Rami Dabbas's Quotes about Peace & Israel.

Rami Dabbas,

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לבן ריק
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Rami Dabbas
Rami Dabbas is a Civil engineer by profession, a pro Israel advocate, an activist speaking out against terrorism, an Analyst and a Writer for several media Outlets.

1. ''We Arabs should have taken a lesson from the Japanese, who knew that following World War II they could not continue to view America as an enemy if they wanted to move forward.''

2. ''My people don’t understand that Israel is actually our friend and that if we followed the Jewish state’s example, then we, too, would become prosperous like America and Europe.''

3.''The Middle East has been a region of conflict for centuries, and during most of that time, Israel and the Jews had nothing to do with it.''

4.''While Gaza has become a squalid haven for terrorists, the Golan has transformed into a place of life and productivity.''

5.''As a Middle East Arab, I consider Israel the only truly democratic and scientific state in the region, and I want to express my deep admiration for the Jewish state’s incredible achievements.''

6.''If Israel’s enemies would only make peace with the Jewish state, so many of their problems related to hunger and lack of water could be solved.''

7.''Hamas is the armed wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. When such groups and theocratic regimes reach power, this is terrorism.''

8.''US President  Donald J Trump has restored the prestige of the United States of America and made it a great nation again.''