How We Have Been Fooled By The Headlines

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Everywhere we look, we see headlines like, “Sderot is Under Attack”  or “War on Sderot”.  However, these are essentially lies, or at best, robotic thinking due to media bombardment. We need to look past the headlines and the media lingo we are fed, and understand this important truth:  Sderot is NOT under attack!  Yes, I said it.  Sderot is NOT under attack.  My friends, ISRAEL is under attack.

When Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, the headlines didn’t say, “Hawaii was attacked’.  They said, AMERICA was attacked. When planes used as missiles crashed into the Twin Towers and at least three thousand people were killed, headlines didn’t proclaim, “New York was attacked”.  They proclaimed, “AMERICA was attacked.”  So let us understand this MOST important truth…  Sderot is not under attack.  ISRAEL is under attack.  These Arabs are attacking ISRAEL.  And now it has spilled over to Ashkelon, because wherever their missiles will reach in Israel, that is where they will shoot, because ISRAEL is their target.

The Gaza area that Israel gave up in the last stage of the ‘peace process’, where it threw approx. 10,000 law abiding Israeli citizens out of their homes to turn over to the Arabs to bring quiet to ISRAEL, has had the opposite effect.   The Arabs were emboldened by the weakness and the resulting retreat of Israel and the West.  They have been attacking Israel ever since with even more fervor.  This last week, just one day brought 50 rockets to our southern region.  And if the Enemy had the means, the rockets would be reaching Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Lod's Ben Gurion International Airport.

These false headlines we are bombarded with are perhaps done purposely to mislead the public so that we will be more open to more land concessions and continuing this ‘peace process’.  These headlines telling us that Sderot is under attack desensitizes the rest of the country from the danger. By divorcing Sderot from the rest of the State of Israel (like they did with Gush Katif)  people view the bomb attacks in the south as THEIR problem, not our problem.  We watch the news, hear the headlines and remark, “Oh, those poor people in Sderot.  Must be awfully hard for them with all those attacks. Tsk tsk tsk.”  And that is how our leaders want us to think.  It's Sderot's problem, and if the government is nice, they will help Sderot by sending them some money to re-inforce some roof tops, and maybe send an anti-terror operation into Gaza and bomb some empty fields.

A country cannot very easily convince it’s population to support more land give-aways and establish a Palestinian State, if it understood that this very same entity supports and is actively engaged in a war with it.  Instead, the media makes the public think it is just the Kassams which are the problem, and tells us to be empathetic to Mahmoud Abbas, viewing him as a moderate.  The public is being conditioned to want to prop up and empower Abbas, because he is believed to be the good guy who is trying to move his people forward to peace.  However, nothing can be further from the truth.  Abbas is a holocaust denier, he supports and harbors terrorist groups and was number two to arch terrorist Yassar Arafat.  He also stated this last week that he would not rule out a "return to the way of armed struggle against Israel".  However, if the country knew that in reality ISRAEL was under attack, the people would never go for 'tit for tat' military hits in Gaza, and they would demand a stop to negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, thus stopping the 'holy' peace process. 

This is why we must see beyond media headlines and understand that Sderot is not a ‘THEM’.  They are us, you and me.  Israel is under attack my friends, and we must not let the media and the government divorce ourselves from our own cities!  It is not Sderot’s problem.  It is OUR problem.

One other media vulgarity comes to mind as well….  We read the headlines and watch the news about 50 Kassams slam into Sderot in one day  or, "Boy, 8, Loses Leg in Kassam Attack" or  "Kassam kills 47-year-old father of 4"  The Kassams didn’t kill these people.  The Arab enemy who launched these rockets killed these people!  The media, when writing news for other countries wouldn’t write a headline like, ‘Bullets kill U.S. troops in Mosul”.  Instead, like a headline should be written, it states: “Investigation under way after Iraqi soldier shoots two U.S. troops in Mosul”  Here, the enemy is identified.  It wasn't a bullet that killed the U.S. Troops, it was an Iraqi soldier.  And what is a kassam anyway? It is a piece of metal loaded with charges and shrapnel which is launched manually.  So, if a Kassam killed or injured an Israeli, was it really this piece of metal?  Or was it the Enemy who launched it?

You see, we must understand who the enemy is.  Headlines like, “Sderot Residents demand: Stop the Kassams!”  are extremely dangerous and misleading.  The people are led to believe, that if only the kassams would stop, there would be peace.  However, any intelligent person knows that if the kassams were stopped, there would still be bus bombings, sniper attacks, and now, grad missile attacks on Ashkelon.  A nation CANNOT win a war, if they do not know who their enemy is!  And the enemy are not pieces of metal.  The enemy are the Arabs and Muslims who wish to see the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.  Where are the terrorists in the PA getting their grad-missiles from?  They certainly do not manufacture it in the P.A. It is not just the P.A., but it is Iran, who sends these missiles and other weapons to the P.A., and it is Egypt, who lets these weapons be smuggled in from their country where it is delivered to the P.A. to kill Israelis. KNOW THY ENEMY!

To win a war, one must:
 Know who their enemy is.
b) Know where their enemy is located.
c) Attack the enemy until their leadership is destroyed and they are so deeply defeated, that they flee, or at the very least, beg for an unconditional surrender.
d) All wars must have an end.  Your side has to WIN the war to end it.  Playing ’tit for tat’ or engaging in a war of attrition will ensure more terror attacks on your nation.

One must also remember, no wars have ever been won, by fighting a ‘defensive war’.  It must be OFFENSIVE.  One must attack and hit so hard, that the other side is completely crippled. 

My friends, Israel has had war waged against it.  Not Sderot, and not Ashkelon.  ISRAEL is at war.  We are being attacked by the Arab enemy who wishes to see our destruction.  There, I’ve stated the truth, and named the enemy.  Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Hizzbullah and all other Arab entities who wish to see our demise.  They are the ones launching the rockets and missiles, or have the fingerprints of other Arab states who abet the terrorists in Gaza.  The sooner we acknowledge this and shake off the media's lies and cover-ups, the better off Israel and her People will be.