The "Mobius" Mystery

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Moses is his Pusher?
    Are you a Jew who believes that the highest priority for Jews is promoting recreational drugs, rock and roll music, and far-leftist anti-Semites?   

   Well, if so, boy do we have a web site for you!

 Mobius in progressive tallis:


It is called "JewSchool" and can be accessed here.  It is the baby of one Dan Sieradski, who calls himself "Mobius",and  who describes himself as an "Orthodox Anarchist".  I guess he has not gotten around to reading what Pirkei Avot and the sages had to say about anarchy.   He attends Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, a Carlebach-tradition yeshiva.  Sieradski is ferociously anti-Israel and writes glowingly of such critters as Norman Finkelstein.  He uses the term "progressive" like most other people use punctuation marks. He denounces those who criticize leftist anti-Semites.  He claims to be an artist and a poet – here he writes a poem about "cellphone sluts."   Here is one of his deeper ideas.  The Jerusalem Post recently cited him and his pro-hashish lobbying efforts when debating whether marijuana is in fact "kitniyot hametz " and so prohibited on Passover for Ashkenazim.   He organizes hip hop "music" events in Jerusalem.

   Sure, Tikkun and its pseudo-rabbis promote the same thing, but what is interesting about JewSchool is that its owner seems actually to know a thing or two about Judaism, in spite of his PC goofiness.  Unlike Michael Lerner, he seems to have actually glanced at some pages in the Bible.  He writes for some other web sites for Jewish stoned hippies, where he celebrates anti-Israel hoodlums.  On the other hand, he has called for boycotting sources of hashish associated with terror groups, preferring nicer suppliers:

' For some Israeli hash heads, the boycott is a way of expressing their dismay at the war and Hezbollah's relentless rocket attacks on Israel. "The thing is, if you buy your drugs from Lebanon, you could well be funding terrorism through Hezbollah against Israel," one user commented. "Who among us would want that on their conscience? Not me!" Another young boycotter commented: "It's bad enough that they're trying to blow up our country. I'm not going to pay them to do it."'

   All of which brings us to the mystery of his web nickname "Mobius".   

   I have not seen it explained but I would like to venture a hypothesis.  Maybe Mobius will confirm or deny it here in a comment.  I suspect that "Mobius" may be shorthand for the ex‎pression "Moses is my Pusher!"