Isaac Kohn

Be Proud, Mr. Sharon, Be Proud

The vote in the Knesset to forcefully remove the Jewish inhabitants of the 25 settlements in Gaza and Shomron has erased forever the right of Jews to protest anti-Semitism anywhere in the world., 2/22/2005, 10:59 PM

Democracy At Work

"He always made mistakes and I always took advantage of his foolishness. But now, suddenly... he's playing by the rules! He is doing everything that the regulations of the game tell him to do. He is winning the game because he studied every rule, and he follows a game-plan. And that's not fair!", 2/10/2005, 11:00 PM

Slight Misunderstanding

"Sorry that I'm calling at such a late hour," she began to apologize, "but this is an urgent call from Secretary General Kofi Annan. He must speak to your prime minister immediately.", 1/12/2005, 11:10 PM

Open Letter to the Presbyterian Church (USA)

I feel so terribly guilty, so justifiably reprimanded. Ever since you passed the resolution to divest from those companies that are doing business with Israel, I spend sleepless nights tossing and turning as nightmares run through my mind. Nightmares that replay the machinegun bullets that killed me and my two little children., 12/14/2004, 10:45 PM

How Could You?

Dressed in <I>Shabbos</I> finery, crowned with the <I>shtreimel</I>, clad in your long, silky <I>beketches</I>, you stood in morose silence and contemplation uttering a prayer to G-d on his behalf. You stood there with the Arab shawl and Palestinian emblem draped across your necks. , 11/18/2004, 11:38 PM

Daddy! How Can I Leave You?

What's going on, Daddy? For the life of me I can not fathom the political situation and the total disintegration of the prime minister's mind. Last night, on the radio, I heard the prime minister say that he will throw out anyone who will refuse to be expelled willingly. This means, Daddy, that Mommy and I are going to be thrown out of our home if we refuse to go willingly., 9/21/2004, 11:58 PM


In less time than it takes for someone to spell the word "loser", Shimon Peres, Labor Party leader, spoke out angrily. Thus railed His Losership: "Eight hundred people can't hold hostage Israel's future.", 8/26/2004, 11:11 PM

<I>Yamin Kitzoni</I> - Radical Right

"A Radical Rightist is a person whose ideas regarding these lands are considered outmoded, archaic and contrary to the opinions voiced by those who oppose and reject any ties to these lands.", 8/10/2004, 9:53 PM

Dear Judges: Take a Walk

Bravo! I applaud your ludicrous, pre-determined, one-sided and bigoted ruling vis-a-vis the fence we are building in Israel., 7/11/2004, 6:58 PM

Farewell: PM Sharon's Letter

This letter is being sent to you a mere few minutes after the cabinet has accepted and voted on my expulsion demands. The democratically elected, fascist-run Government of Israel has triumphed once again. As such, you have become expendable., 6/8/2004, 11:32 PM

Peace In Our Time

"Danny! Wake up. Quickly. I have tremendous news." , 6/2/2004, 11:38 PM

Yossie Understands Why

He stopped, and began to cry. "I am frustrated by all these questions, Abba." , 5/10/2004, 6:55 PM

Truth and Consequences

"EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!" the bold, three-inch black letters proclaimed, "SHARON'S INGENUITY WILL BRING PEACE!", 4/28/2004, 8:39 PM

Keeping Arafat Nervous

Frightened and shaking, Yasser Arafat jumped out of his bed in the semi-destroyed room in the Mukata. , 4/18/2004, 5:58 PM

An Open Letter to Alan Dershowitz

I am sure that your reading talents are at least as proficient as your writing skills. I suggest, therefore, that you begin to read - thoroughly, I may suggest - some of the written truths that you and other blind, liberal mannequins are so apt at pretending do not exist. , 3/10/2004, 7:07 PM

Neturei Karta or the AJC

Shame! Shame on both sides of such sordid, unforgivable spectacles. Not much more needs to be said., 2/19/2004, 6:47 PM

Peres: I'm Against the Transfer

In the aftermath of Ariel Sharon's bombshell pronouncement, his determination to forcibly evacuate settlers from their generation-long environment, these words were a soothing balm on the deep cut Sharon had inflicted. Peres, the perennial antagonist of the settlers and self-appointed defender of the Arab atrocity against his own people, has suddenly sprouted feathers of a different color?, 2/15/2004, 4:42 PM

