David Wilder, Hevron

Netanyahu, Here's the Real Story of Beit Ezra in Hevron

The Attorney General wants the Jews out in another Israeli episode of expelling Jews from their legal property and spiritual heritage., 12/18/2012, 8:05 AM

Bibi, Snub the Hague! It's Jerusalem Day!

Fear was not a trait characteristic of King David. Ask Goliath. Fear was not a trait characteristic of David ben Gurion. Otherwise the State of Israel would not have been declared. So why is Bibi afraid of the world? , 5/17/2012, 11:05 PM

To Ban Ki-Moon from the Jews of Hevron - SOS!

Is it possible that someone can actually be killed by an acting governmental entity - the PA - for selling property to Jews? Are we back in medieval times? or is it Nazi Germany?, 4/15/2012, 1:27 PM

The Return to Hevron Was On Passover, in 1968

Read the story of how after the Six Day War, Jews returned to the city of the Patriarchs, the city where Abraham purchased land and where King David reigned for 7 years before going up to Jerusalem. Perhaps Barak and Bibi don't read the Bible., 4/4/2012, 5:05 PM

Hebron First

Hebron is one of the four holy cities of Israel and it is time to make its status unassailable, UN and US notwithstanding., 4/13/2011, 10:51 AM

Ma'arat HaMachpela: Jewish Roots

A connection between Jerusalem and Hebron., 11/12/2009, 5:54 PM

Darchei Noam

A fitting award for Noam Arnon., 5/20/2009, 10:38 AM

Bibi & the American Inquisition

The present situation is a no-brainer., 5/13/2009, 11:50 PM

Bibi's Hebron Conundrum

Will he concede the Hevron Accords were a mistake?, 3/12/2009, 11:43 PM

An Appetite to Destroy

There is a familiar feeling in the air., 10/26/2008, 11:15 PM

It is a Very, Very Good Land

Spies, spies and more spies., 6/22/2008, 11:55 PM

David's Vision or Bush's Vision

The synagogue was built and knocked down again., 5/5/2008, 11:19 PM

A Conflict of Cultures and Values

Our primary struggle., 4/1/2008, 1:19 AM

A Building Freeze or a Freezing Building

Hoping that tonight will be a little warmer., 1/30/2008, 11:39 PM

The Farce Called Democracy

Israeli democracy at its best., 1/13/2008, 11:30 PM

Dirty Diapers

Don't say you weren't warned., 12/17/2007, 11:55 PM


Annapolitics has nothing to do with justice., 11/29/2007, 5:50 PM

An Open Letter to Sect'y Rice, From Hevron

Change the direction in which you are heading., 11/14/2007, 7:33 PM

Hebron and Darfur

Astounding. And very sad., 8/6/2007, 1:05 AM

Aunt Rosa Comes Home

What Hebron means to all generations of Jews., 5/20/2007, 11:57 PM

Count Your Blessings

The eyes of eternity are upon us., 4/22/2007, 11:42 PM

Give New Leadership a Chance

I'm joining the Likud - and voting for Feiglin., 3/1/2007, 11:23 PM

Happy Apartheid Week

The apartheid in Israel is not what you think. , 2/15/2007, 10:31 PM

Who's to Blame?

Over the past few days, Israeli media and blogs around the world have been chewing, regurgitating, and chewing again, a short video filmed in Hebron a few months ago. The video shows Hebron resident Yifat Alkobi yelling and cursing some of her Arab neighbors, the Abu Isha family, who live across the street. , 1/14/2007, 3:38 PM

Open Letter to the Director of Amnesty International

We strongly protest the description of your visit in Hebron, the conclusions you so arbitrarily reached, and the fact that you refuse to meet and discuss the issues involved with representatives of Hebron's Jewish community. , 12/27/2006, 12:01 PM

Marwan, Yigal and Akiva

Just how far does Israeli theater of the absurd go? , 12/5/2006, 7:42 PM

An Open Letter to the Swedish Ambassador

The presence of ultra-extremist anti-Israel and anti-Jewish organizations such as ISM and other such groups in Hebron is, as can be understood, extremely unpopular amongst Hebron residents and community supporters. Their presence is clearly provocative. , 11/23/2006, 2:49 PM

The Spark of Return

Usually when I give tours in Hebron, I do the talking and the visitors do the listening. The history, the culture and tradition and, for me, the stories, are what make a good tour. This week, however, in the midst of an excursion around the city, my guest turned to me and said, "Now I want to tell you a story." And what a story it was., 9/20/2006, 4:43 PM

The Bullet's in the Chamber

One need not be a veteran intelligence analyst to realize that the Israel of 2006 isn't the Israel of the past. Much has changed., 9/6/2006, 5:28 PM

Israelis or Jews?

Blame is flying every which way and finger-pointing is at its peak. Yet, the real point has yet to be addressed., 8/25/2006, 12:07 AM

Bloodshed or Compromise

In the case of Hebron, an agreement was not only possible, it was achieved and implemented (by one side). Why then would Mazuz, after the fact, reject such an agreement, which explicitly prevented the scenes from Amona in Hebron?, 4/11/2006, 11:46 PM

Sodom and Gomorrah

As a result of her attempt to waste water on Israeli expulsion forces, Deli was charged with attacking police officers and rioting. , 1/26/2006, 11:05 AM

Long Live the Youth of Israel!

The Jewish Community of Hebron has come under invasion by the Israeli police and other security forces. This morning, for the second time in two days, dozens and dozens of police, border police and riot squad members invaded the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron., 1/16/2006, 11:50 PM

Murdered Twice?

