Israel's Vibrator of Higher Education

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Protocols of the Vibrators of Zion?
The web and the media in Israel are a-buzz about the arrest of a far-leftist Hebrew University professor for rape and sexual abuse of his students.  The professor, Eyal Ben-Ari, was the supervisor of that thesis a few months back at the Hebrew University, which claimed that the fact that Jewish soldiers never rape Arab women just shows how racist they are.  The thesis was awarded a Hebrew University prize.  Haaretz today reports that the same Professor Ben-Ari who thinks it is racist not to rape Arabs was busy abusing his female students sexually.  

In photo - vibrator the professor did not buy.

But by far the best part of the story is the report in Haaretz that Prof. Ben-Ari had purchased a vibrator with university research funds to use on his hapless students.  He submitted the bill for the vibrator to the Shaine Center for reimbursement.  Does the Shaine family know how the money they donated to the Hebrew University is being used?

Maybe he was doing research for his new book, The Protocols of the Vibrators of Zion?