Forward march the lies: Exposing Jane Eisner’s kingdom

Susie Dym,

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לבן ריק
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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

Do you know what Israel does, when members of the Palestinian parliament do "things Israel does not like"?

Why, Israel arrests them, of course. Arrests people just because they do stuff Israel does not like.

Can you imagine?? No wonder college students are so easily turned against  Israel if she does undemocratic things like that!

Hmm. Does Israel really do that?

Why of course she does. Or at least that’s what this Forward item:   asserts: that any time members of the Palestinian parliament “do things that Israel does not like” (sic), Israel simply arrests them.  Here’s the proof: Thirteen Palestinian parliamentarians currently sit in Israeli jails, the piece by a senior Forward columnist goes on to complain, adding that “Students of colonialism have a term for this kind of arrangement: Indirect rule”.

The sole source provided by Forward for these sweeping and far-reaching assertions is an Al Jazeera story:  And the primary example provided by Al Jazeera is the recently apprehended  Khalida Jarrar.  Jarrar, Al Jazeera says, is an unjustly arrested Palestinian who enjoys parliamentary status! 

What details does Al Jazeera provide? Aha: Al Jazeera informs that Jarrar was a member of  “PFLP”. This, Al Jazeera says, is a  “political party” that “Israel” deems to be a terrorist  organization.

But “PFLP” presumably refers to the so-called Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The Front may be a political party, but it is also without doubt a terrorist organization: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, according to Wikipedia , took responsibility just 3 years ago  for the notorious synagogue massacre in Jerusalem.  

In that unprovoked attack, four Jewish worshipers were slaughtered with axes, knives, and a gun – while they were in their prayer shawls, in a house of worship.  A policeman  was killed too. Seven more worshippers were injured.

The Wiki entry also states that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is recognized as a terrorist organization not just by Israel as Al Jazeera  insinuates. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine  is recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States and Europe as well.

Of course, at least one more member of the Palestinian parliament is indeed sitting in an Israeli jail: Marwan Barghouti. Although that might be because “legislator” Barghouti was convicted of 5 counts of murder.

Is there a chance that these inaccuracies in Editor Jane Eisner’s Forward are unintentional? Don’t think so. Because this blogger approached Jane Eisner, the Editor, supplying all the above information. And I requested, in my personal letter to Ms. Eisner, that the Forward consider deleting or substantially modifying the above Forward item. Did Jane Eisner comply, or even respond? Of course not. It seems as though media caught red-handed with their anti-Israel pants down not infrequently prefer a non-response when asked politely to make amends. For a classical and shocking example,  read here:  and here: .

The Forward cannot factually establish that even one Palestinian who enjoys parliamentary status has been arrested merely for doing something that “Israel does not like”.

The Forward certainly cannot assure us that 13 (!) such Palestinian parliamentarians currently sit in Israeli jails for no good reason.

The Forward has  not even the remotest justification to publish as a sweeping generalization that “when members of the Palestinian parliament do things that Israel does not like, Israel arrests them”.  

The Forward is guilty of sub-standard, anti-Israel reporting. Shame on you, Jane Eisner, for standing up for barbarism in this way. Now that is deplorable.