The Muslim Brotherhood Hates Us

Getting to know the real Muslim Brotherhood.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Forget the Saudi djellaba or the Taliban beards: the new face of the Muslim Brotherhood is modern, elegant and more difficult to decipher. “Many Brothers are clean-shaven, wear suits and ties and are physically indistinguishable from other Egyptians of the same class”, wrote Reuters correspondent Jonathan Wright. The new Supreme Leader of the Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, wears expensive pinstripes, talks quietly and is one of the most respected veterinarians in Egypt.

The Brotherhood now preaches  “hurriyah”, freedom, and “dimuqratiyah”, democracy, but in August, Mr. Badie proclaimed that “if the Muslim Brotherhood had remained in the field, the Zionist Entity would not have stood nor would its flag have been raised”.

The Brotherhood declared war on the Jews, Europe and the West. But the Western media disguised the real intentions of the new Brotherhood leadership.

Immediately after his election one year ago, Badie proclaimed: “We will continue on the path of Sayyid Qutb”.

Very few “experts” understood the deep meaning of his statement. The stories about the suffering of Qutb in Egyptian prisons are a kind of original mythology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qutb was held for hours in a cell with dogs snarling while being beaten during long rounds of questioning. Badie was his cellmate.

Qutb managed to get  his manifesto, “Milestones”, smuggled out of the jail. It is often defined as the “Mein Kampf of Islamism”. This text circulated clandestinely for years and it was later banned.

Qutb’s disgust for the degenerate West does not stop with its women or jazz music, which he claimed was “created by Negroes to satisfy their love of noise and to whet their sexual desires”. He described the West as a “rubbish heap” and claimed that because of its “enmity toward Islam” it planned to “demolish the structure of Muslim society”.

Qutb also managed to publish  the essay “Our Struggle with the Jews” (reprinted as a book by the Saudi government in 1970). In the essay, Qutb vilified the Jews as “slayers of the prophets”, and as essentially perfidious, double-dealing and evil.

Qutb was hanged on August 29 1966, after the dawn prayer. It was a strategic martyrdom, which has planted deep roots in the Islamist soul. Qutb had written that the only way to get rid of corruption of the Egyptian colonialist regime was the imposition of a “just dictatorship” and the war against modernity, secularism, rationality, democracy, individualism, sexual promiscuity, materialism and  Zionism (which had contaminated Islam). 

To Qutb and Badie, the U.S. and Israel are the biggest evils that exist.. “The jihad against the infidels is a commandment of Allah”, said Badie in August. Badie has also called for raising  “a  jihadi generation that pursues death just as the enemies pursue life”.

“You love life and we love death” are the words attributed to an Al-Qaeda organisation after the Madrid train bombing, while Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood ideologue, called on the Lord to kill the Jews, “down to the very last one”.

The Brotherhood story begins one morning in 1928 in the village of Ismaliya, near the Suez Canal. A group of Muslims gathers around a fervent preacher by the name of Hassan Al-Banna. Egypt was then a semi-colonial monarchy, and Al-Banna, wanted to free it through the return to salafist origins: “Islam is faith and cult, native land and citizenship, religion and state, spirituality and action, Book and sword”.

From this beginning, the Muslim Brothers went on to  become the oldest and most influential Islamist organization. Dedicating themselves  to “tarbiyya”, preaching and instruction, the Brothers opened schools, clinics, mosques, and recommended one style of salafist life. The men began to grow beards, and the women wore the veil.

The Muslim Brotherhood is now a crucial part of the Egyptian élite, they are doctors, engineers, professors, ambassadors, judges and parliamentarians. With Saudi petrodollars, they have set foot in the United States, represented by the Council on American Islamic Relations.

The Palestinian section is better known as Hamas.

The Brotherhood is the group that runs mosques in the West. Its front groups are courted by Western governments and media. Europe is one of their priorities. They call is “dar al shaadi”, the land of mission. Yusuf al Qaradawi, the most famous guru of the Brotherhood, spoke clearly: “Islam will return to Europe, not by the sword, but with proselytism”.

Their goal is simple and powerful: a war against the Jews and the Western freedoms. “[The] History of liberty is not written with ink but with blood”, says Badie.The Brotherhood’s platform also includes discrimination against Christians and women, and follows the  Iranian model that assigns much political power to the religious clergy. In the Parliament  they fought to veil the women in television and to ban “Miss Egypt”.

Symbols often help understand the mindset of a group. That of the Brotherhood is a Koran and two sharp swords.

In 2005 they published a map of the world. In the center was a green area, the color of Islam. In a lower panel it said:  “One hundred years from now”, and the field there is completely green, the colour of Islam.

A Brotherhood victory in Egypt would mean a very sad day for the Jews, Europe and the West.  Obama, take heed.