Bibi-Feiglin Deal, Good for...?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Bibi-Feiglin Deal, Good for...?

Let's make it clear. I was never a Moshe Feiglin fan. How many of his diehard fans will really follow him back to Likud?

If you haven't heard. Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu has offered Moshe Feiglin a cabinet post if he'd agree to close down his political party and not run in the upcoming elections. Since Feiglin hadn't a chance to get into the Knesset, and his funds/donors have been drying out, he took the deal.

Feiglin missed out on getting into Knesset in the elections a few months ago, and polls have been showing that he'd do worse this time. By running again, he would have wasted one or two Knesset seats. The Zehut voters will probably go to a variety of political parties, to the Likud and further Right.

On the whole, this has been a rather pathetic "election season." That's no surprise, since Israel has been in "school vacation" mode since the end of June. Sunday, September 1 schools will reopen, Gd willing, and then, since it will also be Rosh Chodesh Elul, we'll enter "before the chaggim/Holidays" mode. Elections are scheduled for before Rosh Hashanah, a time when people are shopping, cooking or planning more vacations.

"None of the above" seems to be a very popular voting choice this time around. The winning parties, don't forget that Israeli Governments are coalitions," will be the ones that manage to convince their supporters that Election Day is for voting, not vacationing. You don't have to be a top notch pundit to predict that voter turnout will be awfully low. The Redo Knesset 2019 Israeli Elections have turned more Israelis into apathetic cynics.

 Gd willing we will have a good viable, strong government when this round of voting is over.