The Plagues Of America?

Tamar Yonah ,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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***For some truly awesome photos of IKE's distruction, likening it to a plague, click HERE and then return to read this blog.

When we learn about the plagues of Egypt, do we get angry at the person who is teaching us this biblical history?  Most of us would say no.  It is in this vein that I wish to point your attention to the massive plagues that seem to be happening in the United States. ...And don't be angry at me that I am asking you to consider this.

      (Below: Mass Exodus Fom Hurricane Ike)

In the last two hurricanes that slammed into the U.S., we have seen a true-blue exodus  take place of 3 million people.  Two million running from Gustav and another one million from Ike.  If you are not aware, three million people is close to half the population of Israel!  Can you imagine HALF of the population of Israel having to flee their homes in an exodus like what took place in the USA?

As G-d fearing people, we know that G-d controls everything in this world.  Nothing happens without His allowing it to happen.  This does not mean that I believe in a cruel mean G-d that sits up in heaven and throws lightening bolts in anger against mankind below.  Not at all!  I believe that G-d created us, loves us, and wants us to follow His ways, to cling to Him, and to grow from the challenges we face.  I believe He wants us to make the proper choices in life so that we can take this world and make it better after being here.  If we make the wrong choices, if we chose to do evil, then it's not just a punishment, per se, rather, a CONSEQUENCE.

Imagine that you are a parent.  If one of your children does not clean his room, throwing his books and shoes in the middle of the floor and then decides to go to bed, would it be a 'punishment' if he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, rubbing his eyes and then tripping over the mess he left?  A punishment, or a consequence?  And do you, his parent want your child to trip and hurt themselves?  Absolutely not.  You gave him instructions.  You told him to keep his

Map of Missiles/Rockets That Reach Israeli Population Centers and International Airport.

room tidy and reminded him that he has a habit of not wanting to put things in order before he goes to bed.  But these are the consequences of disobeying the rules, the laws of nature, the laws of the home.  You, the parent would hope that your child would now have learned his lesson and will now follow the rules of safety and a harmonious home life in the manual you gave him of house rules. Others would call it the 'Bible'.

The Bush administration is at this moment working to undermine Israel and destroy her.  Because the establishment of a Palestinian State in the heartland of Israel would be impossible for Israel to survive.  All of Israel's major poulation centers, including her international airport,  would be vulnerable from mortar, rocket and missile attacks. 

The Bush administration wants to go against the Bible, G-d's word, and divvy up Jerusalem and the land of Israel.  Something that G-d said He would not tolerate.  Yet Bush & Co. continue to press on, pressuring Israel to make more concessions, more good will gestures, more prisoner releases of convicted terrorist murderers, before the end of Bush's 8 year term is up, in only several weeks time.



                            Egyptain Plague of Hailfire

Pharoah also tried to crush the Children of Israel.  He was the one who had the hardened heart, yet his whole nation suffered.  Some Egyptians feared G-d, and hid their animals inside their homes and barns when the burning hail storms came down and demolished their farms.  The Egyptians suffered much damage, but still survived to rebuild and recoup.  Do we not see the same thing happening in America now? It was hurt, but it too survived, and will hobble along re-building from this latest plague. 

                               Ike's Aftermath

Yes, in G-d fearing people's eyes, Gustav and Ike, the exodus of 3 million people, the devastation and havoc, was similar to one of the plagues of Egypt.  I am not at all happy about this.  The American people are a good people.  I would imagine it would be more just to see the Islamic TERROR regimes suffer.  But I do not claim to know all of G-d's ways or His accounting.  Perhaps troubles befall the Jews and now the Americans because G-d cares enough to straighten us out, where as He has less interest in disciplining  the more evil ones?  I am at a loss.  However, one thing I do I believe, and that is,  if this part of history were happening before the Torah was given,  it would have made it in as one of the stories of the Bible.  Perhaps it would have gone something like this:

"And King Bush, prince of the Western World continued to make the lives of the Children of Israel very bitter.  He lured the corrupt Kings of Israel to the peace table promising riches and open markets and peace.  But the price was the Land of Israel to be given to the sons of Ishmael. And The Holy One, Blessed Be He, made a great wind to blow over the seas over the southern region which belonged to King Bush. 



And a wall of water and great winds crashed into the homes and great cities of the King.  But he would not hearken to the word of the L-rd.  And another great storm came on the heels of the first, displacing millions of people, and still King Bush did not hearken.  And another wall came down, this time in their financial sector which they called Wall Street.  And the great institutions that were housed there fell, leaving the population to carry the debts of silver and gold


And a great financial woe settled on this land, and the people cried."….