Hebron residents redeemed, renovated and repopulated Jewish property stolen from Hebron's Jewish community following the 1929 riots, massacre and expulsion. That neighborhood, Mitzpe Shalhevet, is presently on the brink of obliteration; not by Arabs, rather by the Israeli government., 11/8/2005, 1:37 AM

Tears of Anger and Tears of Mourning

When I received information about the shooting at the Gush Etzion junction this week, my first thought was, "Where is my daughter?", 10/21/2005, 12:27 AM

The Winners and the Losers

It certainly has been a momentous year. As the year ends, we traditionally bless the New Year, saying, "Let's leave this year and all its curses, and welcome the new year with all its blessings." Yet, it seems rather difficult to escape the year's curses., 10/6/2005, 2:58 PM

The Executioner

<I><b>9/11 2005</b></i> The last thing any normal person would expect, on such an ominous date, would be total surrender to terror. However, that is exactly what is happening. , 9/11/2005, 8:29 PM

Let My People Stay!

What mood would you expect to find Gush Katif residents in a week before the guillotine is supposed to fall? Sad, tense, nervous? Nothing of the kind., 8/12/2005, 12:26 AM

Sderot and Ofakim

Early last week, our good friends the Sudris, Noam and Tali, invited us to spend the weekend with them. "Sure," we answered, "why not?" We really wanted to go. The Sudris live in Kfar Darom, in Gush Katif., 8/4/2005, 9:21 PM


I no longer know where I am. Yesterday really threw me for a loop. But I guess that's my fault. Nothing should surprise me anymore., 7/28/2005, 11:39 PM

Scaring Away Wild Dogs

Sharon is running scared. D-Day is getting closer and closer and Ariel Sharon is starting to panic. The signs aren't hard to read., 7/11/2005, 9:51 PM

Entebbe, Forgotten

Israel proved again, to itself and to the world, that we would not give in to terrorism, at any cost., 7/6/2005, 8:05 PM

Collision Course

Ariel Sharon, Sha'ul Mofaz and others are recklessly engineering Israel down a one-way track, the wrong way. Not into a truck parked on the tracks, rather into a train speeding in the other direction. , 6/27/2005, 10:36 PM

The Punishment Must Fit the Crime

He didn't have to die at the hands of Arab terrorists. However, when it was decided the day before to 'ease-up' on restrictions on Arab transportation in the Shomron, with IDF roadblocks being removed, making it 'easier' for the innocent Arab population to move around, the next morning's killing became inevitable., 6/21/2005, 9:47 PM

Orange Jews

Any Beer Sheva resident taking a good look at the map of the above-mentioned 1947 boundaries will quickly realize that according to that agreement, the capital of the Negev would have the same status as Gush Katif following the Israeli retreat; i.e., Beer Sheva would be under full Arab control. , 5/31/2005, 11:05 AM

A Tale of Three Families

I left for Gush Katif with my wife and three of our children just after eight in the morning. An hour and a half later, we arrived at the Kissufim junction., 5/15/2005, 7:09 PM

"It Became the Cornerstone"

I had never before visited the Homesh community, located in the northern Shomron. In truth, standing at the neighborhood's highest point, I could not believe my eyes., 5/4/2005, 10:35 AM

Following the Same Path

Without the roots of Passover, without the inbred hope and knowledge that from within the darkness there is always light, that redemption is always around the corner, even when that corner is hidden and not yet visible, without this promise, how could any people survive such cataclysmic occurrences over thousands of years?, 4/21/2005, 11:40 AM

The Real Tel Aviv

Directly under the Levinger's apartment is the Hebron Archeological Park, which contains artifacts from 4,500 to 1,500 years old, including a wall from the days of Abraham and a house from the era of King Hezekiah, some 2,700 years ago., 4/13/2005, 5:31 PM

Simcha and Emunah

There are two integral ingredients: happiness and faith. Without either one of them it is difficult to exist., 3/30/2005, 3:27 PM

Talia Sasson is a Spy

These days, with everything that's going on, it's not too difficult to get discouraged. Actually, it's fairly easy. But, just like anything else, in the end, it's not always the way it looks; rather it's the way you look at it., 3/16/2005, 6:11 PM

Green Light to Terror

Monday morning it happened again. I sat down to work at about 8:30am. Only a few minutes later, the beeper started buzzing: "Shots heard near <I>Ma'arat HaMachpela</I>. There are wounded.", 3/8/2005, 9:52 PM

Selling Out

Well, I guess Friday night's terror attack was only a chance happening and the victims, merely poor sacrifices for peace. Try explaining that to Yael Orbach's fiance, who expected to marry his beloved in a few weeks. I guess he was lucky. He was only critically wounded. She was killed., 2/28/2005, 9:26 PM

Self-Hating Horror - Part II

In order to rebut MJ Rosenberg's view of "Hebron Horrors", I continue herein to try and dismantle his article, piece by piece., 2/21/2005, 10:17 PM

Self-Hating Horror - Part I

Holding the position I do in Hebron grants me the dubious honor of receiving and reading various works of dribble written about those of us living in the city of Abraham. I find all sorts of garbage on various web sites circulating throughout the internet universe. , 2/20/2005, 8:02 PM

The Eleventh Commandment

[The] mass gathering screamed to the heavens: please - stop this madness., 2/2/2005, 7:28 PM

Weapons Confiscation is Only the Beginning

There are those who believe that we are paranoid. How could we possibly suspect the prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, or any of his underlings, of attempting to diminish our security? Rubbish!, 1/25/2005, 11:48 PM