Dr. Martin Sherman

INTO THE FRAY: A strange thing happened on the way to the voting booth

Arguably, Netanyahu’s gravest strategic miscalculation was not to call elections in May 2016 rather than capitulate to Liberman’s demand to be given the Defense portfolio., 9/21/2019, 9:50 PM

INTO THE FRAY: On domes and drones

Will the growing use of drones by the Gaza-based terror groups make the billion dollar Iron Dome and anti-tunnel barrier useless—or at least irrelevant? , 9/13/2019, 9:46 AM

Sept. 17: Will the Right snatch defeat from the jaws of victory-again?

The continued existence of the Left as a viable force in Israeli politics, despite the manifest failure of its political credo, is the gravest indictment of the Israeli Right. , 9/6/2019, 4:08 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Incentivized Emigration: An idea whose time has come?

Of all the policy paradigms for the resolution of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs, incentivized Arab emigration is the most humane if it succeeds and least inhumane if it does not. , 8/30/2019, 11:24 AM

INTO THE FRAY: The Omar-Tlaib affair: Tough questions for AIPAC

Notwithstanding AIPAC’s discomfort over the Omar-Tlaib case, there is more than a hint of hypocrisy in its joining the general assault on Israel., 8/22/2019, 7:37 AM

INTO THE FRAY: The deadly detriments of a doctrine of defense

Israel continually backs away from conflicts that it can win and by doing so, backs itself into a conflict that it cannot win or win only at ruinous cost. , 6/18/2019, 9:13 AM

INTO THE FRAY: The Bahrain Conference: Failure foretold

The endeavor to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by economic means not only shows a grave defect in understanding its underlying causes, but inverts the causal relationship that generates and sustains it., 5/31/2019, 3:03 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Cracks in the Dome?

The huge investments made in defensive systems are slowly emerging as an exorbitant and costly failure—or at best a very partial and temporary success. The time has come to rethink Israel’s strategic paradigm. , 5/23/2019, 8:30 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Let the PA collapse

Despite possible short term difficulties, Israel should seize on the impending collapse of the Palestinian Authority as an opportunity to extricate itself from the deadly cul-de-sac, into which the Oslo process has lured it., 5/3/2019, 9:54 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Restoring Jewish Sovereignty

Intensive investment must be made in civil society frameworks that can not only draw the idea of extended Israeli sovereignty into the main-stream discourse as a legitimate political objective, but as one that can dominate that discourse. , 4/12/2019, 2:30 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza - Disaster foretold

What has unfolded in Gaza should not really surprise anyone willing to face up to the inclement realities. After all, it was not only entirely foreseeable, but easily foreseen., 3/29/2019, 8:41 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s High Court-When legality loses its legitimacy

​​​​​​​In overturning a previous decision of the Knesset’s Central Elections Committee, the High Court took another giant step towards further undermining the already dwindling public confidence in the Israeli judiciary., 3/24/2019, 4:36 PM

INTO THE FRAY: “Palestine” - Time to say “No!”

The two-state paradigm’s deadly detriments are now so glaringly apparent that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile calls for Palestinian statehood with genuine concern for the well-being of the Jewish nation-state., 3/8/2019, 1:13 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Will the “Deep-State” destroy democracy?

The unrelenting drive to bring an indictment—any indictment—against Netanyahu has long exceeded the bounds of reasonable law enforcement, 3/5/2019, 1:04 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Gantz-Lapid’s directionless ad hoc political concoction

The purported electoral appeal of the Blue & White party is that it includes 3 former IDF Chiefs-of-Staff, yet when top military figures depart from their field of expertise (security) & venture into one where they have none, it has been disaster. , 2/22/2019, 2:51 PM

INTO THE FRAY: 2019 Intelligence Assessment- implications for Gaza

It would seem futile to conduct yet another indecisive round of fighting, only to return to yet another tense and sporadically violent interbellum for several years—until the next major flare-up of fighting…, 2/15/2019, 1:47 AM

Unilateral concessions: The latent agenda for the April elections

Despite claims to the contrary, the Palestinian-Arabs, territory and the fate of the Jewish 'settlements' will permeate the elections agenda, lurking below and hovering above all other issues. , 2/10/2019, 1:31 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Benny Morris, an unlikely proponent of Arab emigration?

If, as Morris says, a peaceable 2-state outcome is unattainable, and a 1-state outcome will lead to a Muslim-majority tyranny, then a large initiative for incentivized Arab emigration is the only policy that can preserve the Jewish nation-state. , 2/1/2019, 11:59 AM

 INTO THE FRAY: The imperative for incentivized Arab migration

Once inconceivable, the dismantling of UNRWA; the naturalization of stateless Palestinian residents in Arab countries; and the emigration of Palestinians from Judea-Samaria & Gaza are slowly emerging as realistic outcomes., 1/25/2019, 3:41 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Generals in Israeli politics

As a rule, on entering Israeli politics, senior military and security figures have played a troubling role, which has—almost uniformly—proved disastrous, both for the country and/or for themselves. , 1/18/2019, 12:33 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Will the “New Right” get it right?

