US Kushner-Greenblatt "Peace Plan" Dangerous Lala Land

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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US Kushner-Greenblatt "Peace Plan" Dangerous Lala Land

I was going to title this:

US Kushner-Greenblatt can take their "Peace Plan" and...

But I was afraid that the "internet police" would find it offensive. Honestly, I find all these so-called Peace Planssic worse than offensive and foolish. They are dangerous and only encourage the Arab terrorists to murder more Jews.

Whoever keeps on trying to negotiate with and coddle the PA Arabs, whether Fatah or Hamas, is just following in the footsteps of Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain's Appeasement policy and so-called "Peace" agreement with Hitler strengthened Hitler and endangered Europe and Great Britain in one foolish/mistaken stroke.

I hate watching  people who should know much better insist on lying to us and themselves. There is no way to make true  peace with people who not only want us dead and gone, but they support and idolize terrorism against us.

The only way to encourage peace is for us to be stronger and declare ZERO TOLERANCE OF TERRORISM. All Arab terrorists caught in the act are to be immediately executed. And the Death Sentence for convicted Arab terrorists must be mandatory, whether male, female, young or old.

Arab terrorists who try to invade Israel must be shot on the spot. That's the only language they understand.

Peace will take generations, but life will gradually be safer if the policies I listed are followed.

There are many Arabs who prefer living in peace with us, but present policies make their lives dangerous. They, too, are attacked by Arab terrorists.

The world would be better off if Kushner and Greenblatt stop their "peace talk" and condemn all Arab terrorism.