Israel's Must List

Abbas keeps adding to his must list. Here is the author's wish list for Netanyahu's must list. Wouldn't that be loverly?

Gerald A. Honigman,

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Even with "hard line" Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm, Israel is falling right into the trap the American State Department and the current occupant in the White House has set for the Jewish State. Things were supposed to
Things were supposed to be different once Bibi was elected...
be different once Bibi was elected...

An Associated Press story making the rounds on July 18th was titled, "Abbas: Israel must accept foreign border guard." Arafat's chief lieutenant, Palestinian Authority President, Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas, was quoted as demanding that Israel must consent to once again become a nine to fifteen mile wide sub-rump state by returning to the 1949 armistice lines and must allow an international force to guard the border (not Israel itself) before he'll return to direct negotiations. 

Not in this story, but none-the-less another one of Abbas's absolute musts put forth repeatedly elsewhere, is that after Israel once again becomes virtually invisible on a world globe when it's forced to return to the 1949 armistice/Auschwitz Lines (not political borders), it must next also consent to allowing its Jews to be overwhelmed by millions of alleged "returning" jihadi Arab refugees.                  


Recall that more Jews fled from "Arab" lands than Arabs did vice-versa as a result of the war that Arabs started with their invasion of a miniscule, reborn Israel in 1948. All of these "musts" make up the alleged Saudi Peace (of the grave) Plan--the one which President Obama repeatedly has said that Israel would be crazy not to accept and is trying to cram down Israel's throat.

Once again, Israel is dropping the ball here...

Yes, its leaders are under enormous pressure--but that's still no excuse. American leadership changes too...and if more American Hebrews remove their heads from the sand, this might happen sooner rather than later.

There is no doubt that the State Department demands Hebrew wimps to deal with so Israel can be maneuvered into making suicidal concessions that no sane nation--given the same circumstances, rejectionist enemies, and situation which the Jews face--would ever consent to. Because Avigdor Lieberman--Israel's Foreign Minister--refuses to become Foggy Bottom's next Hebrew eunuch, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton won't have anything to do with him. She (and Obama) prefers the type whom she can scream at for forty-five minutes (like she did with Bibi) over such extremist thoughts as Jews living in Jerusalem. Heavens! Jews aren't allowed to put forward their own "demands"--only Arabs. 

President Obama has been doing his best to neuter Prime Minister Netanyahu as well--mostly behind the scenes, and besides recent public relations moves to try to prevent too much Hebrew gelt from not finding its way to Democrats with elections approaching. Both key American players have sown discord between Netanyahu and Lieberman, often bypassing the latter to work with Israel's Labor Party and more pliable Ehud Barak instead. This is not good news, unless you agree with Abbas's above "must list"--which the current Washington team does.

Look, do you really want to know what's needed at this moment?

Israel's own "Must List"...

Here it is--and it's reported in that future, hoped-for AP story...

Israel Presents Its Own Must List Before It Will Resume Negotiations 

Israel set forth its own demands today at a news conference in response to Mahmoud Abbas' "must list" set of conditions for resumption of direct negotiations. Furthermore, Prime Minister Netanyahu went one step further and refused to continue even indirect negotiations, calling them a waste of time and simply an attempt to strong arm Israel into making dangerous, key concessions with no cost whatsoever to its alleged Arab partners for peace. He said negotiations must be based on true compromise--and so far, Arabs are not willing to do this.

Netanyahu continued that Israel must have its own military presence on its border with any new Arab entity which emerges on its eastern flank. He noted that Israel had been repeatedly attacked since 1948 by combined Arab armies coming in from the east trying to severe it in half. He added that the fiasco of the alleged "guarantees" Israel received years ago in southern Lebanon are a warning as to what can be expected if this is not the case and Abbas gets his earlier demand for an international force stationed there instead. He elaborated that the International forces placed in southern Lebanon, supposedly to assure that Hizbullah would not reenter nor rearm that border area with Israel, have largely become a sick joke. Those few forces which rarely do try any real enforcement of the "guarantees" are increasingly being disarmed, bullied, and so forth.

Netanyahu stated that the only thing which such an international force would accomplish in Judea and Samaria (known also as the "West Bank" only as a result of British imperial shenanigans in the last century) would be to protect the Arabs from Israeli counter-measures after it was attacked from Judea and Samaria as it has been repeatedly attacked from Gaza after its unilateral withdrawal from that territory years ago.

He then stated that a return to the 1949 armistice lines--as Abbas and Obama insist upon--will never happen.

He pointed out that those lines simply marked the point where fighting came to a halt after a half dozen Arab states invaded Israel in 1948. As would become the pattern, the UN did nothing when Arabs launched their aggression, but moved in later only to prevent further Arab losses after Israel finally turned the tide. For the most part, they were never meant to be political borders.

