When Talk Is Cheap

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Our generation likes to talk.
Bush talks with the terrorist Abbas from the PLO and deals with the North Korean regime.  Obama says America should talk with terror supporting Iran. In the meantime, America sells its weapons around the world, and declares war on 'terror', sends its soldiers to occupy a country way out in the middle east (that has oil), and then fights the terrorists that attack those poor U.S. soldiers out there.  (I am not taking a stance on the Iraq war, there are good points and bad points about it.  I am just mentioning it here to make a point that the Bush administration does not see a problem with fighting whom THEY consider to be terrorists, yet the people of Israel are not allowed to fight ours.) With all the talking with terrorists and terror supporting states, and all the killing other nations are allowed to do, Israel has its hands tied and has to keep talking, begging and groveling in order to try to get a peace treaty signed with Islamic terrorists.  We bare the brunt of this policy.  We are not allowed to fight our terrorists.  It is a two faced world.

I think with the great forms of communication we enjoy today, we have already understood the 'message' our enemies have sent us. They have stated over and over again that they do not, and will never, recognize us.  They have stated they want to throw us into the sea.  They have stated that we are not humans, rather apes and pigs, swine, etc.  They have told us that they will liberate the land with blood and fire.  They have told us that they will continue to kill us and are justified in doing so.  What more do we need to talk about?  Talk, talk, talk, yada, yada, yada.  Could the Western Allies talk with the Nazis? Sometimes talk is cheap.  Sometimes talk is shameful.

I think that this video below that was recently shown on Israel's Documentary channel shows how talking got this Jewish mother nowhere.  There's a time for talk, a time for action.  Watch these three clips below in order. 

I am skipping now to the last part of the documentary.  For those that want to watch all the parts, they can go HERE.

Talk, talk, talk.  They state they will never surrender, but the Nazis did when they were crushed by the allies and they could not continue their evil.  Today, the world is a better place because of that defeat.  Defeating this next evil empire of these Islamic terrorist crazies is the world's next challange.  Talk is cheap.