Beth Goodtree

AIPAC of Lies

So here we have AIPAC lying at every turn to justify ethnic cleansing based upon religion and national origin. I find this ironic since most of the AIPAC members I spoke to are Democrats and liberal. How hypocritical of their leadership to promote ethnic cleansing when it is supposedly the liberals who support human rights. , 5/26/2005, 12:12 PM

Nazi Havens Endorse Killing Jews

When I saw the first news blurb about an Arab-South American Summit, I knew it would be bad. But I didn't realize how bad it would be., 5/15/2005, 7:06 PM

Islam Getting Slammed From Above?

I know enough to recognize a pattern when I see one. And I am seeing a pattern of natural disasters that seemed deliberately aimed at some of the main population centers of Islam., 4/19/2005, 12:29 AM

This Answers a Slew of Questions

A lot of things have been happening during the last few years that go against all logic and history: the United States granting legitimacy to those terrorist, name-stealing usurpers -- the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians -- Ariel Sharon's behavior, broken treaties with nary a raised eyebrow, ethnic cleansing of Jews from their land, etc., 3/31/2005, 4:21 PM

Deceit, Thy Name is Islamism

In radical Islam (Islamism), any Jew living in Israel is not considered either innocent or a civilian. Nor were the people living and working in America on 9-11. Islamists consider citizens of the 'Great Satan', America, and the 'Little Satan', Israel, to be enemy combatants., 3/13/2005, 6:53 PM

What Would Decent, Civilized Humans Do?

For many years, I awaited the Arab/Muslim world to condemn attacks on Jews as being reprehensible because it constituted murder, as well as genocide. It meant the ripping apart of families and loved ones. It meant the ultimate evil of cutting short the lives of individuals and targeting an entire group of people for genocide., 2/28/2005, 8:41 PM

How to Stop 'Protected' Hate Speech

Falsely wrapping themselves in the 'free speech' provisions of various countries, these haters have been given free rein to spread their repugnant political agendas aimed at genocide and ethnic cleansing. However, we can stop this and we have the legal juice to do it. Even as individuals. Here's how: , 2/10/2005, 11:55 PM

Taking Away Their Greatest Weapon

The civilized world has defined religion as something untouchable and sacrosanct. For civilized peoples, this is all well and good. But there are demons that move among us...., 1/27/2005, 11:52 PM

A Camel Don't Change Its Hump

With all the praise and kudos being heaped upon Mahmoud Abbas, the terrorist who won the election in the Israeli territory now occupied by Arabs, you'd think that a leopard could change its spots. Or a camel its hump., 1/18/2005, 10:14 PM

I Like Muslims But Abhor Mecca-ism

The title of this piece sounds odd, I realize; yet, this is the equivalent of what the Arab and Muslim world is now trying to say regarding the Jews. , 12/23/2004, 11:48 PM

Fascist-Imposed Democracy

On the surface, it sounds great; bring democracy to the Middle East. Yet, closer scrutiny reveals a fatal flaw in this idea. This democracy that President George Bush plans on bestowing is being brought at the point of a gun and/or blackmail. Sounds like candy-coated fascism to me., 12/14/2004, 11:00 PM

Somerville Should Divest From the US

In learning that the suburb of <a target=_blank href=>Somerville was considering divesting from Israel</a>, I was first struck with the hypocrisy of such an action. The divestment proponents cite 'human rights abuses,' yet fail to equate them with similar 'human rights abuses' by their very own country., 11/28/2004, 7:20 PM


Usually, I write articles for the people I care about. This time I am writing an article for the people who are self-identified sworn enemies to myself, my family and my friends. Maybe if they knew the truth, they would turn their anger and their rage against those who truly oppress them., 11/16/2004, 9:16 PM

Nobody Voted for Colin Powell

This past week America went to the polls to vote for a president. However, we Americans never get to choose our Secretary of State. Now that President Bush has won a mandate for a second term, it's about time he cleaned house -- paying special attention to the cabinet., 11/7/2004, 5:38 PM

After We Break Out the Candy

After the first 24 hours of celebrations in the civilized world at the death of the most foul creature to infest humanity since Hitler, there will be big problems. The Arabs will blame Israel and the Jews for Yasser Arafat's demise. , 10/28/2004, 11:25 PM

<I>British Medical Journal</I> Engaging In Malpractice

You'd think that one of the four leading medical journals in the world wouldn't engage in deliberate malpractice and even quackery. You'd think. But it is obvious that that the <I>British Medical Journal</I> has done so with a vengeance. And with vitriol. And with malice aforethought. And with ignorance., 10/20/2004, 10:10 PM

Israel's Other Best Friends

Recently I attended the Washington, DC conference of the Christian Coalition, to hear what they had to say about American foreign policy, specifically Israel. What I learned was both surprising and unexpected on several counts., 10/11/2004, 7:58 PM

Whose Humiliations, Mr. Bush?