If the “New Right” is to advance “Right wing” causes, it must abandon schemes that lead to Lebanonization or Balkanization of Israeli society and work towards legitimizing the idea of incentivized emigration of the Arab population of Judea-Samaria, 1/11/2019, 7:47 AM

 INTO THE FRAY: “Terror”, tigers and tabby cats…

One cannot but think that if another country treated Jews, wearing kippot and peyot, the way Jewish minors accused of “terror” are treated in Israel, it would surely be engulfed in a wave of outrage and condemned for blatant anti-Semitism, 1/4/2019, 2:27 PM

INTO THE FRAY Palestine: What if the Six-Day War never took place?

Within the pre-1967 lines, long before today’s alleged “root causes of the conflict” (.i.e. “occupation” and “settlements”) were part of the discourse, much less facts on the ground, Israel was condemned as a colonial, fascist, expansionist power., 12/28/2018, 12:26 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Commanders taking the name of Israel's security in vain

There is no greater irony than the spectacle of scores of ex-senior security officials, who spent their adult life defending Israel, now promoting - as if they are geo-stratetic experts - a political initiative that will make it indefensible. , 12/24/2018, 12:50 PM

NTO THE FRAY: Bennett and Bibi’s election error?

Given the emerging realities in Israel’s political landscape, the danger to Right-wing incumbency entailed in early elections might well be considerably less than those entailed in postponing them. , 11/30/2018, 12:15 PM

Killing kids

This is the true face of the soulless inhumanity which Israelis, of all ages—including the youngest of infants—face every day., 11/27/2018, 12:05 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Defending Israel—Civilian casualties and common sense

Jewish victory over the adversarial Arab collective must be Israel’s overriding moral and operational concern. Facilitating its achievement should be the overriding challenge for Israel’s legal establishment., 11/23/2018, 2:50 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s stark option: Arabs in Gaza or Jews in Negev

The problem in Gaza is not operational. It is conceptual. The failed formula of self-rule for Gaza must be set aside., 11/16/2018, 7:43 AM

INTO THE FRAY:Trump, Pittsburgh and US Jewry - A view from Israel

Trump is the creation of Obama. The divisions in American society he is accused of exacerbating are ones largely precipitated by his predecessor’s policies and prejudices , 11/2/2018, 12:44 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s policy of sustaining the enemy in Gaza

The policy of trying to placate Hamas with enhanced humanitarian aid is sadly no less farcical than trying to convert a man-eating tiger into a cuddly bunny-rabbit by offering it a diet of premium carrots , 10/26/2018, 5:19 AM

INTO THE FRAY: INSS’ preposterous proposal

The cynically minded may be forgiven for suspecting that the prime goal of INSS’s newly launched plan is the demolition of Jewish communities, rather than the future resolution of conflict or enhanced Israeli security., 10/19/2018, 12:40 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Obsessing over Oslo – Einat Wilf in “The Atlantic"

Wilf seems oblivious to “pesky details” such as the murderous terror unleashed by the Palestinians, their Judeophobic indoctrination and Judeocidal incitement, as “grand obstacles to peace.”, 10/5/2018, 3:04 PM

The rumored “ultimate deal”: Potential payoffs and possible pitfalls

The potential impermanence of the positive measures already undertaken by the Trump team should not be the only reason for Israeli concern over the brewing “ultimate deal.” , 9/22/2018, 9:53 PM

My New Year Appeal to Caroline Glick – Rethink 'The Israeli Solution'

​​​​​​​Glick’s prescription  for a “A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East” will jeopardize the Zionist enterprise no less than the two-state paradigm, which she rightly repudiates with great force and eloquence., 9/13/2018, 11:30 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Haaretz vs. IISS-The anatomy of “Fake News”

Had Haaretz wanted to give a fair portrayal of my policy proposal, instead of alluding to 'Transfer,' the headline would have read 'Evacuation-compensation for Arabs: An answer to Israel’s geographic and demographic imperatives?' , 8/25/2018, 11:15 PM

Gaza - Liberman gets an 'F'

Liberman’s appointment as Defense Minister ignited expectations of a qualitatively different approach to that of his predecessor—one discernibly more robust and resolute. Sadly, this was not to be., 8/10/2018, 7:40 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Dangerously disloyal opposition?

