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Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Many of you have been sending me emails and leaving me well wishes on my blog and I want to thank you all.  For those who don't know, I have been diagnosed and suffering from a herniated disc and sciatica which has been extremely painful and humbling.  I have been pretty much out of commission lying on the floor, resting my back, and trying to do some of exercises suggested by you.  I greatly appreciate your talk backs that you posted in order to help me.

I have written in previous notes to you that I don't care for doctors, tests, or medicines.  I preferred always to go the more natural way, even if that meant suffering.  You see, I am tough.  I went through 5 births without anything, scoffing at women who took pain medication, laughing gas or epidurals. I relied on my toughness.  Well, I hang my head down in shame.  -sigh-  I have been humbled. 

This pain I have suffered has been so excruciating, that I did the unthinkable…  I took pills. ARGH! –grin-   Anyone who knows me, knows that if Tamar takes an aspirin, she must be in incredible pain. But alas, I was beat. Perhaps it is my age, perhaps it was gaining weight since the Pesach Holiday, perhaps it was sitting at the computer for hours, or perhaps it was the stress of losing my dear mother-in-law, perhaps it was all of the above together which brought this on.

All I know is that I have succumbed to the pain and broke.  I am taking a prescription back medicine which really works!  I am also taking Advil gel pills which are great, AND have been sent for 8 weeks of physical therapy.  Since the start of physical therapy and lots of rest and less stress (among them writing blogs and preparing radio shows) I have seen a lot of improvement.  I am down to taking pain killers from 3 to 2 times a day, and am able to do work now.  I admit it. I am getting to be a fan of conventional medicine.

One of my readers sent me this video, and I thought I would share it with you all since many of you wrote me privately that you too suffered, or had a family member who suffered with their backs going out and/or sciatica.  After watching this clip, let me know if you think it is all in my head.  I am having my girlfriend pick me up the book who is going to the States.

Thanks for letting me kvetch.  It is one of my joys in life, to kvetch.  Nothing like kvetching when one is in pain.  –grin-

Hmmmm... I just want my life BACK.  Is this all in my head?