This week, the news had another cry of "Humiliation!" But it was not coming from the Islamist world. This time, the cry of "Humiliation!" was from, of all people, that supposed Israel-supporter, President George Bush., 9/22/2004, 11:37 PM

Jewish Democrats For Bush

At first glance, it seems an oxymoron: Jewish Democrats for Bush. But in these unusual times, when Greenpeace, the ecology group, has been seen to be promoting ecological damage and when it's no longer politically correct to be different, Jewish Democrats for Bush actually makes sense., 9/13/2004, 11:23 PM

Monkeypox Mohammed

But think of one man, woman or even child, like a modern-day Typhoid Mary, free to roam the land coughing and sneezing as much as possible inside enclosed buses, crowded subways, congested airport terminals, shopping malls and the like. It is a catastrophe in the making that we, the US, Israel and the rest of the civilized world, as the main targets of the only type of terrorism routinely carried , 9/7/2004, 10:29 AM

Arabs Prove Islam a Lie

If nothing else, Dr. Sissalem has negated Dr. Hilmi's lawsuit against modern-day Jews by saying that we have no relationship to the Jews enslaved for hundreds of years by the Egyptians. It also implies, by extension, that if the Egyptians want to sue for return of goods ostensibly stolen from the ancient Egyptians, they should be suing the Bedouins. Unless of course, Drs. Sissalem and Al-Qidwa are, 8/29/2004, 5:25 PM

A 40-Ton Bomb to Drop on the White House

Starting now, every citizen in America has the opportunity to launch a 40-ton bomb aimed straight for Congress and the White House. Thanks to a coalition of people crossing all political and religious affiliations, we have a chance to profoundly alter government policy that would be disastrous for America., 8/4/2004, 9:29 PM

US Responsible for Jewish Genocide?

The outcome of the illegal international kangaroo court trial regarding Israel's security fence was foreseeable. However, the implications for American citizens, as well as any other taxpayers throughout the world, have not been explored. And these implications may spell disaster for everyone involved., 7/21/2004, 11:04 PM

Face Reality or Face Annihilation

Their successes are few, but failures by policymakers and shakers never seem to end. The reason? Not a single one has faced reality. Be it Ariel Sharon, George Bush and his Arabist State Department, the so-called Arab moderates or the delusional European Union, all they are good at producing are failures and thus hastening the annihilation of their own people. (Why do I feel like a rehab counselor, 6/15/2004, 9:56 PM

"Sue the Barstids!"

We have trademark laws to prevent the theft of an established name. This is to stop some new-coming usurper who might try to trade on the good reputation and history established by an existing entity and thereby ruin the original owner of said name. And these trademark laws are not limited to the US; they are international., 6/2/2004, 11:53 PM

Right of Return: A Great Idea

The Muslim Arab war cry of the 'right of return' tugs at the heartstrings of liberals and the media. Unfortunately, no one seems to realize that this 'right of return' demanded by the Muslim Arabs is not a true right of return, nor do they want it to be applied universally. So let's examine this whole idea of 'right of return' in the harsh light of fairness and see who gets to return where., 5/30/2004, 5:02 PM

Rethinking A 'Palestinian' State

Why does everyone seem to think that the murderous and genocide-bent Arabs now occupying Israeli land (1) deserve their own country? Are the world leaders -- and especially our own -- suffering from collective Alzheimer's and can't remember even recent history? Or are they just ignorant of the facts and believe anything the Arabs say?, 5/9/2004, 5:29 PM

Keeping War a Bad Thing

People wonder how the world has gotten into such a mess. The answer is simple, as is the remedy. Unfortunately, implementing the remedy may not be so simple, because it goes against the behaviors with which we in the civilized world have been so insidiously inculcated., 5/6/2004, 1:10 AM

If We Can't Even Name the Enemy

So who is this enemy that everyone refuses to identify? The enemy is radical Islam; what some call Islamism, Islamists, Islamo-fascists or Islamo-Nazis. And what is even worse, radical Islam is becoming the norm instead of the aberration. Politically incorrect as this may be, it is time for the truth to come out. Besides, the evidence is rampant, if only people have the fortitude to face it. , 4/22/2004, 7:33 PM

Why is This Pesach Different?

