Israel Leftist Collaborating with Holocaust Deniers

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Gilad Atzmon is not exactly a household name in Israel. He is an Israeli ultra-leftist who lives in England, where he works as a saxophone player. He is also one of the worst anti-Semites on the planet. He is on record calling for burning down synagogues. He is so openly anti-Semitic that most British anti-Semites and anti-Zionists want nothing to do with him and consider him an embarrassment. When some British Trotskyites invited Atzmon to toot his horn at their event, they were loudly denounced by other members of the British moonbatocracy. Atzmon is widely considered to be a Holocaust Denier, and openly insists that the world needs MORE Holocaust Deniers. He proclaims the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" to be factual and reliable. So naturally the leftwing Neo-Nazi web magazine Counterpunch adores him and runs him and his fulltime Italian Neo-Nazi groupette.
Now the media in Germany this week are buzzing about the conviction of one Sylvia Stolz for Holocaust Denial. She had been the lawyer for convicted Neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denier Ernst Zendel, who was jailed in Germany after being deported from Canada. DW-World reports:
'Judges in the western city of Mannheim sentenced lawyer Sylvia Stolz to three and a half years in prison on charges that include inciting racial hatred, and barred her from practicing law for five years. Stolz made the remarks in 2006 while representing "historian" Ernst Zündel, who was handed a five-year prison term in Germany last February for repeatedly disputing the Holocaust as a historical fact. The 44-year-old also signed a motion during Zündel's trial with "Heil Hitler" and shouted that the lay judges deserved the death penalty for "offering succour to the enemy" -- leading the court to dismiss her."
Atzmon played a crucial role in the trial of Stolz. She 'read a newspaper article to the court about the appearance of world renowned Israeli artist, Gilad Atzmon in Bochum. In a public statement, Atzmon is quoted as having said that the written history of the Second World War and the Holocaust are a “complete forgery, initiated by Americans and Zionists”.'
Even more details appear on the Holocaust Denial web site based in Australia, run by the so-called "Adelaide Institute," arguably the worst Neo-Nazi group on the planet. Its site praises Atzmon and reports:
'A total revision of history worldwide is beginning as an insurrection against Jewish world dominance. As a result of this, the demand of the German Reich for reinstatement of its ability to function will be acknowledged. The realization of historical revision will then be inevitable. A few days ago, on 27 November 2005, Gilad Atzmon introduced the most radical blow that has as yet been struck against the political indoctrination forced on us. This is to be found in Exhibit No. 1 . Because he is himself a Jew and highly esteemed worldwide, his words carry especial weight. In his appeal to the Germans he is quoted as follows: “In Israel, one is imprisoned if one disagrees with official opinion.” This is particularly true with regard to the past. In his books, Gilad Atzmon attempts to “rearrange this past.” He describes the historiography of the Second World War and Holocaust, so familiar to us, as a complete falsification invented by Zionists and Americans. He shows that the real enemy was not Hitler but Stalin. The Germans must finally realize this and stop feeling guilty -- and above all, to stop feeling responsible. “It is You who are the victims” Atzmon says. He reminds the Germans that the bombing attacks on German cities took place because the Americans had plenty of bombs and wanted to use them; the same happened in Vietnam and now in Afghanistan and Iraq. He reiterates that the true evildoers of our time are George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Ariel Sharon. (Source: Ruhrnachrichten (News of the Ruhr,) Bochum, Tuesday, November 29, 2005

'The breach opened by Gilad Atzmon makes it possible to get a new understanding of what Konrad Adenauer, the first Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, related in his Memoirs - Exhibit No. 6 - about the physical genocide against the German people in 1945....A few days after Atzmon's statement, a second powerful blow struck the Holocaust religion. In Mecca, the most important pilgrimage site in the Muslim world, the Iranian head of state Ahmadineschad publically acknowledged that he is a holocaust denier and proposed a highly logical solution to the Jewish question.'

Finally, it is worth noting that an Israeli need not be a leftist to collaborate with the Neo-Nazi Adelaide Institute and indeed one is the star of their web site. Conspiracy "inventor" Barry Chamish, best known for composing fictional "theories" about the Rabin assassination and for his "discoveries" concerning UFOs, regularly publishes his "articles" on the Adelaide Institute Holocaust Denial web site. So Atzmon has good company there.