Terror Does Pay

Hundreds of thousands have gathered in Ramallah to hear Yasser Arafat speak out for the first time in many months. Raising their fists into the air, the crowd shouted in frenzied expectation of seeing their triumphant <i>ra'is</I>., 2/9/2004, 10:12 PM

Surrender Now, Ariel, Surrender

[An imaginary Palestinian's letter to Ariel Sharon.] , 2/2/2004, 5:49 PM

Playing With Fire

[An Open Letter to Gil Na'amati, who was shot by Israeli soldiers as he climbed the partition fence near K'far Mas'cha.], 1/6/2004, 6:45 PM

Oink! An Open Letter to President Mubarak

In 'retaliation' for the attempted assassination of Mr. Maher, many obstacles and hardships have been placed in the path of those Palestinians traveling to or from Egypt. Their privileges are curtailed, their entry permits disregarded, their complaints ignored. Past sins committed by Arafat and his hooligans, specifically the happiness exhibited when President Anwar Sadat was assassinated, have on, 1/2/2004, 12:26 AM

I Lit a Candle

I apologize. I was mistaken, Mr. Beilin. You do have a heart; a heart filled to bursting with sympathy for those who killed my little daughter. Compassion and empathy for the 'sufferings of the Palestinians.' Interesting, isn't it? , 12/9/2003, 5:19 PM

In Pursuit of Justice

Ms. Gal'on, I admire your spunk and your abhorrence of evil towards others. I admire the fact that, in contrast to most Knesset members, who do nothing but abuse their position, you are embarking on a worthwhile project. I think you are doing a marvelous job in 'cleaning' the air of unwanted debris. Thank G-d, we still have those who will not be deterred in their pursuit of universal justice. How , 12/3/2003, 5:39 PM

An Open Letter to the World?s Anti-Semites

Now that you have all reassembled here (only a few years after the Holocaust) in order to re-promote the one, universally accepted, unifying theme, eternally known as anti-Semitism, I'd like your attention for a moment or so, in order to deliver my short yet absolute defiance. Point blank and without much ado, let me greet you with the following, correctly-spelled, simple statement:, 11/18/2003, 9:14 PM

For This House Shall Be Destroyed

The funeral procession had stretched as far as the eye could see; black shawls, scarves, knit and black yarmulkes, hatless, long-haired, religious and not. Sefardi mingled with Ashkenazi, Chasidic with Rabbi Kook's disciples, men, women and children. Black-garbed, traditional, modern-clothes-wearing, young and old, infants and youth. Thousands had followed the black-shrouded casket to this auditor, 10/31/2003, 12:32 AM

Where Is My <i>Abba</I>?

He sat there alone, the empty chair near him stood in stark contrast to most of the other seats in the <i>shul</i>; father sat near his son? and another father sat near his son? and...., 10/7/2003, 7:41 PM

Music, Croissants and Lemon-Meringue

?I, too, like all of you gathered here, came with a set purpose in mind, a mission. You came to honor the honoree,? her voice loud and clear, ?Money is no object, it seems; no expense was spared in order to venerate his many outstanding accomplishments in the pursuit of peace for his people in Israel. You traveled many, many miles, haven't you, in order to be present at this momentous day.?, 9/19/2003, 5:42 PM

Abu Mazen (Eichmann) Resigns!

Alarm, surprise, consternation, disappointment, shock, dismay; an earthquake of emotions exploding through every fiber and vein. The inability to focus, to concentrate, to contemplate and to figure out the course upon which the never-born 'Road To Annihilation' will now have to travel. , 9/8/2003, 9:21 PM

World Jewry v. Islam: Reparations

?Ladies and Gentlemen. This honorable court is about to pass judgment on two of the most interesting cases ever brought. The two are tied to each other, but only one can be right. Both cases are of immense importance. The rendering of a final decision will proclaim the bigotry of one party to the lawsuits and the innocence of the other. Let me proceed.", 9/2/2003, 10:41 AM

Ask My Baby to Forgive You

Listen, Mr. Sharon, to the haunting voices across the land, today, once again, loudly proclaiming His name. <i>Yisgadal veyiskadash</I>... a glory you forgot, resisted, alienated, rejected. Embarking on a course of futility, defying both prophecies and a pledge, you placed our future in the hands of our enemies. They laugh and celebrate that absurdity as our children don't come back. Nor do our mo, 8/22/2003, 12:27 AM

I Promise...

