Just Say No!

See how semantics can form an opinion?

Arlene Peck

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When are they going to learn to just say, "No"?

A few years ago, I clandestinely went into a local mosque, just to see what they were talking about. It was a visitors day and I visited.

I do those things sometimes. Usually to my own detriment, such as when I was picked up by the KGB in Russia
Where did these so-called journalists get their training? The Gestapo?
in 1976 and accused of bringing prayer books and mezuzahs to the synagogue. Once, I even snuck into Gaza with an Arab pretending to be a Christian women's newspaper writer to get the real story. I got it. But, that's another column.

Anyway, this time I went only a mile or so from my home to the neighborhood mosque. And today I see in Gaza the results of what I learned there. The people inside weren't the screaming fanatics that you see shouting, "Jihad!" In fact, they were well dressed and articulate.

What interested me was a comment made by one of the fathers who rose that day to speak to his audience. He said, "Our children are now in the universities. We have done well. Now, we must direct them into the right fields. We must encourage them into three fields: education, media and, of course, politics."

Maybe that was on my mind too much during the presidential campaign, when I first heard the man with the Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama, was running for president. Yet, so many of my wealthy Jewish neighbors, and especially my friends from Israel, seem to have complete faith in his leadership. I hope they're right. I keep thinking of The Manchurian Candidate.

My perception also was exacerbated, I suppose, because Ayn Rand, the brilliant author of Atlas Shrugged, was my mentor during my college years and her writings made such an impression on me. She was totally against the welfare state and believed that once socialism is the law of the land, communism isn't far behind. It frightens me that we have just voted in socialism.

So that, folks, is why, when I read the obvious hostility against the Jewish state in the Los Angeles Times I'm not too surprised. In fact, I check to see the names of those writing the articles and most times they are, surprise, Muslims. I think it's so cute that after all these years, they still refuse to refer to the savage terrorists as what they are and they write about the Hamas murderers as "fighters". The murderers who bomb are still suicide bombers and never homicidal killers. I just read a column that stated, "The military wing of Hamas attacked an Israeli tank." Good heavens, see how semantics can form an opinion? I would have written, "The Islamic savage terrorists, etc."

The newspapers are filled with human interest stories about how the hospitals across Gaza remained overwhelmed with dwindling supplies and patients stacked in crowded rooms. They lamented how difficult it was for severely wounded Palestinians to be transported outside the hospital enclave for treatment. Wonderful. Where did these so-called journalists get their training? The Gestapo?

One would think that during their extensive articles about how big bad Israel is putting the Arab children and hospital patients in danger, they might mention now and then that the Hamas leaders, like roaches, hide under schools, hospitals and kindergarten playgrounds. When they send out a rocket, these vermin plan it at a time that they know the Jewish children will be on their way to school. The papers don't mention Hamas targeting Israeli children and civilians.

I recall the numerous times that I watched CNN set up scenes to cast the Jewish State in any negative light possible. Now, they are crying that Israel kept the press out? Good! Because liberalism has taken over, I believe, in good part thanks to Muslim writers who have been trained to go into the three fields I mentioned earlier (media, education and politics). The Israelis are smart to keep the battlefields closed. All wars have incurred a degree of media control.

I watch the evening news of Barbie dolls and talking heads who couldn't find Israel on the map, and only know
Now, they are crying that Israel kept the press out? Good!
about it from flash cards and teleprompters that they read from, while they intone, "Both sides must stop fighting." Thank this culture which truly never misses the opportunity to miss an opportunity that they are still insisting that Israel open its borders to enemy traffic, while the enemy continues to lob their rockets into Israeli towns.

Any other country is allowed to respond to danger to their citizens. Israel, too, I suppose, as long as their response isn't longer than a week, or two. We Americans have been in Iraq how long? Seven, eight years? And the end still isn't in sight. Yet, ten minutes after Israel's response, the anti-Semitic State Department, coven of Islamic and leftist officials, is meeting for emergency sessions to figure out how to end the war. For G-d's sake, when are the government and people of Israel going to stop acting like a banana republic?

It's time to realize that the only friends Israel and the Jewish people have that they can truly count on are themselves.

I know that there are a great many good Christians out there who truly love Israel, but I've seen how little help they extend to their own people. I remember being in Lebanon in 1982 and watching the Lebanese Christians being rescued by the Jews. I didn't notice their Christian brothers rushing over to save them when they were being slaughtered by the Muslims.

So, when are they going to learn to just say, "No"?

Despite touting otherwise, Bush and Company were not our friends, and I fear the situation is going to be even worse when the new team gets started. At least Bush never announced that he would sit and negotiate with a terrorist organization and give them the credibility of a real state.

Maybe Obama should just go sit down with the Taliban first and give them a hug.