Netanyahu then stressed that the final draft of UNSC Resolution 242--largely, the basis for peace-making--called for the creation of real, secure borders to replace Israel's indefensible armistice lines, and all of 242's architects (Britain's Lord Caradon, Eugene Rostow, etc.) agree that Israel was to get a territorial compromise to achieve this. Presidents Johnson, Reagan, Secretary of State Shultz, and others have spoken of this need as well.

Thus, the Prime Minister emphasized that there will be no total withdrawal, as Abbas and others demand, to the pre-'67, 1949 armistice lines which made Israel a mere nine to fifteen miles wide at its strategic waist--where most of its population, industry, and so forth are located. He said that until Arabs understand that Israel must have some meaningful, tangible protection in the form of territorial compromise and such on the ground to make up for likely, future lapsed Arab promises and international guarantees, Israel will stop playing the one-sided game where it alone gives and the Arabs do nothing but take. So, Israel will cut off such indirect "negotiations."

In a statement which then left the foreign press corps astounded, Netanyahu next proclaimed that Israel will never recognize the proposed new 22nd Arab state that Abbas, Obama, Clinton, and most of the rest of the world insists upon (the second, not first, Arab one within the original April 25, 1920 borders of the Palestine Mandate since Jordan sits on about 78% of the original total area) until Arabs grant Israel official recognition as the sole State of the Jews. This must occur or Arabs can forget about state # 22.

He suggested that if Jews wanted to play the Arab game, instead of demanding just one Jewish State, Jews could rename themselves, as Arabs have done, and demand multiple states as well. There are more Moroccan Jews living in Israel and elsewhere than Arabs who got to have Kuwait--as just one example. And those Jews lived in North Africa long before Arabs invaded it in the 7th century C.E. Along with the majority non-Arab Imazighen ("Berbers"), they resisted the Arab invaders for centuries--deeds recorded by none other than the great Muslim scholar, Ibn Khaldun, himself. Perhaps another Jewish State should be demanded in part of Morocco? Etc. and so forth.

Netanyahu elaborated that the same way scores of millions of non-Arabs live in states which now solely identify themselves as Arab and belong to the "Arab" League, a small amount of Arabs who, again, for political purposes renamed themselves only recently "Palestinians" (many, if not most, of whom--as is well documented--came into the Mandate from other surrounding countries) must get used to the idea of living in someone else's designated state. Arabs must give up on the idea that the entire region is merely "purely Arab patrimony"--as they indeed insist upon.

Those Israeli Arabs who protest may move to that new, second proposed Arab state in Palestine--if a fair compromise meeting the essential needs of both parties can ever be reached and that state ever emerges. The difference will remain that those Arabs who choose to peacefully remain in Israel will continue to have far more rights and freedoms than any of those non-Arab peoples have who are living in almost two dozen "Arab" countries
He said that, in reality, there is no room for third state to be created within the borders of the Mandate of "Palestine"--
--and with none of the subjugation and intimidation which they have to cope with on a daily basis as well.

Finally, the Prime Minister released his final shot for this news conference.

He said that, in reality, there is no room for third state to be created within the borders of the Mandate of "Palestine"--the name Romans gave to Judaea after the Jews' second revolt for freedom in the years 133-135 C.E. To further rub salt into the wound, the emperor, Hadrian, renamed the Jews' land after the Jews' historic enemies, the invading "Sea People" from the Greek isles near Crete--the Philistines (of Samson and David and Goliath fame, but mentioned in the records of Pharaoh as well).

Netanyahu stressed that the Mandate of Palestine (created after World War I with the collapse of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, which ruled the land for some four centuries) was partitioned to meet the needs of two peoples--Arabs and Jews--not additional, renamed Arabs who later designated themselves "Palestinians" simply to deny Jews their rights.

He reminded his audience that Arabs got the lions' share of the territory in 1922 with the virtual separation of what would later be renamed Jordan--almost 80% of the total area. Another proposed partition in 1947 would have given them about an additional 10% as well--almost 90% of the whole shebang. Arabs refused that offer. The rest is history...

Netanyahu sternly warned that, no matter who abroad was tightening the screws, the sole, lone resurrected State of the Jews must not sacrifice itself on the petroleum-greased altar of international hypocrisy so that Arabs could obtain their 22nd state.

He stated that if Arabs truly wanted peace, they must abandon their openly admitted "Trojan Horse," destruction-in-phases games that they have constantly been playing to get Israel to consent to its own suicide. 

He said that Israel indeed wanted peace with all of its neighbors--but one based on mutual respect, considering the balanced needs of both parties to the conflict...not just those of Arabs whose schools, textbooks, maps, assorted media, websites, childrens' camps, mosques, and so forth still call for Israel's destruction and refer to Jews as dogs and sons of apes and pigs. Netanyahu ended by insisting that Arabs must show true progress especially in these regards--so critical if an atmosphere of peace is ever to be created for their people--before Israel will return to any negotiations whatsoever.

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