The Pharaoh-PA Connection

The Arabs have broken every agreement they have signed, rejecting what it demands publicly beforehand. There is an underlying reason for this.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

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The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, who kept Jews enslaved until the Almighty led the People of Israel to freedom and towards the Land of Israel 3,500 years ago, executed political tactics striking similar to the modern-day Arab world
Israel can be proud that it knows the meaning of self-survival, even if its American ally does not understand.
in general and the Palestinian Authority in specific.


During the Ten Plagues preceding the Jews’ Exodus, Moses kept his word to Pharaoh, who asked him to bring about an end to each plague. Through Divine intervention, Moses did so, only to be met with Pharaoh’s "hardening his heart" and refusing to let the Jews leave his land to offer sacrifices to the Creator.


With his country on the verge of destruction, Pharaoh ostensibly began to consider allowing Moses’ requests but found reasons to refuse once he realized that women and children, and not just men, would bring sacrifices.


The similarity with the Arab world is obvious. Time after time, since the beginning of the Zionist movement, it has made and broken agreements, first under the British Mandate and then after the re-establishment of the State of Israel.


The Arab world broke virtually every peace agreement and armistice, from the United Nations Armistice agreement ending the War for Independence to the Oslo Accords.


Like Pharaoh, the Arab world has rejected what it publicly demands for the simple reason that its real demand for nearly 100 years has been to prevent or destroy a Jewish Land of Israel.


On the other hand, every government of Israel has made concession after concession to Arabs, which after receiving them, promptly reneged on their own commitments, such as ending terrorism and incitement and recognizing the State of Israel.


The apparent diplomatic crisis between the United States and Israel is actually a blessing. Israel can be proud that it knows the meaning of self-survival, even if its American ally does not understand. Israel has kept its word and has spoken honestly and openly with the American government, which still views the Palestinian Authority through rose-colored glasses.


The PA has seized on a few building projects for Jews in a united Jerusalem, where Israel never promised to impose a building freeze, to wreck another opportunity for its stated aim while staying true to its single-minded objective of destroying Israel.


The Arab world sees the crisis as another opportunity to use the international community to satisfy its insatiable appetitive. In truth, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is following in the footsteps of Pharaoh.


Facing a guiding an invisible hand of the Almighty, the Arab world will find itself a true descendant of Pharaoh, if not Amalek.