Jack Engelhard

Why is Mahmoud Abbas a free man?

If only Netanyahu would learn some good old-fashioned chutzpah from Trump., 9/20/2018, 10:29 PM

A million hands murdered Ari Fuld

More than a million hands gave the knife to this Arab. All are complicit. All are guilty., 9/18/2018, 7:14 AM

Cuomo wins big in primary focused on Israel

Is anyone surprised? Is anyone happy?, 9/15/2018, 10:03 PM

Friends, foes and algorithms

Facebook’s fair-weather “friends” - those who are not algorithms., 9/12/2018, 12:07 PM

Gush Katif still hurts, Mr. Netanyahu

Are Jews always to keep a packed suitcase in the closet, even in Israel?, 9/9/2018, 10:03 AM

I don’t believe NY Times about anonymous White House snitch

We’re talking about the NY Times, fake news central, and I'm not buying the ‘anonymous’ hoax., 9/6/2018, 7:12 AM

The Corbyn/Trudeau brotherhood

What drives UK Labour party leader to such anti-Semitism and Canadian PM Trudeau to allow for the imams' calls to murder Jews? , 9/2/2018, 5:57 PM

Dear Dems – careful what you wish for

Do not be fooled by what appears to be slumber but what is in fact keeping score for a day of reckoning., 8/29/2018, 5:59 PM

Trump deports the last Nazi – a real one

This Jakiw guy was one of the killers who butchered at least 6000 in one day. Lived here comfy in the United States all these years. Until Trump., 8/26/2018, 5:59 PM

Why Jeremy Corbyn worries us so much

Corbyn shows how quickly an entire country can turn against the Jews - again., 8/24/2018, 12:00 PM

Tips on writing through joy, futility and despair  

Do not write for the public. There is no such thing anyway, says i novelist., 8/22/2018, 2:28 PM

Don’t blame Ocasio-Cortez – blame her schooling

We should not be amazed that this newly hatched Socialist Democrat is so clueless about the economy and international relations., 8/19/2018, 12:11 PM

Good news? First Muslim woman set for US Congress

A Palestinian grows in Detroit., 8/16/2018, 3:06 PM

Omarosa, without lipstick

Meet the talentless harpy who is all over the airwaves blasting Trump,, 8/14/2018, 4:03 AM

NY Times hires “white people” expert Sarah Jeong

Looks like for we “white people,” there is no hope, no chance, no place for us in the new world order as imagined by the young and the restless Socialist Democrats., 8/12/2018, 9:26 PM

A pregnancy of media lies from Gaza

The NY Post has not noticed that Hamas began the hostilities and Israel is responding to 140 rockets in one night on its civilians, and one critically wounded woman., 8/9/2018, 8:24 PM

Ingrates who won't stand for the anthem

Some people cannot accept that America is still a work in progress., 8/6/2018, 7:13 PM

Terrorist cutie out of jail, back in business

She’s the girl with the curls, 16 now 17, the same age and beliefs as the Arab terrorist who went on a murderous knifing spree in the town of Adam this week, only she is blonde and innocent looking., 8/3/2018, 11:57 AM

Are there any newspapers left in New York?

Is the New York Post morphing gradually into the NY Times?, 7/30/2018, 8:00 PM

Is Ocasio-Cortez your kind of GIRL?

We need clarification from our leftist friends as to what is permissible and what is forbidden, so we can go on with our lives without being tagged as bigoted., 7/26/2018, 6:15 AM

IDF –  who else? -- to the rescue for Syria’s White Helmets

On a particular day last week, nobody condemned Israel, at least not for a military operation…imagine that!, 7/24/2018, 12:46 PM

Are Jewish students safer in Russia than the US?

It is possible that a Russian campus is safer for Jews than an American campus., 7/22/2018, 12:30 PM

Trump/Putin – no rematch of JFK/Khrushchev

Trump/Putin meeting was a summit in search of a crisis. If the Dems can't find a war, they'll make one up., 7/17/2018, 7:30 PM

Trump in Europe — American and unbowed

Trump invaded Europe and let them know who's boss., 7/15/2018, 3:32 PM

Two fresh faces from NY – and both are dangerous

Every Democratic Socialist knows exactly what to say – Resist Trump, Blame the Jews. , 7/10/2018, 8:12 PM

PA targets reporters – but that’s just half the story

Disobedient reporters were not tolerated and found themselves shipped to re-conditioning camp – under Obama. Abbas beats them. But who do writers accuse of planning to silence the press? , 7/8/2018, 7:44 AM

Guess who else wants to stop the “migrant invasion?”

it turns out that Trump was right all along. Strong borders he kept saying and they kept laughing, but they are not laughing now. , 7/4/2018, 8:34 PM

How to become a rich and famous columnist

I am in the writing racket and a student has asked me to please go ahead with some pointers on how to become rich and famous as a columnist. Now my wife wants to know where I am hiding all that money..., 7/1/2018, 6:05 AM

