The Greeks and Their Effigies


לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
PERIDOT is an American writer living abroad.

The Greek Orthodox Pascha (Easter) just ended last Sunday, but Antisemitism in Greece refuses to go away, or at least be condemned by the Greek Orthodox Church.

Once again all over Greece - on the mainland and on the islands, in the villages and near picturesque seaside resorts - one could see on Easter Sunday an Effigy of Judas hung and set on fire, to the delight of spectators. The Greek Antisemites who gather to see the spectacle are especially pleased and jubilant when the Effigy is fitted with explosives, set on fire, and destroyed while overlooking or sailing on the azure sea.  It is an abominable Antisemitic tradition that goes back centuries.

Judas Iscariot, according to the Church, is the only Jew out of all the disciples. The remainder of the disciples were made into Christian Saints after being ethnically cleansed of their Jewish identity and Jewish practices. Their names were Hellenized, Latinized, and Anglisized accordingly. Every vestige of their Jewish culture, customs, traditions, and Jewish practices were removed and replaced with Anti-Judaic teaching.

In Judas' name pogroms, persecutions, and the Holocaust were ignited. The story of Judas' betrayal of his Rabbi for 30 pieces of silver has been repeated for 1,900 years, in isolation of what immediately followed.

What happened next is never repeated because the facts would get in the way of Antisemitism.

So what did happen next? What did Judas do with the money and what happened to him? According to the Kaine Diathiki (New Testament), Judas immediately showed the utmost remorse and threw away the 30 pieces of silver (so much for Jews and money), and took his own life by hanging himself from a tree.

Judas repented.

So, to the Antisemitic Greeks and their friends who engage in this spectacle of burning an Effigy of Judas; and to the Greek Orthodox Priests, Patriarchs, and Archbishops who do not condemn it:

Why not start a new tradition - make an Effigy of Antisemitism and burn it – NOW!