MK's View: "Ketsaleh" on Bibi

It's not just Obama--
Rightist Ministers, MK's and the people must end their silence now that the truth is out: Bibi is making Peres' hopes come true. The Likud would be kept in line if there were larger parties to its right, but in the future...

Former MK Yaakov Katz

OpEds כצלה
פלאש 90

Jewish survival often hung in the balance during the Diaspora period. Often this was due to leaders who led their countries as their own private fiefdom while no one bothered or dared to protest. If at some point they did, it was generally too late.

Just recently, in our own country, good people were convinced by false prophets such as
Good people were convinced to vote Likud so we got Olmert and Sharon with no right wing party strong enough to prevent their decisions from taking effect
Feiglin to vote Likud. That resulted in our ending up with Olmert and Sharon with no right wing party strong enough to prevent their decisions from taking effect. That is how the expulsion from Gush Katif and its destruction became possible. There is no doubt that future historians will add this catastrophe to the list of evil deeds perpetrated against the Jewish People and only the Second Lebanese War served as a bitter “miracle” that saved us from Olmert’s cruel plans for doing the same to Judea and Samaria.

Today we are witness to two sins, one of comission and one of ommission that these false prophets continue to espouse: one, convincing religious Zionists who love Israel to vote for the repeatedly untrustworthy Bibi and second, by not protesting today at how he pulled the wool over our eyes.

Bibi quietly told Housing Minister Attias that no tenders should be allowed in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria although this was never brought to the cabinet or to a government meeting. He behaves like a frightened servant, and at the end of an entire year, it is clear that what he told Attias is what has occurred—nothing. Anything built this past year was authorized before his taking office.

The result? Apartment prices in Jerusalem have skyrocketed. The Charedi and Religious Zionist sectors are growing and have nowhere to go. Even if this policy changes, it takes 3-4 years from granting a tender to actually moving into homes and there are all kinds of legal issues that delay building even further once tenders are issued. The freeze on building is going to have widespread, longterm  results.

All year long discussions went on between myself and the Likud ministers as well as Yisrael Beitenu, Shas and Habayit Hayehudi (former NRP) MK’s who all expressed shock at my claim that Netanyahu secretly told Attias to refrain from issuing any tenders. Then, to their surprise, Attias admitted it to the media and the left was able to crow with delight at the first Prime Minister to freeze the development of Judea and Samaria and therefore finding himself attacked for allowing minimal building in Jerusalem.

I call upon Shas and its Rabbis to realize that our Prime Minister is going to bring Israel to its knees with these policies.

Our people have suffered enough throughout history. They should not and cannot take any more. The cruel plans and degeneration  that Bibi is going to bring on Israel are actually an enactment of  Peres and Beilin’s wishes. Not hidden anymore, they are all over the headlines. Peres wants with all his heart to see more Jews expelled from their homes. He feels closer to Arabs than to settlers. He would see it as an ideological victory to break this
Peres wants with all his heart to see more Jews expelled from their homes.
wonderful group of loyal citizens and he uses a weak PM to do so while everyone looks on silently. None of us will be able to say that we didn’t know.

I call on everyone to end their silence: Ministers Yaalon, Erdan, Saar, Katz, Cahlon, Edelstein, Shalom, Peled and Steinitz  as well as MK’s Hotobely, Nes, Levine, Elkin, Danon—wake up before it is too late. Netanyahu is out to destroy the Haredi and Religious Zionist groups that handed him his position on a silver platter and are letting him keep it by supporting his coalition. He realizes that in a short while their demographic increases and involvement in all walks of life will have these two groups running the country and is using their own parties to try to prevent it from occurring.

To the Haredi and Religious Zionists I say: Raise your heads! You are the future of this country, quantitatively and qualitatively. Go out and buy apartments in all the non religious neighborhoods in Jerusalem and thereby force the Prime Minister to renew building in Beitar Illit, Givat Zev, Tel Zion, Har Shmuel (Choma), Pisgat Zev and Neve Yaakov.

And if everyone remains silent, who can tell? It is possible that Netanyahu will find that he has to deal with the issue in his own home. He himself told me that his son Avner is becoming interested in Judaism and that he loves this country. Perhaps the son will turn to his father and ask him why he is harming our people, and how it can be that Jews cannot build in their own country only because they are Jews…

Avner, if this goes on, your father’s years in office will be remembered as dark ones. He
We are already trying to unite all the extant positive leadership to fill the leadership gap .
will end up on the list of those who passed decrees discriminating against the Jewish People. 

Are you concerned? Let me tell you that Netanyahu is right to worry, the day is not long in coming when there will be an observant, G-d fearing man in his office. The Foreign, Education and Defense Ministers and others will also come from this sector. More and more generals are observant already. That is why we are already trying to unite all the extant positive leadership to fill the leadership gap . Our supporters are special people and their numbers are growing, their education is the most successful in the country and soon they will be leading it.