When the ancient Romans were crucifying the Jews, our people had already observed several millennia's worth of Passovers. And we asked the same question, year in and year out for these thousands of years: "Why is this night different than any other night?" But this year, we should be asking ourselves another question: "Why is this Passover different than any other Passover?", 4/7/2004, 4:43 PM

The Rabid Dogs of Islam

Ever hear the expression ?You can dress them up, but you can?t take them anywhere?? This old saw seems tailor-made for the modern-day pseudo-religious Islamist. Every time they are given an opportunity to further their cause, they react in precisely the wrong way. It couldn?t work better if their enemies were running their campaigns. , 3/18/2004, 6:22 PM

Leveraging Arab Fear

Israel has been the whipping boy of every Muslim and/or Arab regime that wanted to maintain power and control. Whether it was a royal family, a ?president-for-life,? a prime minister, a ruling general, a religious council, or an imam, whenever a Muslim or Arab nation sensed internal trouble, they deflected the anger by blaming Israel, the Jews in general, and more recently, America. And it has b, 3/16/2004, 5:31 PM

The Up Side to Disengagement

While I have been horrified at the idea of Jews being expelled from their homeland by their own people, there may yet be a positive side to Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan. To see this, one must look at it in the long term, in the implications for international laws, and in relation to proven Arab behavior patterns., 2/25/2004, 9:37 PM

Egypt Peace Treaty: Null and Void?

The United States is so busy these days, what with the war in Iraq, the mop up operations in Afghanistan, the economy and such, it apparently has forgotten its obligations regarding a certain peace treaty. Likewise, Israel is so concerned with her own immediate problems, she has probably overlooked the many treaty violations willfully committed by Egypt. In fact, if I read my treaties correctly, E, 2/15/2004, 4:53 PM

Shame Them for All Eternity

The way to prevent future bombers suddenly became clear when I read that the latest homicide/genocide bombing by a Palestinian female was done to 'save face' because she had an affair. All it requires is using the bomber's own twisted world-view against them., 2/10/2004, 11:40 PM

Degradation of the Jews

The Jews have the unique distinction of being the only people who suffer from ethnic cleansing not merely by outsiders, but by their own people. In today's world, many 'respected' leaders are calling for an ethnic cleansing of the Hebrew people in unique new ways. And this includes some of Israel's leaders, too., 2/3/2004, 5:56 PM

Good News From Europe and the US

Don?t let the Arabist/anti-Semitic taint and news blackouts in the media fool you, there is heartening news coming out of Europe and the United States. Recent actions and polls done in both places show a definite reversal in the indifference to recent anti-Semitic trends. So here are a few kudos., 1/25/2004, 5:40 PM

An Underdog Waiting For a Champion

<b>Wanted:</b> One brave soul from the liberal world establishment to champion an eternally ignored underdog., 1/14/2004, 5:53 PM

Hamas to Protect Israeli Citizens!

This past week, the prime minister of the pseudo-Palestinian-Arab entity* announced that if Israel unilaterally disengaged from them, he would seek a bi-national state in all of the land of Israel. , 1/12/2004, 6:49 PM

Give the Enemy Your Jobs and Homes

When I see what is going on with the Israeli government these days, I cannot help but wonder if many of those in charge are body doubles inserted by the enemies of the Jewish people., 1/5/2004, 5:49 PM

Will Iraq Solve the Arafat Problem?

I just read a news article that should have grown legs, but hasn?t so far. The implications contained within it spell not merely the end of one of Israel?s major problems, but the end of the Hashemite kingdom and the return of Jordan to its own people., 12/28/2003, 4:44 PM

Saddam?s Lessons to the Islamo-Nazis

Now that the United States has captured Saddam Hussein, the self-deceiving Islamo-Nazi world was shown what the civilized world has known all long. And if they are smart, they will take this example to heart. Saddam is living proof that everything they believe is not merely a lie, but that their so-called heroes are nothing more than sniveling, parasitic cowards., 12/24/2003, 9:35 PM

Tomorrow Was a Holiday

First off let me apologize for the grammar. Prognosticatory pieces are so rare that there is as yet no <i>AP Style Handbook for the Futures Imperfect</I>. Be that as it may have yet to be ? depending on your placement along the time-line ? I took a brief sojourn into tomorrow?s headlines. Not a pretty picture, even if I had remembered to get the winning lottery numbers., 12/18/2003, 6:55 PM

