Pincus Wipes Out Corona

Tzvi Fishman,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Tzvi Fishman
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For readers who have mistaken understandings of Judaism and who consider my writings against immodesty as uncultured ranting, it is interesting to note that in this week’s Torah portion, the fanatic, extremist, Pincus, is awarded the Covenant of Shalom for his zealous act of killing Zimri and his Midianite whore while they were engaged in their immoral coupling before the shocked eyes of the holy Jewish Nation.

In true zealot fashion, Pincus picked up a javelin and hurled it through the air, impaling Zimri and the Midianite princess through their loins. In appreciation for his action, the Holy One Blessed Be He awarded Pincus the coveted prize of eternal priesthood, for having abated G-d’s anger and reinstated shalom between G-d and the Jews. I suppose that makes G-d a zealot too. After all, as Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai teaches: there is nothing in the world that arouse the zealousness of the G-d of Israel more than licentiousness, (Zohar, Bereshit 66B). It appears that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was a zealot himself.

Today is the fast day of the 17th of Tammuz, commemorating the day that the walls of Jerusalem were breached. In “The Book of our Heritage,” Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov explains that the purpose of this fast day is to awaken our hearts to repentance by recalling our forefathers’ misdeeds which led to the calamity. In addition, we are to acknowledging our own repetition of those same deeds today. The fast itself is merely a preparation for our own self-examination and repentance. Since the breach of Jerusalem’s walls led to the destruction of the Temple, let’s take a look at the cause of our nation’s decline, according to our Sages.

The Talmud teaches that the First Temple was destroyed because of idol worship, sexual transgression, and murder. In describing the sexual transgression, it quotes a verse from the Book of Isaiah: “Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk around with outstretched necks and ogling eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet” (Shabbat 62B; Isaiah, 3:16).

This immodest, attention-seeking be‎havior of the women of Israel was a part of the generally moral decline which led to the breach of the walls of Jerusalem and the subsequent destruction of the Temple, not to mention exile from our Land. According to the Kabbalah, Jerusalem represents the female principle of Malchut, so that when there was a breach of modesty in the women of Israel, a breach in the walls of Jerusalem, the geographical counterpart of Malchut on Earth, naturally followed. Similarly, the secrets of Torah reveal that the spiritual damage caused by lustful thoughts is even greater than the damage that Nebuchadnezzar and Titus wreaked on Jerusalem (“Nefesh HaChaim,” Gate One, Ch. 4, Addendum).    

Tragically, the be‎havior of a segment of our holy Jewish women today is no different than the immodest be‎havior that led to Jerusalem’s fall, may G-d have mercy on us. Today, the styles of dress may be somewhat different, and a women’s arsenal may be more sophisticated, but the effect of the poison is still the same. This is not Taliban. This is Torah.

But let us not put the blame for the immoral decline of the Nation on women alone. Far from it. The Zohar teaches that when men violate the Covenant of the Brit, their actions drive the Shechinah into exile, and the prayers of mankind go unanswered, (Zohar, Shemot 3B). In several places in the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon explains the Flood in the times Noach was caused by the widespread sexual transgression of the time, including m@sturb@tion and homos@xu@lity. Even Rashi, who certainly can’t be called a zealot, explains in his commentary on the Flood that the promiscuity was so perverse, even animals mated with other species. The Torah relates the sad situation which prevailed in the camp of the Israelites before Pincus took up his spear: “And the men began to commit harlotry with the daughters of Moav,” and then immediately after, “And the anger of the L-rd was kindled against Israel,” (BaMidbar, 25:1-2). Twenty-four-thousand Jews died in the plague which Hashem sent to punish them. Was it Corona? Could very well be.