If critics of the Nationality Bill have real concerns for the rights of non-Jewish minorities, the patriotic way to address them would be via a new Basic Law to protect them, not raucously denouncing the bill as “racist”., 8/4/2018, 10:56 PM

INTO THE FRAY The Nationality Law brouhaha

Israel will only be democratic if it is Jewish—and it will only be Jewish if it is Zionist. Therefore, it will only be democratic if it is Zionist i.e. if it is the nation state of the Jewish people. , 7/20/2018, 5:50 AM

INTO THE FRAY: The pusillanimization of the Israeli right

Astonishingly, having been proved entirely justified in its condemnation of the dangerous defects of the “Left’s” political credo, the “Right” proceeded to embrace it., 7/14/2018, 9:39 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Israel Victory Initiative - Quo vadis?

Judging by Israel’s reticent responses to the continuing violence along the Gaza border, the essence of the Victory concept appears to have made little inroads into the thinking of Israeli policy-makers—and even less into their consequent actions., 7/10/2018, 7:35 PM

Instability in Jordan: The impact on Trump’s “Ultimate Deal”

INTO THE FRAY: Who controls Jordan  is a matter of critical importance—especially in light of the grim experience of the “Arab Spring”., 7/6/2018, 8:01 AM

INTO THE FRAY- A port for Gaza: Infinite imbecility?

Hamas and its terror affiliates are not burrowing tunnels, flying incendiary kites and firing rockets at Israeli civilians because Gaza has no port. They are doing so despite the fact that it does not have one!, 6/29/2018, 4:22 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Elements of Oslo: Drug trafficking and high treason? 

The arrest of former Minister Gonen Segev, on charges of treason, constitute a regrettable vindication of my assessment of the man – over 25 years ago. , 6/22/2018, 7:36 AM

INTO THE FRAY: The IDF & Gaza: Soldiers or sociologists?

Has the IDF brass forgotten that they are soldiers, charged with providing military solutions to physical threats to the nation’s security; not sociologists, tasked with diagnosing the societal ailments of its enemies? , 6/15/2018, 1:16 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza—The “humanitarian” hoax

The privation in Gaza is not the cause of the enmity towards the Jewish state. Quite the opposite! It is the enmity towards the Jewish state that is the cause of the privation in Gaza.  , 6/9/2018, 10:16 PM

Palestine- failing the test of history

After a quarter–century, all the Palestinians have managed to establish is a corrupt kleptocracy under Fatah and a tyrannical theocracy under Hamas., 6/6/2018, 7:40 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza - A “simple” solution

​​​​​​​Denying—or delaying—the inevitable does not make it any less inevitable, only more costly., 6/3/2018, 10:00 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Inane …Again! Tom Friedman on Gaza

Tom Friedman’s last piece on Gaza is a “masterful” blend of personal bile and bias, liberally laced with logical inconsistencies, factual inaccuracies and even blatant non-sequiturs, 5/26/2018, 8:31 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Swastikas over Gaza

Nothing could expose the true intent of the Judeocidal riots on Gaza border more than the Nazi-style swastikas on incendiary kites flown into Israel to set Jewish property, and if possible, Jewish people, ablaze., 5/21/2018, 2:17 AM

Iran and the chilling significance of the “No Alternative” argument

This week's INTO THE FRAY feature shows why the attempt to T justify the 2015 deal with Iran, as being the only viable alternative to allowing it to develop nuclear weapons, is both infuriating and disingenuous., 5/6/2018, 1:40 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Natalie Portman as a symptom

Israel must convey a resolute message to US arm-chair liberals who are staunchly prepared to defend their principles…down to the last Israeli., 4/27/2018, 1:06 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Syria-Reaping the storm Obama sowed

If surrendering US primacy in the region to Russia was the result of US passivity and inaction, the intrusion of Iran into Syria can very definitely be attributed to ill-conceived, active American policy., 4/13/2018, 8:56 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza-The collapse of the "land-for-peace” concept

Israel must convey that it will consider the continuation of the “March of Return” an overt act of war, and all the participants in it, enemy combatants—who must expect to face all the risks that entails. , 4/8/2018, 1:41 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Lauder’s lame lament

​​​​​​​According to Ronald Lauder, Israel must be either perilously insecure; or demographically untenable. This is an utterly false dichotomy. , 3/23/2018, 1:59 PM

INTO THE FRAY: The progressives’ “uncompelling” case.

In pursuit of bipartisanship, AIPAC should strive to persuade “progressives”, not pander to them; to convert them, not coopt them., 3/16/2018, 12:12 PM

Gaza - let their people go!

A humanitarian solution to a humanitarian crisis., 3/14/2018, 7:24 PM

INTO THE FRAY To: AIPAC’s CEO - Picture the perils of “Palestine”

Palestinian statehood and a secure Israel are mutually exclusive goals. This was always the accepted wisdom in Israel - until the discourse was hijacked by the tyrannical diktats of politically correct dogma., 3/9/2018, 6:40 AM