Another “N” word that needs to be scrubbed

Liberals are featuring Kristallnacht tactics to express their intolerance. And they are throwing around the "N" word., 6/27/2018, 8:30 AM

Springtime for leftists

The figuring must be that since they got Sara indicted, he must be next. , 6/24/2018, 12:53 AM

The cynical use of kids to break our hearts and our borders

The infiltrators are clever. Hamas how to use kids as protective shields better than anyone, but they come a close second. , 6/19/2018, 6:08 PM

Resisting Robert De Niro

In the blare of that moment up there on stage, De Niro vomited the entire platform of the Democratic Party. , 6/14/2018, 11:31 AM

Trump meets Kim: The world is safer, but Is Trump?

Trump's wins are impressive, but why the rush? Is it because the left's hatred is so insane? Because t’s no secret what they’re thinking?, 6/12/2018, 7:31 AM

Media banality. Will they ever get the message?

The banality of today's media is beyond belief. They just don't get it., 6/10/2018, 3:35 PM

Jewish writers and their failed connection to Israel

They can be described as "Jews without Israel." A yearning for Zion is almost completely absent from American Jewish writers who came of age in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. How come?, 6/7/2018, 6:33 AM

Caged kids were Obama’s, not Trump's

America, we have a fake media crisis., 6/4/2018, 3:35 PM

Michael Chabon delivers jihad speech for Hebrew Union College

The word “Hebrew” means nothing to Chabon, and so we don’t know if it means anything to the people in the Reform Movement who invited him., 5/31/2018, 3:14 PM

Is a porn star the best they’ve got?

Resist Trump and America will come to you…well, the Liberal half..., 5/25/2018, 12:19 PM

Animals of the press

All the news we choose to print., 5/21/2018, 8:42 AM

Where were the Democrats?

They were not there in Jerusalem to celebrate the Embassy move, but now they speak up – and in favor of our sworn enemies., 5/17/2018, 7:30 PM

No joy from the US media on Jerusalem's big day

A resentful and gloomy media sounds off the day after Israelis celebrate the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem., 5/15/2018, 4:52 PM

Dems try enhanced interrogation on Trump’s CIA nominee

The Dems are torturing Gina Haspel - and this is how they are doing it., 5/14/2018, 1:25 AM

High noon at the Golan Heights

Trump 1, Israel 1, World 0., 5/10/2018, 11:28 AM

Melania stole the show

Had she been in the right party, Melania would be gracing the covers of Vogue, but they can't forgive her for marrying Trump., 5/9/2018, 8:04 PM

You're better off in Jerusalem, President Trump

Late word has it that he won’t attend the opening. If so, he needs to change his mind, for his own good., 5/8/2018, 6:16 AM

Figuring out Abbas a generation too late

What took so long for the world to wake up?, 5/4/2018, 10:31 AM

Israel too Jewish? Top US mag thinks so

Wouldn't it be great if Israelis stopped kvetching to the media?, 5/1/2018, 10:30 PM

A roast too far

Saturday night's White House Correspondents Dinner was the ugly face of American journalism, where wit has been replaced by wickedness., 4/30/2018, 7:35 PM

Natalie Portman for the Jane Fonda Award

Natalie Portman is a classic example of the "useful idiot." This stunt has endeared her to Islamic terrorists everywhere - she is their dream come true. , 4/25/2018, 3:00 PM

Her Majesty's anti-Semites

Something’s going on and it’s more than Corbyn. His Party is awash with anti-Semites. So is his country., 4/22/2018, 6:24 AM

How Israel glorifies us everywhere

Jews could fight back once they had a state of their own. The creation of Israel gave Jews the world over courage and self confidence., 4/18/2018, 7:21 PM

The shrinking of James Comey

Comey stands at 6 feet 8. That’s tall, yet every time he speaks he belittles himself. Worse, he belittles America., 4/17/2018, 10:35 AM

NY Times finds “journalists,” no terrorists among Hamas rioters

Yes, come join Hamas at its next picnic…bring the kids, and don’t forget your swastika banners., 4/15/2018, 7:03 AM

It's okay to detest Geraldo

Currently, he’s cheerleading Hamas Palestinian Arabs who come each week to murder Jews., 4/12/2018, 7:59 PM

Syria and another call to save Islam from itself

It doesn't matter much who runs the show in Syria. One brutal tyrant is followed by another and everyone kills everyone else., 4/10/2018, 12:13 AM

Hamas Swastika groupies

The Gaza marchers bearing a flag with a swastika on it make their goal clear, the media try to hide it and the cheering useful idiots don't get it - or do they?, 4/8/2018, 8:29 AM

Let Merkel have them

Everybody knows the Gazans hope to destroy Israel, so let them do their hoping from far away, in Deutschland. , 4/5/2018, 12:35 AM