Jack Engelhard

AIPAC had it right the first time

Somebody…if you ask me…got caught writing the truth. And for that, AIPAC actually apologized to the Democrats., 2/14/2020, 8:43 AM

Oscars 2020: A convening of Democrats

Republicans, for example, about half the country, figure in no census taken by the moviemakers. Republicans are treated like Extras. No-name Faces in the Crowd. , 2/11/2020, 12:37 AM

Thank heaven for fools

Nothing will do for them except 100 percent of everything, , 2/9/2020, 4:21 PM

Nancy’s petulance

Nancy Pelosi, still the High School Mean Girl, refuses to grow up. That would require a touch of class., 2/6/2020, 11:45 AM

So what’s to be done?

By now I expected the hierarchy of wheelers and dealers to have come around to their moment of clarity that they’ve been taken., 2/4/2020, 1:45 PM

There’s a bright side?

It's still a lousy deal., 1/31/2020, 1:30 PM

Birth of another terrorist nation

Oslo all over again?, 1/28/2020, 10:40 PM

A lapse of French etiquette

Emmanuel Macron and his sudden flare-up against Israeli security personnel, at the entrance to Saint Anne’s church in Jerusalem, was out of place - or was it not?  , 1/24/2020, 8:33 AM

The heroic nature of our people

Grappling with the Holocaust is so painful, that, for me at least, Jewish heroism must be given equal time, immediately., 1/23/2020, 2:30 AM

Laura Ingraham’s nightmare

Consider their impeachment tantrum as but a foretaste, an appetizer, of what more they’ve got planned., 1/19/2020, 8:05 AM

Bernie, ditch that smile, please. We’re onto the act

People like Bernie need to stop smiling., 1/15/2020, 9:06 PM

Which came first – Jeopardy or ‘Palestinians’?

Where is the Church of the Nativity located, did you say? Jeopardy knows the right answer, but the truth stirred the PA hornets' nest., 1/13/2020, 4:03 PM

Nancy — you’re breaking our hearts

Quite a mouthful when Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in reference to the Soleimani takeout, accused President Trump of “needless provocations.” They must love her in Tehran., 1/10/2020, 2:44 PM

So sorry we eliminated your mass murderer

The world’s gone nuts – it’s official., 1/7/2020, 3:50 PM

Jews felt safe in Germany, too

Can it happen here? Never here, says the optimist in me. Think again, says the pessimist., 1/6/2020, 5:33 AM

Happy New Year criminals, and welcome to New York

In case the REFORM has not come to your town as yet, look out, the Progressives are coming, and they won’t stop until they REFORM the entire country., 1/3/2020, 12:12 AM

Climate change in Monsey

On the streets, it’s getting to be Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht is the real climate change and the left is legitimizing it by not calling out Farakkhan, Sarsour, and the Squad. , 12/31/2019, 7:40 AM

How I learned to love the ICC on just one pill

ICC’s Israel probe – what can possibly go wrong?, 12/28/2019, 8:00 PM

How David Remnick ruined the civilized world

New Yorker editor Remnick has been at it since Trump was elected, an event, termed by Remnick at the start, as “An American Tragedy,” and he won’t let up., 12/25/2019, 1:00 PM

The Int’l court’s perfect timing — Hanukkah

We overcame the Greeks and we shall overcome the Gambian prosecutor, whose own country could use some human rights inspections., 12/23/2019, 6:34 PM

Another date that will live in infamy

Now we know the extent of their hatred, that it is deep, unrelenting, ruthless, and cruel., 12/20/2019, 8:30 AM

Only half favor impeachment. Only?

Look at Trump, who has made the US powerful and rich again, has kept it out of wars. Look at Netanyahu, who has steered Israel to be a hi-tech world-class powerhouse, but shares Trump’s fate. This is beyond coincidental on the scales of ingratitude., 12/18/2019, 7:54 AM

Corbyn and the thrill of defeat

The Labour Party got a taste of wipe-out and it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of antisemites., 12/16/2019, 11:59 AM

They shoot Jews, don’t they

The situation feels so terribly, utterly hopeless, and a thousand more columns from me and from other Jewish literary warriors – and then what? , 12/13/2019, 7:30 AM

Impeachment wrap — no bang for the buck

We are experiencing an impeachment attempt led by the ethically challenged., 12/11/2019, 9:34 PM

Madness USA — but “both sides” didn’t start this

Only one side has been foaming at the mouth for three years while in a stateof deirium against Trump - and the nation., 12/8/2019, 10:58 PM

Bloomberg versus Trump? Probably

How’s it go? In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king., 12/5/2019, 2:06 PM

When only lies are fit to print

If it’s objective reporting you want with your coffee, forget about it; only one side of the story will you get at the Times, and never Trump or Israel’s good side., 12/3/2019, 4:30 PM

Schiff’s meltdown and Fitzgerald’s crack-up

It happens to the best, like F. Scott Fitzgerald, and to the worst, like Adam Schiff, this scoundrel whose vanity finally sunk him, but whose damage to the rest of us lives on., 12/2/2019, 11:40 AM

So this is Netanyahu's reward?

