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לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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PERIDOT is an American writer living abroad.

The nations unable to bear the weight of one Jewish State.

While the mighty nations (less one) sit in Tel Aviv, the humble fly their flag in Jerusalem.

Christians who are Zionists, and Rabbis who are not Zionists.

Gentile converts to Judaism who are labeled “Jews”, and the sons and daughters of Jewish fathers who are labeled “Not Jews” (or “Not Jewish Enough” to be called Jews).

Recognizing a country that does not exist, and refusing to recognize a country's capital that does exist.

A President with no country, and an Ambassador with a passport issued by the President with no country.

Hamas working hard to perfect the “Art of Spitting Into the Wind”.

What happens in Israel doesn't stay in Israel – not wildfires, not stabbing attacks, not car-ramming attacks, not suicide bomb attacks.

A country to Be Dumb and Stupid (BDS) against Israel and making it official by passing it into law, as Ireland did earlier this month. (Note: No other country was included in Ireland's BDS law - not Syria, not Turkey, not Iran, not North Korea, not Saudi Arabia, not Qatar, not Venezuela, etc.; Also not included were countries with the popular tourist site: “See No Floggings, Hear No Screams”.)