The Ongoing Humiliation of the Jews

As if nearly six thousand years of humiliation were not enough, the world is at it again. And to add insult to theft, the Arabs who falsely claim to come from a non-existent country called Palestine have once again stolen from the Jews. , 12/7/2003, 5:01 PM

Doing It the Arab Way

Maybe the reason the Arab Palestinians hate Israel and Jews so much is because Israel treats them differently than their Arab brethren. If Israel were to deal with them in the same way, maybe there would be no problem with Yasser Arafat and his followers. Therefore, I propose that Israel begin dealing with them in exactly the same way as her Arab neighbors. , 12/2/2003, 5:25 PM

Give the Palestinians What They Dread

One has to wonder why, if the Palestinian Arabs want their own country so much, they have repeatedly turned down opportunities to have one. The reasons they give for not accepting statehood always has something to do with the statehood being offered is not as much as they want, even when it is 99% of what they have requested. Therefore, one may reasonably assume that Arafat & Co. really don?t want, 11/25/2003, 5:47 PM

Islam?s Goals Credited to Jews

A new 26-part television series emanating from Syria, produced by al-Manar (the mouthpiece of Hizbollah), and airing worldwide, is giving credit where it isn?t due. At the same time, one must marvel at the aborted lessons of history that the Islamic world embraces these days. If it weren?t for digital watches, automatic nose hair clippers and the like, one could easily believe we were living in be, 11/20/2003, 9:41 PM

Palestinians Want To Murder Jewish Children

The Palestinian spin doctors are slipping. They are letting the world know what Israelis and Jews have known for many years: Palestinian Arabs want to murder Jewish children. They made their intentions known not once, but twice, at the UN during the past week., 11/16/2003, 4:52 PM

The Scent of Blood in the Water

Once again, Israel is considering releasing prisoners. And I predict that, once again, they will come back to bite Israel in the innocent civilian jugular. Nor is that the worst of it. The Israeli government, by its actions, is actually sanctioning and encouraging kidnapping., 11/11/2003, 4:58 PM

Learning From the Arabs

You'd think a bunch of people who stole their name from an established, millennia-old group, who are despised and forbidden to own property in the lands of their own brethren, who are so abysmally ignorant that they think killing off their future generations is a good thing, would have nothing to teach. But they do. And Israel, world Jewry, and all the non-Muslim world would be wise to learn the l, 11/4/2003, 5:45 PM

A Society Mired in Psychosis

The Jerusalem Media and Communication Center (JMCC), a Palestinian Arab polling and media group, just released the results of their latest poll taken among the Palestinian Arab population. Like any good poll, it merely shows statistical answers to questions; the conclusions are left to be drawn by others. And if one reads the latest poll released by the JMCC, it is abundantly clear that Palestinia, 10/29/2003, 6:48 PM

King Solomon Would Weep

To me, Israel has always represented a shining beacon of enlightenment and freedom in a world too often smothered in the darkness of ignorance, oppression and fear. When my family was forced to flee for their lives from Europe, some went to Brazil, some to North America and the rest to the Promised Land. It was only in what is now Israel that my relatives were accepted without restriction or reser, 10/23/2003, 5:46 PM

It?s Official: Jews Are Smarter Than Muslims

You gotta love these anti-Semites. Their hearts are so filled with hatred that it overwhelms the little common sense given to an amoeba and makes them admit to things they would never say otherwise if you threatened them with death. , 10/19/2003, 6:28 PM


How many bombings make a war? It depends upon whom you ask. But one thing is clear: Never in recorded history has any sovereign nation sustained such a steady and large onslaught of attacks and not declared war., 10/10/2003, 12:09 AM

Will Israel Atone?

On Yom Kippur, Jews around the world atone for their sins. It is a day for individual prayer, reflection and forgiveness. But it does not have to be limited to the individual. Israel, meaning both a nation and all Hebrew peoples, is a candidate for atonement, too., 10/3/2003, 11:40 AM

Turning the Tables on the UN

In an ironic twist, the members of the UN Security Council, all being signatories of the Genocide Laws, are obligated to compel Israel to prosecute Yasser Arafat and his followers., 9/23/2003, 1:07 PM

How to End Arab Terror

The problem of how to end Palestinian Arab terror and attacks has been bandied about for years. Many methods have been tried, none successfully. However, there is one thing which has not yet been tried and it has the advantage of stopping terror permanently, no matter what the outcome. Lest you think a win-win situation too good to be true, hang on to your <i>babushkas</i>, this one is for real. A, 9/4/2003, 10:07 PM