U.S. President Hussein Obama. Congratulations America!

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Folks, I was going to let this drop.  I am tired of the Obama topic. The guy is probably going to win the elections in the USA, but I just wanted you all to be aware of who you are choosing as your next leader and what kind of 'change' you may be getting.

I had on my show Dr. Jerome Corsi who talked about Mr. Hussein Obama, and his ties with Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.  Now, before you fall asleep from more political talk, please read a bit further.  You really should know that your next president, is at least oblivious, or at worst, in bed with, Muslim radical extremists who want Sharia law, a safety net for Muslim terrorists, and a ban on public Christian worship.  Lest you forget, the Moslem extremist regimes are at war with the United States. 

I just can’t fathom people who would not only tolerate, but actually vote for a man who won't present his birth certificate to the American people when being asked, and then sued (what contempt he must have for the people, and this is before he even becomes president!)  and associates with people like Reverend Wright who says G-d d-mn America, William Ayers who bombed America, and Rashid Khalidi who probably supports the bombing of Israel. With a background like that, as one talk-backer stated, Obama wouldn't pass security to obtain the job of being his own bodyguard, yet he will hold the most powerful and sensitive office in the world.

In the videos below, you will see with your own eyes, Hussein Obama's support of Muslim Kenyan Raila Odinga, a man who once went to prison for his involvement in trying to overthrow the Kenyan government back in the 1980's. Hmmm, come to think of it, kind of like another William Ayers? Interesting company Obama keeps. But this is not 'company' this is 'family'.  Odinga just happens to be Obama's (first?) cousin.   In an interview, Odinga told BBC's "The World Today" that Senator Obama's father was his maternal uncle. Hear it here.

Obama is reported to have raised money – up to a million dollars, for Odinga's campaign, to oust the religiously tolerant Kibaki government of Kenya. Odinga lost the presidential election in the end, but the anger of that loss resulted in a backlash of deadly violence in Kenya from his supporters, which left an estimated 1,000 members of the nation's Kikuyu tribe dead and up to 500,000 displaced from their homes.

According to reports on World Net Daily.com,  Odinga's supporters damaged or destroyed up to 800 churches in Kenya, including perpetrating a horrific scene of herding several Kenyan Christians into a church and setting it on fire with the Christians inside, copying what the Nazis often did to the Jews during the Holocaust.

But Hussein Obama, the probable next U.S. president, backed his Muslim side of the family, his cousin, who will work to bring in sharia law in Kenya, make a safe haven for terrorists, and forbid Kenyan Christians from displaying their Christian worshipping and practices in public.  See the 'Islamification' Pact that Odinga signed Aug. 29th, 2007, with some of Kenya's radical Muslims.  It seems to me, that that goes against American values of tolerance and religious freedom.  Truly unbelievable the issues here, and one wonders why the mainstream media does not let you know this.