When things look too good, worry. We had barely begun to rejoice over Trump's decision on Judea and Samaria when the the Attorney General dropped a bomb on Netanyahu. , 11/26/2019, 11:50 PM

Love letters I get from Democrats

They all want my money. Is it just me they find so precious? , 11/25/2019, 6:09 AM

Indictment fever, Trump to Netanyahu

Prof. Alan Dershowitz wrote that the case against Netanyahu is spurious, so never mind the Leftist lawyerly talk. It is the same thing, with the same intention - to bring down a leader., 11/22/2019, 6:11 AM

Nikki Haley, “Iron Lady” who became Trump’s conscience

Nikki Haley is the woman who turned Trump for Israel. (And it looks like her replacement is made from the same mold.), 11/21/2019, 7:30 AM

On Judea/Samaria, Trump defies the world again

The canard claiming that Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria violate international law has been called out by Trump, who knows what it's like when everyone is out to get you., 11/19/2019, 5:57 AM

Impeaching a country

We are at war against nobody except ourselves., 11/16/2019, 7:35 PM

Why I chose David Mamet for this column

David Mamet had the genius to pen "coffee is for closers" but he also had the nerve to become a proud Jew, pro USA and Conservative to boot. They made him pay., 11/13/2019, 5:24 AM

Not the America you knew

Diversity has arrived, faster than you think. The new voters could make all the difference, and could change the country inside-out.  , 11/10/2019, 10:00 PM

We don’t mind corrupt politicians, if they’re one of us

Why Joe Biden will be Dems nominee. , 11/7/2019, 3:00 PM

How millennials differ from US to Israel

Millenials are a generation in search of a cause., 11/5/2019, 8:38 AM

Trump’s ordeal, positively Kafkaesque

The real collusion is between the Dems and the media., 11/3/2019, 3:40 PM

President Putin, in honor of Tolstoy, please let her go

Tolstoy's merciful spirit made him the most popular Russian among all Russians. Today it is your chance, your turn., 10/28/2019, 10:15 PM

Zubin Mehta – so soon?

It is really hard to imagine Israel Philharmonic concerts without Zubin Mehta's figure on the podium at the opening of the season. Love of music, Israel and the Jewish people came together in one genius., 10/27/2019, 2:39 PM

Ugly men

Matt Lauer and innocence lost., 10/24/2019, 7:12 AM

The importance of being Mark Zuckerberg

"Your account has been terminated. Failure to meet community standards.” Who decides what those standards are?, 10/22/2019, 9:50 AM

What they mean when they say Israel’s “policies”

Netanyahu’s “policies” are a pretext for antisemites., 10/18/2019, 1:50 PM

The loneliness of President Trump — and Fox News

How many Americans are getting wrong information?, 10/15/2019, 6:27 PM

The upside of Trump’s pullout

Trump has been quick to point out that these are mostly tribal wars among Muslims whether America shows up or not. Note that no American has ever been asked to fight and die for Israel., 10/13/2019, 10:11 AM

Of media hotheads and Trump’s Syria blunder

Trump has many plusses, but gets a minus on Syria. The media gets a double minus. , 10/10/2019, 5:16 PM

The Left’s campaign to trivialize our leaders and ourselves 

Imagine these people running the country…and however it goes against Trump here; it goes ditto against Netanyahu in Israel.  , 10/6/2019, 12:00 PM

This, too, shall pass

High Holy Days and a pause for the big picture., 10/2/2019, 1:25 PM

Politicians – a time to confess

We are not talking about the people in either of our two great countries. The people are fine. It is the politicians who need to grow up - and own up. , 9/29/2019, 12:00 PM

Pelosi's tantrum

They are serious, but about nothing, absolutely nothing, except to bring Trump down. They have no other policy or agenda, and they have no other gods., 9/25/2019, 10:57 PM

Lessons Israel does not need from America

An insatiable appetite for revenge against Trump and Netanyahu is no way to run either country., 9/24/2019, 11:03 AM

Since when is age discrimination okay?

While the culture forbids any derogatory reference to a person’s race, religion or gender, a person’s age gets no such sensitivity or respect. , 9/22/2019, 1:15 PM

An election where the tail wagged the dog

Ilhan Omar has every reason to rejoice, as does Rashida Tlaib (D. Michigan), as together, their team, the Arab Joint List, has managed to vote as a bloc, giving it 12-to-13 Knesset seats, A good day for the two anti-Zionist congresswomen., 9/18/2019, 10:52 PM

Pitting secular vs. religious – is that the leadership Israelis want?

In neither of my stays in Israel did I find any real hostility between secular and religious Israelis. An attempt to divide the country on those lines is not responsible leadership., 9/16/2019, 9:18 PM

Vote Trump/Bibi while you’ve got them

It’s in your hands, Israel, only days ahead, whether to keep this good thing going as long as it lasts, or toss the dice with loaded cubes. Well, half of it is up to you.  , 9/13/2019, 9:40 AM