Sovereignty - Has the right got it wrong?

David Bannister,

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לבן ריק
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David Bannister
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Can we have made a monumental blunder in mistrusting the intentions of the American administration about the proposed Trump Plan? Operation Fortitude was an inspiring WW2 plot to mislead the Nazis about the intended landing place of the allied forces in 1944, and it worked! What's the connection? 

It is patently obvious that Israel has been at war with many international entities that seek the destruction of the Jewish state. It maybe less obvious as to how the issue of sovereignty plays into these hostilities, so allow me to elaborate. There never has been any political stance from foreign players regarding the two state solution, which accepts anything less than a complete withdrawal from the ancient Jewish homeland in the heart of the Shomron and Judea. Accordingly, despite the mantra of encouraging the two sides to work it out, there is really nothing to resolve. Any solution that means Israel retains her land is not even on the negotiation table. It is vital to fully accept this consequential point before moving on.

Therefore, we are involved in a war whereby any internationally imposed peace solution is really a means of gaining victory for our enemies seeking to weaken Israel beyond salvation. Let's return to President Trump's plan. While, it is impossible for his administration to spell it out, I am not so restrained by important diplomatic convention. When it becomes so apparent that something will never be acceptable by one side of a negotiation team, in this case the PA and their supporters concerning Trump's plan, surely the question should then be raised as to how it ever saw the light of day in the first place?          

Well, if it’s abundantly clear that one side will never agree to the plan, then could it be remotely possible that it may have been designed with that prospect in mind? If so, then we need to carefully study what the Israeli side has to gain, as there might well be another agenda worth being aware of. For argument’s sake, let’s say that we go along with Bibi’s suggestion of separating the issue of sovereignty from the overall Trump Plan that includes the ‘possibility’ of a PA state. What could then happen is Israel begins the process of finally giving sovereignty to a growing number of settlements. We then get cause and reaction, which we won’t know about until we get there.

Back to Operation Fortitude, whereby the allies needed to fool the Nazis about where the invasion and liberation of occupied Europe would occur on D Day. Did any allied general suggest we should not advance until we knew every detail of what would follow? A few years later on the eve of the creation of the state of Israel, did its leaders stall at any stage, even during the Partition Plan, unless they knew exactly what the outcome would be? I’ll let you into a secret. In both instances, intelligence played a critical role in second guessing enemy reactions. And it was determined that there would be a strong oppo‎sition, but the risks were worth taking, and critically, the window of opportunity meant there was little time for procrastination. Small steps were taken, which eventually led to massive gains.

So why could the right get it so wrong? Idealism and pragmatism are not good bed fellows. When a battle is to be fought, one can only go so far in determining its potential outcome. Making a few precious gains on the way to a main objective can often justify taking those first brave steps forward into the unknown. Expecting all or nothing from the outset, while sounding heroic, has never been fully achievable within a short military campaign. We are still in the same war, an endless conflict for our survival. Some things don’t change. However, just like WW2, we still have courageous friends we can count on through thick and thin. Yes, we do stand alone as a nation, but don’t ever forget that we are also a blessing to the good in the world, who equally give their blessing to Israel.

Now let's take another look at Trump’s initiative, especially the part that provides Israel with the opportunity to declare sovereignty and still find friends at her side. But how did we react? Despite the obvious information that the PA will never agree to any part of the plan, we complain as though they would grasp it with both hands. Instead of seeing the opportunity to break the deadlock over declaring sovereignty for ourselves, we include PA statehood into the equation, when it crystal clear that they don’t! While, one could look at taking a meaningful step forward, we stall at the starting gate because we can’t see us getting the full objective in one simple stride. And sadly, instead of supporting President Trump, who has proven himself a sincere friend of Israel, who also gets the PA reaction to his plan, we slander his intentions because we lack the foresight to take one simple step forward unless we immediately achieve our full objective in that singular moment.

I say with full conviction that we should move forward even if it’s only step by step. Tomorrow’s another day in this long war.