When is the Price Too High for Your Beliefs?

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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The website called LIVE LEAK.com has removed the film FITNA by Dutch film maker Geert Wilders due to threats on the safety of their staff members.  The movie shows Islam as a violent and intolerant religion, with graphic footage to support its claims. Clips of sermons inside mosques are shown calling for cutting off the heads of Jews, and jihadic calls for taking over the world.  (Those who are upset about Barak Obama's former minister Reverend Wright preaching anti-American rhetoric should be hopping mad after viewing FITNA.)  Terror scenes perpetrated on Europeans were also shown with much graphic detail. The movie was also interspersed with verses from the Koran which encourage the killing of Jews and other non-believers of Islam, which is probably YOU, reading this.

 Much of the footage in the film was very graphic and bloody, all showing real life events.  Photos were shown of Moslem demonstrators holding signs supporting the Islamic take-over of the world and touting another holocaust worse than the one we experienced in WWII.  Before the film was released there were already fears that violent demonstrations in the Netherlands, and possibly around the world would take place, reminiscent of the violent demonstrations by Muslims after a disparaging cartoon of Muhammad was published in the Danish newspaper 'Jyllands-Posten' back in 2005. Wikipedia states, "This previous violence resulted in the burning of the Danish embassy in Syria and other acts of violence around the world, including the murder of a Catholic nun and people from several different religions, including Muslims." 

If you follow the original link to view the movie FITNA, this is what you will now see:

The Removal of ‘FITNA’
Official LiveLeak Statement


While understanding that these threats are very disturbing and intimidating (as anyone who has gotten a death threat can attest to), where is that invisible line where one decides that standing by their principles and beliefs are just too heavy a price to bear?

Isn’t standing up for one’s beliefs the thing that makes man different than animals?  Willing to fight and even die for one’s principles is what makes a man a man.

If the threats received to LIVE LEAK staff were from  the Nazis, would people be more enraged and brave enough to take a stand?  And if so, would it only be because today they (the Nazis) are too weak to scare people off?  In the early 1940's, the Allies stood up against the Nazi threat, and fought for their freedom.  But that was another world, another time, when honor and integrity still thrived.  Today, we have become soft, lazy, and spoiled.  There are few people today like Abraham who would be willing to walk into a pit of fire for their beliefs.

This brings me to one of the most disturbing things of all in this whole episode.  It is the fact that the West is cowering and not standing up to these Islamic thugs making the threats.  While making my best effort not to judge those who received these death threats, we have to recognize that just a ‘threat’ has already silenced these people.  Many Muslims are willing to kill and die for THEIR beliefs.  Some Muslim parents are even ready, and do, sacrifice their own children as they go out on suicide (homocide) bomb missions, just to kill non-Muslims.  In the meantime, we in the West shake in the knees and are willing to give up our beliefs for the fear of being hurt, attacked, or killed. 

If this is the case, if we cower and submit out of fear, and are not willing to stand up and sacrifice for our beliefs, -- and they are, then who will win this religious war that has been thrust upon us?