all time.

Ah, but Condi, they are and there still are terrorists. Not freedom fighters at all. It is not a simple dispute about linguistics or semantics. You can't just lay that aside. That is the core of the conflict.  The Arab poitical terror started in 1920 and has nothing to do with Judea and Samaria or the "harrassment" you keep refering to as an excuse for that terror.

And, in ignoring the Jewish dead, Condi, you may have joined the side of the terrorists.