Don Quixote de la Shomron

One simple Jew tilting at windmills.

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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לבן ריק

It is not the destination but the path chosen that defines the individual. The path I have chosen is a simple one. It is the one that is straight. Yet this apparently straight path has not been a short or direct one and has led to interesting places.

When I first visited Israel, I rented a car and traveled the length and breadth of it, and fell in love with the Shomron.
I sought to register my ownership in the PA land registry.
I found a land dealer and bought two parcels of land. Years later, when Binyamin Netanyahu was on the verge of giving away land which included one of the pieces I bought, I came to Israel to join others to protest and attempt to block the giveaway. I went to Kedumim, where other land owners gathered and toured land that we bought before TV cameras. After it was over, I was interviewed on Israeli TV and it was aired the night after Yom Kippur.

We then made Aliyah to a settlement near the lost land and I found myself writing articles for Arutz Sheva, and becoming a spokesperson for Judea, Samaria and Gaza espousing our inalienable right to all of the Holy Land. I shamelessly created and set in motion a loosely knit grassroots movement of like-minded individuals.

Not giving up on the land handed over to the Palestinian Authority, I sought to register my ownership in the PA land registry. After investing enormous time and money, I finally succeeded in registering it. Along the way, I established relationships with Palestinians who sought to leave the country. As my wife is a US attorney, we began helping them get visas. As they needed money, I post facto became a land dealer. I got a real estate license and made connections with the Arab seller and Jews who were interested in buying. We then established Assisted Emigration Services ( to help Palestinians out.

It turned out that the major stumbling block of Palestinians selling their homes and land is the Israeli government, which prevents property transfers from Palestinians to Jews. I approached the newly established Sanhedrin to create a land registry under Jewish law and administered by Jewish religious courts, and they asked me to work on it. After bringing in all the experts in the field that we knew, I created www.beit-din,com and When they got enough money to get the database and firewall set up, this program would have become functional. However, they ran out of money and this site became defunct.

One of the members of the Sanhedrin, Meir Halevi had previously asked that I draft a number of humanitarian business plans. Together with a friend, Joseph Friedlander, I drafted a mega-plan to restore the Dead Sea with contiguous electricity and desalinated water by a passive system of water tunnels from under the Mediterranean (-20m) straight down to the Dead Sea (-400m). ( This led to other plans that addressed global warming, alternative energy, greening the desert, and making the Negev and Dead Sea regions habitable. The other humanitarian plans were education and health innovation plans. While these plans are being considered by the World Bank, and the Dead Sea Plan and Oil Shale Plan are before the chief scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure, they are all still dormant.

In the meantime, Joseph and I hope, finances permitting, to attempt to file a patent for a specialized tunneler capable of exploiting deep deposits of oil, gas or water. This technology can also drill a 100-kilometer tunnel from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. This research led to connections with a former KGB prisoner, a Jewish scientist, Dr. Alexander Bolonkin. He has, during discussions with Joseph, come up with new methods of protecting Sderot and border communities from rockets (see and ttp:// This in turn led to the possibility of constructing inflatable mega-balloons, artificial mountains that can harvest more water than the Nile River from otherwise passing rainclouds, analogous to the way the Rocky Mountains capture water that otherwise would pass over the western United States (see

Finances willing, we hope to assemble a coalition of responsible parties whose orientation will be favorable toward providing the water and security necessary to make the Jewish settlement on the land a successful and enduring one.

Have you ever considered why a "two-state solution" is so very important for America and the secular Israelis? I think that it is nothing short of an attempt to deny G-d's existence. The single undisputed miracle of the twentieth century is the return of the Jews to the Holy Land as prophesied. From the ashes of concentration camps a vibrant people were resurrected. The Jews obtaining Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land makes it too clear that this is Divine providence. Usurping Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria from the Jewish land is an attempt to demonstrate that Biblical prophesy is not viable.

I believe that the Almighty keeps his promises and He promised all of the land, not part of it as an everlasting
I believe that the Almighty keeps his promises.
inheritance. After the return of the Jews, the Almighty also promised peace. Even secular Jews have a Passover Seder in which they declare, "In every generation they will rise up to destroy us and the Holy One will save us." Peace cannot be achieved, according to Jewish dogma, by negotiation, but by the messiah. Until then, it is only temporary respite of attacks that can be hoped for.

The road I have traveled is paved with hardship, but I am just a simple Jew trying to fulfill the Torah. Settling the land and helping Gentiles to leave it are commandments like any other commandment. I am one simple Jew tilting at windmills, dreaming the impossible dream and fighting overwhelming malevolent forces.

Since my Aliyah nine years ago, the straight road that the Almighty put me on has been wondrous, despite the fact that not one of the projects led to any final destination. What lies ahead, only G-d knows, but I am grateful that I have had the privilege to live in Israel, in the Shomron, and now in Jerusalem.

Despite all the hardships, attacks and war, despite the lame duck Israeli government, I still love this country - with all its challenges.