?Prime Minister Sharon is, at this moment, convening an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss Israel's response to these unimaginable disasters. Stay tuned as we continue, uninterrupted, to bring you explicit details from the sites of the latest carnage.? , 8/8/2003, 1:21 PM


Dear Israeli people, <i>Shukran! Shukran! Shukran!</i> A million and one thanks and our most sincere appreciation for the enormous strides you are taking in implementing the one-sided 'roadmap to annihilation'. , 7/29/2003, 11:25 PM

Palestine, 2018

<i>[June 20, 2018, El-Kuds Radio & Television Authority, Ramallah, Palestine. 4:05 PM DST]</i> This just in! The United Nations General Assembly, in a unanimous vote of 197-0, has voted today to expel the State of Israel from the United Nations and to impose severe economic and political sanctions. , 7/16/2003, 10:12 PM

Hey, We Won!

Darn it! Why didn't I think of it? Totally amazing and brilliant. A work of sheer genius. Shakespeare could never utter such words of wisdom, nor could Einstein ever think of such a fabulous theory. , 7/6/2003, 6:28 PM

Ghetto Mentality

In this first of a number of lessons, students, we'll concentrate on the study of an old-new subject, aptly titled, ?Judaic Self-Hate: the thorough analysis of why Jews hate themselves?; a phenomenon not even remotely seen in any other religion or nationality needs to be defined.... As we move along, we will name certain individuals as prominent examples; their impact or lack of same on today's Je, 6/29/2003, 8:54 PM

?Why Are the Soldiers Crying??

The little boy shivered and moved closer. The sounds of the trucks and marching feet were distinctly audible now. , 6/17/2003, 8:49 PM

Confidence Building Measures

I could not believe what I saw late last night on the news bulletin on the Palestinian Authority television station. I rubbed my eyes to see better, but there it was, repeated by the newscaster; a tiny red ball of laser kept bouncing on the blackboard on the wall in the news room as he moved from one item to another in slow motion, explaining every numbered detail. All together, there were twelve , 6/3/2003, 7:45 PM

Concessions: The Ultimate Price

I watched you as you exited the failed meeting you insisted on conducting with Abu Mazen and his cohorts, disciples and students of the devil. Your face betrayed your inner feelings; how you wished that the hand you stretched, in a real attempt to begin a true 'peace' process, failed miserably. It seemed that your shoulders sagged a bit more than they did only twenty-four hours earlier. , 5/21/2003, 7:36 PM

The Speech Sharon Should Have Made

I am delivering this speech to you from Jerusalem, our Holy City and Eternal Capital. As this speech is being carried via satellite, each and every TV screen and PC monitor is beaming to you the exact place I am standing on, namely, the Temple Mount. , 5/14/2003, 9:50 PM


The ghosts of Hitler, Khomeini and Stalin and so many others. Innumerable enemies long gone and others taking their place. And they were all gesturing and chuckling, pointing their fingers and laughing loudly. One shadow followed another and quickly faded into one more. Past popes and present kings, princes and common men, all with one common goal: <I>?Farbren di Jude!? ?Itbach-il Yahud!?</I> ?Ki, 5/2/2003, 4:49 PM

Worry Not My Child

My cheeks are now soaked; the dropping tears have now become a stream, as the ancient words suddenly fall into place: <i>?Rachel mevaka al baneha?? </i>Those eternal words of soothing solace spring at me and, it seems, I hear your soft voice echoing in the hallowed chamber containing your resting place. Your voice, raised to heaven, crying out for your exiled children, while beseeching for those t, 4/25/2003, 10:43 AM

A Tee Shirt and Arab Incitement

The Leftist liberal courts in Israel have decided that parading such a tee-shirt in public constitutes an incitement against the Arabs and therefore Mr. Haivri is subject to arrest, prosecution and sentence by the Liberal establishment. This is the same establishment that constantly incites against those with contrary views and opinions (the Right, settlers,<i>Chareidim</I>, etc.), in order to 'sh, 3/13/2003, 2:20 AM