They Want to Convince Me To Sell Out

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Well, I received a SECOND letter in the mail from the left wing Bayit Ehad (One Home) people asking me to fill out forms that I would be willing to sell out and leave my home.  Bayit Ehad is reported as being pushed by certain left wing knesset members who want to give up our land to the Arabs. They send their letters to Jews living beyond the 'security fence' in Judea & Samaria, not to the Arabs.  Apparently they don’t want to even consider a plan for Arab emigration, only the Jews need to be ethnically cleansed from our biblical homeland. 

Our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob never walked down the streets of Tel Aviv.  The city didn’t exist until the last century.  However, they did walk the roads in Judea & Samaria.  In fact, Bet El could boast a sign saying that “Jacob slept here”.   People living in YESHA (Judea & Samaria) are not living in ‘settlements’.  We are living in ‘RE-settlements’.  We are back here after years of the land being neglected.  Once beautiful towns and agricultural fields have turned to weeds and rocky, uninhabital terrain since the Jews were taken out in Exile. But now we have been brought back and have re-established Jewish life where we lived so many years before.  Hostile terrain is gone, and new homes have been built. Children are again playing in the streets, laughter and gaiety is heard from their mothers standing and talking to one another. Schools and libraries and general life has returned to where our ancestors once lived and thrived.  ...But I digress.
   One of the many RE-settlements in Judea & Samaria. Jewish life is back to stay.

Getting back to the letter that I and my neighbors received, we notice that it was sent in a  blue and white envelope, making it ‘look’ very patriotic.  Ha!

Sorry folks, I just can’t stop laughing.

If you are a resident in Judea and Samaria, and have received this letter full of forms for you to fill out with a note on their stationary trying to convince you they are doing this because they care about YESHA residents and want to enable you to move to what they claim are the true, legal borders of Israel, - don’t throw it in the waste basket.  The forms come with a pre-paid postage that they will be charged for, if it is put in the mail.  People here are saying to take the forms, (they say you can draw a giant ‘X’ on the forms or you can just write them ‘lo todah’ (no thank you) about them trying to buy you out, and put it in the envelope and send it off to them.

Wouldn’t that be great seeing their offices flooded with envelopes they paid postage for, and in them were X-ed out forms? 

I can’t wait to send mine back to them!  ... and they were hoping I would sell out.