When the Iran Nuclear Deal Met President Trump


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לבן ריק
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PERIDOT is an American writer living abroad.

On Tuesday, U.S. President Trump's decision to drop the Iran Nuclear Deal was met with adulation by Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain, while Europe felt “disappointed” and Iran was fit to be tied.


Iran's MPs burned paper U.S. flags in Parliament on Wednesday (very mature), while calling President Trump names, and trying hard not to let their costumes catch fire.


President Putin sent an urgent message to President Erdogan and President Rouhani - “Sharpen your pencils and meet me in Sochi, don't forget your maps!”


“The Iran Nuclear Deal would have brought 'peace in our time', but Trump is no Chamberlain.”


France's FM declared the Iran Nuclear Deal was “not dead”, as France would embalm it and keep it on display at the Louvre for the next 10 years in hopes of discovering an anti-aging cream which would resurrect its brittle remains.


Germany announced it will be working with France on Research and Development to keep the Iran Nuclear Deal “alive”.


“We will be funding and supporting the Research and Development undertaken by France and Germany - the UK is dead to us.”


When Delilah met Pantsir-S1

It happened in the early hours of Thursday morning, before the rooster crows, that Delilah met Pantsir-S1 in Syria. The meeting was arranged when Iran played matchmaker and fired 20 rockets from Syria towards IDF posts in the Golan Heights, but only 4 entered Israel's territory; whereupon they met their timely death by Israel's Iron Dome.

Israel's Air Force then went in and hit hard Syria's Pantsir-S1 air defense system, and 70 military targets belonging to Iran, including Quds Force munition storage warehouses at Damascus International Airport, Quds intelligence sites, logistics headquarters, and military compounds and outposts.

While Syria's Pantsir-S1 proved to be Romeo in hot pursuit, Israel's Delilah cruise missile proved she's no Juliet!